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Looking for the top bodybuilding gyms in Cleveland, OH? There is no need to look any further!

In this article, I’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top ten gyms in the area for bodybuilders.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these gyms have the equipment, atmosphere, and community to help you reach your fitness objectives.

Let’s take a look at the best bodybuilding gyms in Cleveland!

10 Best Bodybuilding Gyms In Cleveland, OH

1. Barbell Culture – Best Overall

Barbell Culture in Cleveland is a standout powerlifting gym with years of experience and a great range of equipment.

This bodybuilding gym is spread over 11,000 sqft of space and has top-notch amenities, including private parking, lockers, on-site beverage, and showers.

This bodybuilder-friendly gym also hosts competitions such as the USPA, making it a great choice for training.

Top services for bodybuilders at this Cleveland gym include body tempering, dry needling, and body programming.

Cost: Standard membership at Barbell Club is $47.70, and the premium is $63.60 per month.

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2. Old School Iron Gym – Variety 

2. Old School Iron Gym – Variety

Old School Iron training facility offers several classes from boxing, and MMA, to sports training. Bodybuilders, in particular, can benefit from this Cleveland gym’s personal and sports training. Several IFBB pros train at OSI, which is spread over a large area and has state-of-the-art equipment.

Other amenities at Old School Iron include group fitness, yoga, and boxing classes for kids. Expert trainers at OSI also offer 101 classes for interested members.

Cost: For membership info at OSI, send an email through this link.

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3. IC Fitness – Boutique Style Facility 

3. IC Fitness – Boutique Style Facility

IC Fitness is another great gym where bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can train.

This training space in Cleveland is open 24/7 and is home to certified trainers and several pieces of equipment suitable for all fitness levels.

Fitness coaches offer personal training, and nutritional support, which is ideal for those participating in figure competitions.

This private boutique-style gym has limited memberships, so everyone can train in a calm and quiet environment.

Cost: A day pass at ICF is $15, weekly is $25, and monthly is $55.

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4. Rise Nation – Great Community

4. Rise Nation – Great Community

One of the best parts about Rise Nation is the encouraging community of users. Jennifer Aniston, for one, is a fan of all three levels of lessons (basic, accent, and summit).

Anyone interested in bodybuilding or strength and conditioning will find the mile-high club and speciality classes to be the most beneficial.

In addition, Rise Nation’s facilities are located in a number of different places, making it extremely easy to access at any time and from any location.

Cost: For the membership fee at Rise Nation, visit this link.

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5. Junker Fitness – Group Training 

5. Junker Fitness – Group Training

Group training and free fitness consultations are available at Junker Fitness, making it a top choice for Cleveland locals.

However, personal training is useful for those who want a tailored exercise routine, which is especially important for athletes training for competitions.

Cardio, specialist strength training, and nutritional support are just some of the sessions offered at the several Junker Fitness locations that make it a great pick for bodybuilders.

Cost: For membership info, call Junker Fitness at 440-537-0372.

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6. BK Strength and Conditioning – Private Classes 

6. BK Strength and Conditioning – Private Classes

BK Strength focuses on private classes led by skilled trainers who are eager to assist participants in reaching their fitness objectives.

This Cleveland training center includes all of the exercise equipment and free weights that bodybuilders of all levels require.

Members can sign up for a specific powerlifting program for bodybuilders at BK Strength.

Cost: For membership info at BK, contact them through this link.

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7. Browns Fit – 14 Days Free Pass

7. Browns Fit – 14 Days Free Pass

Another fantastic place for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to work out is Browns Fit.

Strength and conditioning enthusiasts and bodybuilders will like the boot camp-style training available at this Cleveland fitness center.

In addition, Browns offers a wide variety of other programs, such as cycling, barre class, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and yoga, so that participants can find a class that suits their needs and interests.

This Cleveland fitness center features certified trainers that provide individual training sessions.

Cost: Monthly membership info at Browns is $54.

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8. Cleveland Strength and Conditioning

8. Cleveland Strength and Conditioning

Cleveland Strength & Conditioning is a gym where serious fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilding competitors hone their skills.

This gym offers a variety of strength training and muscle-gaining programs led by certified instructors.

Individual sessions with a coach for personal training are also available at CSC. Bodybuilders should check out this Cleveland fitness center since it has everything they could possibly need.

Cost: For membership info at CSC, call the team at +1 216-200-6614

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9. World Gym Brooklyn – Award-Winning Gym 

9. World Gym Brooklyn – Award-Winning Gym

World Gym Brooklyn has been open for about 50 years and has hosted world champions in that time.

The fitness center franchise is well-known among members and non-members alike for offering a wide range of group exercise options, from Zumba and cycling to yoga.

The gym also offers a world gym athletics program designed for bodybuilders as well as personal training.

World Gym provides an excellent atmosphere for training champions, experienced trainers, and nutritional guidance at each location.

Cost: For membership costs at World Gym, contact the team here.

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10. Birdtown Strength – Fundamentals Program

10. Birdtown Strength – Fundamentals Program

Birdtown Strength, or BTS, is known for its varied fitness programs, but the fundamentals in strength and conditioning are a fantastic course for beginners in bodybuilding and fitness in general.

The fundamentals program, along with the rest of the courses, takes place with a certified trainer making it suitable for members training in weightlifting, gymnastics, and more.

In addition, Birdtown has nutrition coaching and group training, a popular feature at this Cleveland gym.

Cost: Monthly fees at BTS are $170, but families and military personnel get discounted offers.

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The Verdict

In terms of variety of tools, variety of classes, and quality of amenities, Old School Iron Gym and Barbell Culture are the two best bodybuilding gyms in Cleveland.


How many pushups in a row is good?

For an average person, 30 to 50 pushups in a row are considered good. On the other hand, bodybuilders can easily execute 50 to 100 pushups in a row.

Can you get ripped from pushups?

Yes. Pushups are a fantastic workout that builds strength in the entire body, so you can get ripped by doing pushups regularly and consistently.

How many pushups a day to get ripped?

Experts in the fitness industry agree that three sets of pushups in 12 reps daily is a good way to get ripped.

However, it is important to do the pushups using the right form in order to get the best results.

What drinks help you gain muscle?

A lot of bodybuilders rely on protein shakes to help build muscle. But milk and chocolate drinks are also great at muscle building.

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