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Looking to get serious about bodybuilding in Glasgow, UK? Finding the right gym can make all the difference.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best bodybuilding gyms in Glasgow, based on data from our research.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, you’ll find the perfect gym for your needs on this list.

Read on to find out more!

10 Best Bodybuilding Gyms In Glasgow, UK

1. Extreme Gym Glasgow

1. Extreme Gym Glasgow

The Extreme Gym outlet in Glasgow excels at providing high-end equipment and expert mentoring services to bodybuilders from all over the region.

Many members say that it’s the best gym in Glasgow city. And that’s high praise indeed, considering the level of competition here. 

Their trainers include Aaron Mackenzie, who is a BNBF Scottish Bodybuilding Champion. They also have Jade Kennedy, a qualified trainer with degrees in Human Physiology and Applied Nutrition. 

This Donoch Street facility ranks high among Glasgow, Scotland’s best bodybuilding gyms. 

2. JD Gyms Glasgow North

2. JD Gyms Glasgow North

JD Gyms remains one of the UK’s leading fitness and bodybuilding chains. But their studio in North Glasgow is among the top outlets with over 250 machines and 300 classes. 

Their standard plans begin at £19.99/month, while the Plus Plans cost £25/month. But you can access either plan at £10 as a trial phase for the first month.

The studio is located at Craigmont Drive, making it easily accessible for residents of Mary Hill Road. And bodybuilders in the area continue to provide raving reviews of the gym. 

3. New Age Fitness Coach Coatbridge

3. New Age Fitness Coach Coatbridge

This new and upcoming bodybuilding gym in Scotland is gaining a reputation for being among the best in the Glasgow region. 

The gym boasts unrivaled equipment, high-end personal coaching, and offers that can attract any member from competing gyms. 

They offer over 200 free classes for new and existing users, which members love. Their monthly fitness review keeps things interesting for all attendees.

4. Central Strength Gym Glasgow

4. Central Strength Gym Glasgow

Central Strength Gym is known for nurturing a healthy environment where beginners and experts can hone their physical development. 

In addition to not imposing contracts, additional fees, or accounts to sign up, it also has excellent Google reviews

Choose from multiple squat racks or boxing classes, depending on your fitness goals. Central Strength Gym is located at the familiar 15 Midland Street, Glasgow.

5. Elite Gym Glasgow

5. Elite Gym Glasgow

Elite Gym in Glasgow boasts one of the most creative setups when it comes to commercial gyms. They feature unconventional units like peg climbing boards, custom racks, specialized lifting platforms, and a wide indoor turf area. 

Most of their reviews reveal that the 2000 sq. ft. functional space remains a favorite for many members. 

Full memberships offer a ton of benefits and additional access to members. 

Elite Gym is situated at Woodville Park Industrial Estate.

6. Pure Gym Glasgow

6. Pure Gym Glasgow

Pure Gym has locations all across the country for bodybuilders, including one on Bath Street in Glasgow.

The gym welcomes both newbies and seasoned fitness lovers with open arms, providing top-notch personal training and cutting-edge equipment.

Feedback from members shows that people love the friendly staff, qualified trainers, and overall gym atmosphere.

7. Everyday Athlete Glasgow

7. Everyday Athlete Glasgow

Offering both online and in-person training sessions, Everyday Athlete Glasgow is one of the fastest-growing bodybuilding gyms in the city. 

Everyday Athlete Glasgow is known for their expertise in customized coaching and dedication to members’ overall health. 

People on the fence can try out their fitness services with a trial plan that starts at £40, and you get access to all their primary equipment and expertise.

8. Club Gym Wellness Glasgow

8. Club Gym Wellness Glasgow

Located in the City Centre, Club Gym Wellness is an accessible and easy-to-reach destination for fitness enthusiasts around the Merchant City area. 

The gym’s approach revolves around five core principles – Health, Body, Mind, Nutrition, and Community. 

As a result, you’ll find a close-knit circle that caters to each member’s personal needs regardless of their size.  

New members love their hygienic space, friendly atmosphere, and welcoming attitude. 

9. CrossFit Glasgow

9. CrossFit Glasgow

Most bodybuilders know that CrossFit is an excellent way to ensure lean fitness even as you bulk up on muscles. And residents of Glasgow will be glad to know that they have a dedicated CrossFit center at Commerce Street. 

Their reviews mention that the outstanding equipment and friendly staff make it a joy to work out there.

Depending on your bodybuilding goals, you can choose from sweat/conditioning classes or direct weightlifting.

10. The Gym Group Glasgow City

10. The Gym Group Glasgow City

This fitness franchise has locations all over the world to accommodate its global clientele. However, local bodybuilders in Glasgow frequently visit their facility on Argyle Street.

Their lowest monthly package starts at £16.99. At this price, The Gym Group is one of Glasgow’s most affordable fitness clubs for bodybuilders.

Enjoy state-of-the-art racks and equipment, or grab the attractive student offers that make their plans even more customer-friendly.

The Verdict

There is no doubt that Extreme Gym Glasgow is the top bodybuilding gym on this list. However, the other options provide something for a far wider range of consumers.

Select the one that aligns with your fitness goals and begin weightlifting as soon as you can!


What is the most famous bodybuilding gym?

Glasgow’s most well-known gyms include star clubs like Extreme Gym and frontrunners like JD Gyms Glasgow.

But popular demand doesn’t always imply the best results. Go through the different top-tier gyms here and check which features fit your bodybuilding goals.

Who owns Extreme Gym?

Extreme Gym Glasgow is owned by a Polish investor named Karol Wicik. The gym has multiple outlets elsewhere, but the ones in Scotland were among the first to start functioning.

What gym does Mark Wahlberg own?

Mark Wahlberg owns a swanky personal gym in his home where he works out. But he also has big investments in F45 Fitness, a large chain of workout gyms in over 45 countries.

Which actor owns gym?

Well-known actors like Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart, Jason Statham, etc., all own personal gyms that are stacked with high-quality equipment.

Does Dwayne Johnson own gyms?

Yes. Dwayne Johnson owns and runs high-end personal gyms in two of his residences. One is called ‘The Iron Paradise’ and is located in his Miami home, and ‘ The Country Iron Paradise’ was built on his Virginia farm.

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