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Wisconsin is an ideal place for bodybuilding enthusiasts as it offers a bountiful selection of excellent gyms to choose from.

To make your search easier, I’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of the top ten gyms in the state so you can find the ideal spot to reach your fitness goals.

10 Best Bodybuilding Gyms In Wisconsin

1. The Ranch Training Center – Best Overall

1. The Ranch Training Center

The Ranch’s commitment to helping its members is reflected in its impressive rating on Google and other platforms, showing that all of their hard work pays off. 

Each program is designed for individual needs, particularly with a focus on strength training to give the most value.

Address: 506 Plaza Dr, Marshall, WI 53559

Phone: +1 608-655-8118

2. Midwest Power Gym – Best Strength Performance Gym

2. Midwest Power Gym

Midwest Power Gym is the perfect solution for anyone in the Milwaukee area looking to get serious about strength performance. 

They offer competition-grade strength equipment combined with a positive and supportive environment. 

With no private membership requirements, Midwest Power is a great place to build serious muscle and improve physical strength.

Reviews reflect that the hospitality offered here is second-to-none, along with the latest amenities that make your stay ultra-convenient.

Address: 230 E Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Phone: NA

3. Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym – Best Bodybuilding Gym

3. Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym

Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym is the ideal destination for those seeking to take their fitness training to the next level. 

Founded by bodybuilding legend Bev Francis, Powerhouse Gym has been the home of champions from all walks of life looking to step up their game. 

They offer state-of-the-art group exercise classes, personalized coaching, and plenty of open gym floor space to explore.

The gym is getting lots of praise from its customers! They give excellent feedback, showing how much they appreciate the gym’s offerings.

Address: 235-C, Robbins Lane, Syosset, New York 11791

Phone: +1 516-933-1111

4. Brickyard Gym – Best for Intense Workout Training

4. Brickyard Gym

If you want to switch up your fitness routine and add some intense workout activities to your regimen, then the Brickyard Gym is the perfect destination.

Their expert staff will provide tailored support based on your fitness level to ensure that all your goals are met. 

They have everything you need for an effective and dynamic workout – from advanced weightlifting equipment to group classes incorporating cardio and yoga.

Looking at the reviews left by previous visitors, there’s no doubt that Brickyard Gym caters to all types of needs and requirements

Address: 2651 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Phone: +1 414-481-7113

5. Iron Factory Gym – Best Powerlifting Gym

5. Iron Factory Gym

Iron Factory Gym is the perfect spot for any fitness lover looking to get into shape and reach their goals. 

They understand the importance of having a gym available 24/7 – with no hidden fees or extra assessments you didn’t ask for! 

Their team is dedicated to helping those looking to develop their strength, power, and overall fitness. With top-of-the-line equipment and experienced trainers, Iron Factory Gym is the ideal place for powerlifters in particular.

Customers clearly have high regard for Iron Factory Gym, as seen by the 4.7-star rating it has garnered across several platforms.

Address: 195 Federal Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804

Phone: +1 203-740-7771

6. Brew Fitness Milwaukee – Best for One-On-One Training

6. Brew Fitness Milwaukee

At Brew Fitness, they don’t expect you to arrive at their facility as a fitness expert. Their classes cover strength, powerlifting, high-intensity interval training, and yoga, plus open gym access to fulfill your fitness needs.

Remember – if you need an extra boost or one-on-one support, they offer personal trainers to help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Their reviews are generally positive and suggest that Brew Fitness is a welcoming and supportive environment to work out in. Many people appreciate the variety of classes offered and feel that the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful.

Address: 408 W Florida St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Phone: +1 414-909-2739

7. Anytime Fitness – Gym with Best Customized Workout Plan

7. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Wisconsin Rapids strives to provide the highest quality fitness coaching available. 

They don’t simply give you a generic plan – what makes them unique is their dedicated commitment to developing an individualized program based on your body and its unique needs.

The reviews of customers who have benefited from its services prove that they are well taken care of in a professional and high-quality environment.

Address: 2521 8th St S, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Phone: +1 715-424-2000

8. CompleteBody 19th Street – Gym with Luxury Amenities

8. CompleteBody 19th Street

With its traditional and retro-style equipment, their 19th St Chelsea location gives you an authentic bodybuilding experience that returns to the ’80s garage gyms. 

They are confident you’ll get results if you choose them as your tried and tested fitness destination. 

After a good session, what better way to compliment it than with some post-workout juice? They ensure you have plenty of choice with their top-notch juicing bar.

Reviews show that the 19th St Chelsea location facility is highly praised for its authentic atmosphere and quality equipment.

Address: 22 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

Phone: +1 212-777-7719

9. Mid City Gym & Tanning – Unlimited Tanning Experience

9. Mid City Gym & Tanning

Established in 1962, Mid City Gym is the longest-running gym in the country, making this summer their 26th year under current ownership.

Vince Consalvo has operated and owned Mid City since 1989.

Under his watchful eye, they offer various services for all types of members, including strength training, cardio workouts, stretching classes, personalized training, and unlimited tanning.

Their customers have praised them for their excellent selection, noting that it has allowed them to become better lifters with improved form and greater confidence in the execution of their lifts.

Address: 345 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Phone: +1 212-757-0850

10. Top Line Gym – Best for Strength Training

10. Top Line Gym

If you are looking to reach your peak level of fitness, Top Line Gym is the ideal choice. 

The trainers at this facility have the credentials necessary to provide strength-training exercises that push participants out of their comfort zones. 

With boot camps and high-intensity sessions tailored to maximize results, customers appreciate the individualized attention and professionalism each instructor brings to the workout.

Address: 2012 W Bender Rd Glendale, WI 53209

Phone: +1 262-309-5550

The Verdict

Wisconsin has a wealth of top-notch gyms for bodybuilders. These ten gyms offer personalized coaching, top-notch equipment, and a supportive atmosphere to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Wisconsin has something for everyone, whether you want a gym with a tailored workout plan or luxury amenities.


How do I get into bodybuilding?

To get started, establish an exercise routine that suits your fitness level and eats a balanced diet with plenty of protein to fuel your body—research to learn which exercises are necessary to build muscle and maximize strength.

How do bodybuilders get so big?

Bodybuilders dedicate themselves to a challenging program of heavy lifting and nutrition which contains caloric surplus and high-protein meals.

Special supplements help support desired results, too, while balanced rest helps the muscles recover and grow as desired.

At what age should I stop lifting heavy weights?

The age at which you should stop lifting heavy weights depends on your physical condition and health.

Generally, it’s recommended to reduce the intensity of weightlifting as you get older to maintain strength and mobility without injuring yourself.

It is best to consult with your local personal trainer or physician before completely stopping heavy lifting from determining what is best for you and your body.

How much protein do I need to build muscle after 50?

It is advised that we consume at least one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight after age 50 and beyond to enable our bodies to build and maintain muscle mass.

Who is the oldest ripped man?

Jim Arrington, who was born in 1930 (and is now 90 years old), didn’t start bodybuilding until he was 65. He proved that anyone, regardless of age, can take charge of their health and fitness.

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