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Living in Los Angeles, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the city’s wide range of fitness communities, from CrossFit and Yoga to bodybuilding and strength conditioning. 

But even for seasoned athletes like myself, navigating the vast number of fitness centers and studios can be quite overwhelming.

I have contacted local physiology experts, personal trainers, and sports coaches to get their input on the best Los Angeles gyms.

10 Best Gyms In Los Angeles

1. Planet Fitness LA

1. Planet Fitness LA

Planet Fitness stands out as an easy-access, approachable, and affordable fitness center that the citizens of LA know and love

Their Classic starter pack costs a measly $10/month with unlimited access to fitness training and the Home Club. With the PF Black Card, members can get full access to additional perks and facilities. 

Head to Wilmington Ave, LA, and check out the wide range of cardio equipment and welcoming atmosphere that Planet Fitness LA offers.

2. Blink Fitness Watts LA

Located at East Century Blvd, Blink Fitness is a successful but lesser-known gym in Los Angeles. So, you can enjoy a quality atmosphere without the hassle and distractions of huge crowds. 

Their memberships come color-coded, with the cheapest plan being the Orange Plan, which starts at $17/month. With the $41/month Green Plan, you can enjoy 100% access to their premium content on the app and bring an additional guest to any of the outlets. 

Locals agree that this hidden gem deserves a full five stars for efficiency.

3. Hardcore Training Gym

3. Hardcore Training Gym

Located at Manchester Avenue, Hardcore Training Gym offers a wide range of training equipment that works for all fitness levels. 

The trainers are well-equipped and qualified. Heavy lifters will love the collection of power racks and barbells that adorn the shelves at this gym. 

You can access personal training with higher plans. But beginners can go for the standard plan that gives you full access to all their basic gear and equipment. 

It’s not the newest gym around, but it’s among the most liked gyms among residents nearby. 

4. Century Sheriff’s Boxing Gym

4. Century Sheriff’s Boxing Gym

Most fitness enthusiasts today know that boxing is an excellent way to build upper body strength and get over those noodle arms. And Century Sheriff’s Boxing Gym offers some of LA’s best coaching and guidance. 

You’ll find them at 7116 Makee Avenue, and they welcome beginners with a warm ambiance and friendly smiles. 

It’s also a kid-friendly gym. So, parents who want their children to pick up boxing as a fitness regime early can try this one out. 

5. TG Boxing Gym

TG Boxing Gym may be your best bet if you’re looking for that old-school neighborhood gym that gives no-nonsense boxing classes. 

Located at South Broadway, this one has served residents and boxing fans for decades already. The gym boasts several members who have gone on to win professional fights. And it’s a testament to the quality coaching amateur boxers receive at this joint. 

Rates are super affordable, and trainers are qualified to impress. 



Recognized as one of the most premium and luxurious gyms in LA, HEIMAT is truly unparalleled when it comes to opulence and high-end fitness services. 

They combine fitness with health, nourishment, and overall well-being. So, it’s much more than your average cardio gym. You get the full suite of fitness services that nurture body and mind alike. 

The members-only plans provide everything from metabolic conditioning and Yoga to HIIT cardio and strength building. With such a comprehensive experience, it should not surprise you to find that the plan costs $350/month. 

Most members will swear it’s the best private fitness club in all of Los Angeles.

7. Unbreakable Performance LA

7. Unbreakable Performance LA

This elite gym in LA strives to deliver superior training, enhanced recovery, and mental toughness to its members. 

It’s especially ideal for athletes who want to push their performance limits. But average Joe and Jane who want to slim down or lean up will also enjoy the space and environment here. 

They even have a qualified Clinical Director who helps members create healthier lifestyles through a mindset change. 

8. Rise Nation LA

8. Rise Nation LA

Fans of High-Intensity Interval Training regimens will love the schedules at Rise Nation. This gym pushes members to strive for new physical heights, and the community feeling makes it feel like collective progress. 

They have three levels of training intensity depending on your experience or objectives. 

The Mile High Club and Specialty Club offer personalized sessions that are more demanding yet offer even better results. 

Members love the full-body workouts they get in short durations at this club.

9. Gold’s Gym LA

9. Gold’s Gym LA

Gold’s Gym is no stranger to fitness enthusiasts in The City of Angels. It’s been around for some time and continues garnering a reputation that puts it above ordinary gyms in the city. 

You can pick from Single or Platinum Gold memberships that start at $49.95 and $59.95. 

The Platinum Gold plan will give you access to all their other locations and get you the highest quality personal training. 

10. Dog Pound Gym LA

10. Dog Pound Gym LA

Residents of LA who want a club that offers both personalized classes and group sessions can check out the Dog Pound. 

This gym offers an impressive lineup of trainers like Kirk Meyers and Caroline Sanders. The customized sessions will help you get maximum gains from your body type and lifestyle. 

Located in West Hollywood, it’s also a joint that celebrities, locals, and fitness enthusiasts in the area enjoy visiting. 

The Verdict

There is no clear victor among Los Angeles’ many fitness studios. However, each of the gyms on this list offers distinct benefits and useful features. If you want to get in shape, join one of the top 10 gyms in Los Angeles.


What gym do celebrities go to in LA?

Cycle House Hollywood, Rise Nation, and Shape House are among the top joints that celebrities visit for their fitness needs in LA.

What is the most expensive gym in Los Angeles?

HEIMAT is a high-end fitness center in LA that may count as the most expensive and exclusive gym in all of Los Angeles.

What gym does Lindsay Lohan go to?

Lindsay Lohan goes to Planet Fitness as part of her endorsement deals and fitness needs.

What gym does Demi Lovato go to?

Demi Lovato goes to the Unbreakable Performance Gym in LA.

How much did Planet Fitness pay Lindsay Lohan?

According to popular reports, Lindsay Lohan may have received over $1 million to appear in the Planet Fitness ads.

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