Nader Qudimat

Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder
Personal Trainer
Hi there! My name is Nader, and I’m 34 years old. Like so many others, I had to start somewhere. For me, it was as a 100-pound skinny guy trying to gain muscle. I’m now double in weight thanks to years of dedication.

My experience spans over 15 years. I began as a humble online article writer. Shortly after, I climbed the ladder to an assistant role for a major internet marketing site. I then decided to go independent and built my brand, FitFrek. This platform specializes in all things related to bodybuilding and muscle growth.

Nowadays, I aim to consult and guide others as they go through their self-improvement road. At TGFFitness, I believe my bodybuilding experience adds years of muscle-building knowledge to help clients achieve their muscle mass goals.

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