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About TGFFitness

Our goal is to make health and fitness attainable,
affordable and approachable.
Created to help you live a better,
happier, healthier life.
Are you tired of conventional gyms and huge amounts of fees for little to no results? Well, don’t worry! Here at TGFFitness, our goal is to make healthy living accessible for everyone! We firmly believe that fitness should be available for everyone regardless of income or location. We are all set to provide every little help that you need to achieve great results!

Our fitness program aims at providing help for everyone. Whether you have access to a traditional gym or not, our online fitness program is committed to providing professional help for health-conscious individuals. Whether it’s a diet plan, workout program, or even health and nutritional information, we are always ready to assist!

At TGFFitness, we put your fitness needs first! To ensure that you have undivided attention and a good experience, we always give our best efforts. With a handful of handy guides, we make your workout easier, whether it’s in a gym or at home. We also review products in order to make your training easier!

Our ultimate goal is to become your trusted fitness partner! We desire to become your trusted source for any and all fitness-related information. TGFFitness aims at creating an atmosphere where people feel free and safe talking about fitness and well-being! To make a healthy-lifestyle an enjoyable experience, we have the best programs!

HI I’M Tanya
My journey to healthy living started with the conscious decision to put in the necessary effort required! Healthy living and fitness is a complete lifestyle change that I embraced. The zeal to be fit both mentally and physically gave way for TGFFitness! It is something which I am extremely proud of and would not trade for anything.

The determination to live a healthy life all comes from wanting a balance in my life. When my mind and body are disciplined and focused, nothing can rattle me easily! Learning to train your body and mind is the beginning of a healthy and happy life. After years of training and working, I can safely say that I am ready to help anyone who is in need of my expertise.

It is my goal to help aspiring health conscious people reach their desired state of wellness. With more and more people giving priority to health, I am happy that I can help them. Whether they’re new to fitness or not, my aim is to help motivate them and accelerate their progress.

The Mission of TGFFitness
We at TGFFitness advocate for affordable fitness! We believe that everyone should get a chance to live a healthy life. Whether you work from home or at a gym, our ultimate goal is to make fitness fun and attainable for everyone.

TGFFitness is designed to help you elevate your workouts. With great guides and workout programs, the workout becomes way easier and less stressful!

Our goal is to make people start being healthy for the long-run. We created our fitness program to help people stay loyal to their new healthy lifestyle. With several useful information, tips, and fitness-related information, TGFFitness aims at transforming your life for the better!