The 5 Best Schwinn Airdyne Bike in 2024

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With endless bike models and new ones coming up every day, we understand how difficult it can get to choose one from the many available options. Most people have this misconception that the most expensive bikes are the best ones.

However, you should consider the fact – what works for an individual may not work out for you. So, instead of choosing the most expensive ones, your goal should be choosing the “right” one, depending upon your personal goals and likings.

After weeks of intense research and test rides, we have come up with the top 5 air bikes that offer different kinds of features to suit most riders.

Our 5 Best Schwinn Airdyne Bike in 2024
  • Overall body workout
  • Includes eight workout programs
  • Adjustable bike seat
  • High resistance system
  • Digital screen to monitor heart rate
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Overall body workout
  • Fan does not generate any noise
  • Includes thick padded seat, water bottle holder and foot straps
  • Targeted lower body workout
  •  Great maneuverability
  •  Adjustable seat and handlebar
  •  You can monitor your workout data
  • Moveable armbars and pedals
  •  Workout monitoring screen
  •  Great maneuverability
  •  Easy to assemble
  • Durable bike frame
  •  Improved seat cushion
  •  Includes a chain drive but is not noisy
  •  Compact size and build

How to choose the right Air Bike?

For choosing the right air bike, you need to identify your needs first. Different people have different workout goals.

So, if you aim to target your lower body, you might want to pick a bike with a high resistance system. Or, if you want an intense overall body workout session, you might want an elliptical bike (a bike meant for both arms and legs workout).

What to look for while buying an air bike?

There are thousands of bikes out there with endless features. But you might want to consider some basic features to get yourself a decent working air bike. It is always a good option to choose a versatile bike that can fit a wide range of people with different workout goals.

A great air bike will include high resistance levels and adjustable seats. This ensures comfort and effective workout. Also, it is important that you check its weight and height capacity before buying an air bike.

What are the benefits of an air bike?

Air bikes are a great option for cardio workouts. An air bike typically comes with moveable armbars and pedals. Thus, you can simultaneously move your arms and legs, providing an overall body workout.

In contrast to other types of exercise bikes, riding on an air bike is much safer. Thus, air bikes are great for rehabilitation as well. Besides, you can even perform HIIT workouts for weight loss (High Intensity Interval Training) on air bikes.

Another great feature of an air bike is that it provides an unlimited air resistance. Meaning, the faster you pedal – the more resistance you get. So, on an air bike, you do not have to worry about your speed limit.

Assault AirBike Classic

Editor’s Choice

Our next product is the Assault AirBike Classic. This bike is also popularly used in the US military due to its exceptional performance. It promotes overall body workout and is extremely versatile.

If your household includes several members with different weights and sizes, you might want to consider this exercise bike. It has adjustable seats to fit kids as well as adults. Also, it can carry weights up to 350 pounds.

This air bike stands out from the rest for its excellent resistance system. With its 25” fan, the resistance system can match up to any strength level and workout programs.

You can use the arm bars separately for targeting upper body workout or use it along with pedaling. It comes with a digital screen that features eight different workout programs for all ages.

You can also monitor your heart rate, for which you would have to buy the Polar compatible strap separately.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Overall body workout
  • Includes eight workout programs
  • Adjustable bike seat
  • High resistance system
  • Digital screen to monitor heart rate


  • The bike seat may become loose over time.

Schwinn Airdyne Bike AD6

In no particular order, the first exercise air bike on our list is the popular Airdyne AD6 Bike by Schwinn. Schwinn is among the top brands in the bike realm and needs no introduction.

It has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best bikes in the market, and the Airdyne AD6 model is no exception.

The Schwinn Airdyne Bike AD6 could be your biggest shot if you want a full-body, intense cardio workout session. This upright air bike comes with an LCD screen that lets you monitor your workout metrics.

On the LCD screen, you can also check your heart rates. This is a great feature to improve your workout session according to your heart rate.

However, to make use of this feature, you would have to buy an additional chest strap monitor.

This bike includes a thick padded seat along with foot straps that provides a well-balanced and comfortable experience.

Also, its ABS plastic fan generates great resistance as you pedal, without creating any unwanted noise.


  • You can monitor your heart rate on this air bike
  • Great air bike for overall body workout
  • The bike’s fan does not generate any noise
  • Includes thick padded seat, water bottle holder and foot straps to promote convenience and comfort


  • It does not come with a chest strap monitor. You need to purchase it separately

Concept2 BikeErg

The Concept2 BikeErg is a great stationary bike for both commercial and home use.

It is one of the most durable air bikes out there with an aluminum body that weighs around 58 lb. With such a sturdy body, it can conveniently match up to your strongest sprints and strength level.

All bikes by Concept2 are known for their effectiveness, affordability, and simplicity. And so it the BikeErg model. The Concept BikeErg is nothing like your regular upright or spin bikes.

It has a unique structure of its own. But in comparison, this air bike leans towards an upright bike with adjustable seats and handlebars.

The bike works on the air resistance system as most air bikes out there. But what sets it apart from the rest is its flywheels.

On a typical spin bike, you would expect some free spinning when you pedal fast. However, on a Concept2 BikeErg, you require the same effort even while pedaling at high RPM.

This feature is excellent for a more effective lower body workout.


  • Targeted lower body workout
  • Great maneuverability
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar for better grip
  • You can monitor your workout data on its LCD screen


  • Some riders may not prefer the standard bike seat. However, you can easily replace it with your desired bike saddle
  • Not meant for people under 5’4” height

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

The AD2 Airdyne Bike by Schwinn falls under the most affordable air bikes category.

As compared to its reasonable price, this air bike is a total value for money packed with essential features required for a complete body workout.

The AD2 Airdyne Bike provides smooth pedaling with an inbuilt resistance system. Due to its air pressure, you can go as high as you want for an effective leg workout.

Besides, the moveable handlebars are great for upper body exercise.

It includes a display screen that tracks your workout data like RPM, distance, speed, etc.

The bike has great maneuverability with gliding wheels and can be assembled without any hassle. It is meant for a user with up to 250 pounds of weight.


  • Overall body workout with moveable armbars and pedals
  • Workout monitoring screen
  • Great maneuverability
  • Compact size
  • Easy to assemble


  • It does not include any special features as compared to other modern air bikes
  • The warranty period is not up to mark

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

The Body Rider Fan Bike is an elliptical bike. However, as compared to typical elliptical bikes, this fan bike is much more compact and lightweight. Despite its lightweight feature, it can hold up to 250 lbs.

It comes with a knob system that allows you to adjust the resistance levels depending on how high or low you go. Unlike most air bikes, this exercise bike works on a chain drive system.

So, it does require some maintenance like cleaning and lubricating your chain. But since you would be riding on it indoors, maintaining it won’t be a hassle.

Against its older model, the new Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike has improved convenience and comfort by including a better-cushioned bike seat.

You can easily adjust the seats according to your height. People with heights between 4’10” and 6’ can conveniently exercise on this bike.


  • Durable bike frame made of stainless steel
  • Improved seat cushion
  • Includes a chain drive but is not noisy
  • Compact size and build


  • Does not include special features
  • The workout monitor console is not the best

Wrapping Up

All the above-mentioned air bikes are among the top air bikes in the market, offering different features and benefits. So, as mentioned earlier, picking the right bike depends upon individual preferences and personal workout goals.

But in terms of versatility and functionality, the Assault AirBike Classic takes the trophy home. It is great for overall body workout and is comfortable. Its versatile workout programs and adjustable seats and handles are great for people of all ages. Besides, it has an excellent weight capacity of 350 pounds.

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