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Looking for the best Peloton classes to sculpt your abs? You’ve come to the right place! I’m going to share my personal experiences with the top classes that focus on strengthening and toning your core.

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There are numerous Peloton classes specifically tailored to target and enhance your abs. Standouts include Emma Lowell’s ‘Crush Your Core’ and Robin Arzón’s ‘Tabata Ride.’ However, other classes like the ‘Bootcamp Peloton’ and ‘HIIT Peloton’ classes also yield impressive results for your core.

In this article, I’ll explain why each of these classes is fantastic for an ab workout. So, continue reading before you finalize your choice.

How Does Peloton Work Your Abs?

Daily hours on a Peloton will provide excellent cardio in addition to burning off some of that annoying and persistent belly fat.

With correct posture and an upright position, your Peloton cycling motions help activate the core muscles in your abdomen, giving them a decent workout.

Also, the action of lifting your knees and pushing them back down on the pedals also requires some core strength. All these motions allow your mid-body muscles to engage and shed off some of the excess fat.

Is Cycling on Peloton Good for Abs?

Yes. Cycling generally works wonders for most of the body, including the abs. 

To be clear, cycling is not an exercise that targets your abdomen specifically. So, don’t expect immediate six-packs after you’ve cycled for a couple of weeks. 

But as explained above, the range of motions executed during cycling certainly benefits your abdominal muscles and tissue. 

Cycling for about an hour and a half every week can lead to smaller waists and healthier BMI figures. The Peloton is simply an indoor version of cycling that offers all these benefits too. 

Best Peloton Classes for Abs

Crush Your Core with Emma Lovewell

Emma Lovewell’s 4-week program is a fitness journey that intensifies as you progress. And as the title suggests, most of it focuses on your core muscles.

Why Crush Your Core Peloton is Good for Abs?

The Crush Your Core Peloton is an effective program for your abs because the exercises are specific to your abdominal muscles, and the 5-10 minute reps are manageable and fun to perform, which ensures consistency on your part.

Tabata Ride with Robin Arzón

This warmup regimen serves as a dedicated exercise on its own, and Peloton riders will love the easy-going yet result-oriented program.

Why is Peloton Tabata Ride good for Abs?

Arzón Tabata Ride begins with a simple 4-minute warmup and leads up to a 15-minute cycling session. You cover over 5 miles (virtually), and most of the workout targets your abdominal region.

HIIT Workouts: Tunde Oyeneyin’s 20-Minute Class

Tunde Oyeneyin is a champion of upper-body workouts, and her 20-minute HIIT session will ensure that your fat-loss journey takes off immediately.

Why is HIIT Cardio Peloton Good for Abs?

Normal Peloton riding offers benefits for your entire body. But the HIIT Cardio gives you an edge on both losing weight and working the lower ab muscles intensively.

Peloton Bootcamp Classes

The Peolotn Bootcamp program is ideal for those who want to draw more fitness value from cycling besides just ab workouts.

Why Bootcamp Core Peloton is Good for Abs

The Bootcamp Peloton classes combine cycling with floor exercises focusing on strength and flexibility. So, you get a more comprehensive workout compared to one-dimensional cycling sessions.

Strong Core Strong Body

Run by Irene Scholz, this one is another 4-week program that enhances the benefits of any Peloton workout.

Why Strong Core Strong Body is Good for Abs

As a program that focuses on the core muscles, the SCSB class offers dedicated workouts for your midriff while optimizing the use of Peloton bikes.

Peloton Pilates

The Peloton Pilates classes offer an excellent supplementary workout that provides a refreshing break from monotonous cycling sessions.

Why Peloton Pilates is Good for Abs

Ab workouts require correct form and flexibility to remain effective. The Peloton Pilates delivers the correct dose of variety that improves your flexibility for other exercises.

Core Strength

Core Strength classes involve a variety of Peloton workouts that target overall fitness in addition to your abdominal section.

Why Core Strength Peloton is Good for Abs

While any well-designed core strength workout can enhance your abs, the Core Strength Peloton program stands out.

It’s designed to be performed in conjunction with other related Peloton classes, providing a comprehensive approach to your fitness.

Where Can I Find Ab Workouts on Peloton?

To find ab workouts on Peloton, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Peloton website at
  2. Click on either the “BIKES” or “STRENGTH” tab in the main menu.
  3. From the dropdown menu that appears, select “Classes”.
  4. If you’re not a member yet, click on the “Join for Free” button and choose a plan that suits you. The monthly plans range from $12.99 to $24.
  5. Start browsing the different classes. When searching for specific workouts like ‘Crush Your Core’ or ‘Tabata Ride’, look for the instructor names, Emma Lowell and Robin Arzón, re

For more in-depth reviews and breakdowns of such classes, keep checking our blogs and articles for insightful content on Peloton ab classes.

The Benefits of Peloton Core Training

  • Peloton core training will improve the strength of your abdomen and midriff while increasing stability. 
  • You’ll also develop a proper posture that prevents a poor form
  • Core training can also reduce the risks of injury
  • Athletes experience better performance and stamina from these programs.
  • The training will help you burn calories and develop lean mass
  • Prevent ab fatigue and ensure longer sessions
  • The majority of your ab muscles comprise slow-twitch fibers that improve and get better with this training. 

How to keep your core tight during Peloton Rides?

Maintain a tight core during Peloton rides by:

  • Ensure proper posture with a straight back
  • Perform uniform cycling motions
  • Lift your bottom from the seat occasionally to engage your ab muscles 
  • Maintain intermittent reps and breaks to avoid ab fatigue

Peloton Yoga for Abs?

Peloton Yoga can enhance your Peloton ab workouts through supplementary workouts that keep your body flexible and versatile. 

Most Users following the Peloton bike classes include Peloton Yoga for relaxation and flexibility. These combined classes improve your back, limb strength, and obliques, which are all vital in developing better abs.

Does Treadmill Workout Help the Abs?

If your main goal is to achieve a toned, washboard abs look, there are more effective workout equipment options than the treadmill.

Treadmills don’t target your abs as directly as other exercises specifically designed for your midsection.

However, treadmills do provide excellent cardio workouts. This means that as you run more, you’ll burn off excess weight, which indirectly benefits your ab workout by reducing the layer of fat that can hide your toned muscles.

So, while not the primary choice for ab workouts, treadmills can still play a supportive role in your fitness journey.

Wrapping Up

Most of the best Peloton classes for abs exhibit a healthy blend of cycling with other classes, such as yoga or cardio workouts.

Choose a class that fits your space and equipment, maintain consistent improvement, and convert your midsection from beer belly to rockhard abs.

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