The 5 Best Seated Calf Raise Machines (2024 Review)

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Calf training is as crucial as training your abs, the biceps or any other part of the body. A lot of people neglect the calves and do not give much importance to leg days. However, a well-trained body should be proportionate, and strongly defined calves can complete the overall picture. It looks unsightly to have the body of a champion and have wobbly chicken legs.

Apart from the frivolity of aesthetic appeal, calves play an important part in circulating the blood, giving support and preventing injury during strenuous physical activity. This is why training your calves should be an important thing in your training schedule.

Of course, there are a lot of equipments and machines to help you train your calves. Among these, the seated calf raise machine is one of the most popular. Using them is pretty straightforward, and they produce good results.

In this post, we review six of the best seated calf raise machines so you can easily pick the perfect one for you.

What to look for when buying a seated calf raise machine?

Before you decide to buy a seated calf raise machine, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are the most important factors to look for when buying one.

People At gym sitting on the floor while there friend show them what to look for when buying a seated calf raise machine

1. Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the machine will have a huge effect on the outcome of the results. A machine with a weight capacity of 400 lbs and above is a good choice.

2. The foot platform

Those machines with an inclination of some sort provide the best comfort. Flat foot platforms can exhaust the feet easily and is not ideal for prolonged use.

3. Padding

The padding on the seat as well as the knee/thigh pads should provide both comfort and support. Thin and flimsy ones should be avoided.

4. Design

The height of the machine from the floor, the length of the lever and the ability to adjust the knee/thigh padding are very important. These will decide whether you can easily perform a wide range of motions or you feel restricted.

XMark Seated Calf Raise Machine XM-7613

This commercial grade gym equipment from XMark Fitness is a great addition to take your calves to the next level.

  • Excellent construction – The XM-7613 features a 2 x 3 inches, 11 gauge steel construction which renders it very strong and durable. The entire frame is finished with a powder coat which makes it look polished and adds to the overall premium design of the machine. It also makes the machine resistant to scratching and other damages.

    The feet of the machine are bolted and also skid resistant which makes the machine very stable while in operation.
  • Seat – The seats hold a primary place in a machine such as the seated calf raise machines. And the XM-7613 has an excellent one. The seats are cushioned with 3 inches of Duracraft and have a double stitch with Duraguard vinyl which is scratch and tear-resistant. It offers firm support to the body while exercising on the machine.
  • Thigh pads – The thigh pads are adjustable, which makes it suitable for use by persons of different height. The pads swivel and rotate to facilitate the exercise process.
  • Foot brace bar – These are textured, non-slip and wide to accommodate all sizes of feet freely. It also features Olympic weight posts which are two in number.

    The only issue with the XM-7613 is that the levers for catching the weights are a little hard to reach. This can be a problem for those who are not very tall. Overall the XM-7613 is an excellent machine which is sturdy, comfortable and most importantly, it allows you to work out your calves very efficiently.

Powerline PSC43X Seated Calf Machine

Powerline has had a good reputation for delivering high-quality equipment, and the PSC43X is no different.

  • Great weight ratio – The 3:1 ratio of the PSC43X is a great feature as it allows easy lifting of weight three times the amount that is put on the bar.
  • Foot platform – It features an angled platform that also has a non-slip component, making it very stable during use.
  • Thigh pads – This is not the best feature of the PSC43X. It is because it is rather flimsy and can be uncomfortable, especially while engaging in heavy lifting.
  • Seat – The seat of the PSC43X is pretty standard, and there is nothing fancy about it. But it gets the job done. It is a good seated calf machine if you are looking for practical equipment with an affordable price tag. The frame of this machine comes with a ten-year warranty, so you are well covered.

Valor Fitness CC-5 Seated Calf Raise

The CC-5 is an excellent machine from Valor Fitness and makes a great addition to your gym.

  • Great construction – Made from 12 gauge steel, the CC-5 has a weight capacity of 400 lbs which is quite impressive. The steel frame is coated with chrome for a smooth finish.
  • Padding – One of the best features of the CC-5 is the padding by far. It has a vinyl pad design which is dual-layered and has a high density to withstand a lot of weight and pressure. It can be easily adjusted to 5 horizontal and 6 vertical positions which make it a good match for users of different sizes.

    The steel popper pins also allow a seamless transition between the different knee positions during the operation. The padding is a fine blend of comfort and functionality in the CC-5.
  • Stability – The CC-5 is also very stable due to a combination of features, including weight capacity. The grip handles on the knee pad as well as the provisions for mounting on the floor.
  • Foot plate – The diamond footplate is easy to use. However, it is quite flat in design and has no angle. This can be problematic for regular users as it can strain the feet quite easily.

    If you can put up with some minor issues of the CC-5, it is a good machine for training your calves.

Body-Solid Seated Calf Raise Machine

The CC-5 is an excellent machine from Valor Fitness and makes a great addition to your gym.

  • Built quality – This machine is solidly built with high-tensile 11 gauge steel which makes it strong and durable. It is easily a commercial-grade machine and can withstand repeated and rigorous use.
  • Padding – The overall padding of this machine is top-notch, which makes it very comfortable to use. It gives good support to the body while using the machine. It has a precision pillow seat for optimum support and comfort during operation.
  • Weight ratio – This machine also has a 3:1 weight ratio which makes is one of its best features.
  • Foot platform – The foot platform of this machine is a unique design which eliminates pressure on the balls of the feet.

    This machine is a great investment to complete your training. It also comes with a one year warranty on the frame.

Deltech Fitness Seated Calf Machine

Looking for a great calf machine that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Deltech fitness calf machine.

  • Built – It has heavy gauge steel tubing for the frame, which makes it sturdy and durable. The powder coat finish adds to its charm and durability.
  • Padding – Made of vinyl grade, the padding on this machine is firm, easy to care for and sweat resistant. The knee pads are adjustable, making it very easy to use.
  • Foot rest – This is one of Deltech’s biggest advantages. The footrest is textured with an anti-slip feature. It is also angled so your feet won’t get strained during the workout.
  • Weights – This machine is compatible with Olympic weights as well as with standard ones. The weight adapter facilitates this feature.

    The stability on the Deltech is not the greatest. However, it is a great affordable option for a home gym.

Wrapping Up

A seated calf machine is a perfect equipment to get sculpted calves. The best seated calf machine is one which allows a wide range of motions; it is stable and does not strain the body or the limbs while using it.

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