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Bowflex needs no introduction in the fitness world, especially when it comes to home gyms.

The Bowflex Revolution is a reliable and efficient home gym, and it can work out every muscle in your body and get you into great shape in no time.

This all-in-one exercise equipment combines the best construction, technology, and functionality, making it ideal for professional training. But this heavy-duty home gym also does not come cheap.

So, is the Bowflex home gym for you, or would you instead benefit more from a membership at the local gym? We invite you to this comprehensive Bowflex revolution home gym review to learn everything you need to know.

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Bowflex Revolution Overview

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The Bowflex Revolution home gym equipment comes with space-age Spiraflex technology. The Spiraflex technology allows NASA astronauts to stay in shape while working at the International Space Station.

With the Spiraflex resistance technology, the resistance packs in the Bowflex Revolution are nothing but weighted bundles. Although this functions as traditional free weights, the Spiraflex technology provides continuous resistance throughout your workout sessions.

This home gym setup is designed to deliver 100 different exercises with up to 400 variations, which is an achievement in itself.

The power rod resistance in this home gym is 220lbs, but it produces 440lbs with the Spiraflex resistance packs. You can upgrade it to 300lbs and get 600lbs of resistance, making it ideal for getting a full-body workout.

The Bowflex Revolution looks like a machine from a sci-fi movie in terms of design. It is sleek and compact and yet built for heavy-duty workouts. The construction in this home gym setup is heavy-duty steel built to last.

The Bowflex Revolution home gym setup is unrivaled when it comes to functionality. You can perform a full range of exercises and target all muscle groups in the body.

This home gym system combines an aerobic rowing machine to rival ten more machines in a single setup.


  • Spiraflex technology delivers unparalleled resistance with all types of exercises.
  • Packs more than 100 different types of exercises resulting in a total body workout.
  • Heavy-duty construction that is built to last for several years.
  • Upgradable resistance up to 300lbs.
  • Effortless adjustment and adding. resistance packs.
  • The home gym system operates very quietly.


  • Very expensive for a single piece of equipment.
  • Not an ideal home gym system if you are low on space.
  • Shipping costs can be high if you get it from the wrong retailers.
  • Assembling this home gym can be tricky, especially for amateurs.


We take an in-depth look at Bowflex Revolution home gym in this section.

  • A fully assembled Bowflex Revolution home gym system weighs 336 lbs or 153 kg.
  • The standard resistance configuration clocks at 220 lbs or 100 kg, while the maximum resistance configuration is 300 lbs. or 136 kg.
  • Bowflex Revolution home gym has a dimension of 112″x37.8″x73″ and requires a workout area of 120″x84″.
  • When this home gym is folded, it has a 55″x38″ footprint, making it a relatively compact size.
  • The maximum user weight capacity of the Bowflex Revolution is 300 lbs or 136 kg.
  • Construction materials of the Bowflex Revolution include elastic, metal resistance packs, and a steel frame.
  • The warranty on this home gym is ten years.


As you will see, the Bowflex Revolution home gyms come with several outstanding features that make it a total winner. This in-depth look at this home gym features can help you decide whether this one is for you or not.

Spiraflex technology

The Spiraflex technology kicks off the list of the Bowflex Revolution features. This innovative technology from NASA functions like free weights without the physical weight stack. The Spiraflex resistance packs or discs work independently to provide stable resistance without gravity.

These discs of FlexPacks of the Revolution home gym slides effortlessly on the bar and lock instantly. Since the resistance discs winds around a coil, the resistance increases as you repeatedly lift the bars or pull the handles.

So essentially, you can create resistance with the weight plates according to your workout routine.

Freedom arms

The next standout feature of the Bowflex Revolution home gym is the freedom arms. In most machines, this section to attach the handles is just one that allows you to make a couple of moves.

In the Bowflex Revolution, this handle section is multi-positional up to 10 positions and easily adjusts to 170 degrees. Rightly called the Freedom arms, you can perform up to 100 different exercises. These independently moving arms are a feature that is unique to the Bowflex Revolution.

Vertical bench press

The vertical bench press is another feature you will love about the Bowflex Revolution home gym. With just a few tweaks in the bench position, you can do everything from incline press to flat press, giving you an entire range of upper body workouts.

Preacher curl attachment

The Preacher curl attachment is an interesting optional accessory in the Bowflex Revolution home gym. This attachment is fantastic for working on your muscle mass since it forces you into a negative movement when you use it.

Bicep curls and the not-so-pleasant squat-kneeling exercises can be executed efficiently with the preacher curl attachment.

Leg press station

The leg press station can deliver leg press, leg curl, and other lower body exercises in the locked position. In addition, you can also unfold the bench and lay it flat so it can function similarly to a built-in rowing machine.

Leg press and squats are not the most enjoyable exercises, but you will find them easy to execute with the Revolution. The squat station is also worth mentioning as it helps with the lower body exercises.

Leg extension

The leg extension feature in the Bowflex Revolution is also worth pointing out. Working your lower limbs just got a whole lot easier with this Bowflex machine.

Foot harness

The foot harness in this Bowflex machine has a 5-position feature. This feature works with the Freedom arms to transform into a fantastic lower body workout equipment.


If you’re wondering what exercises the Bowflex Revolution has to offer, you are in for a treat. This all-in-one machine can deliver up to 100 full-body workouts with 400 variations. If the specs are important to you, we break down the number of exercises according to the different muscle groups below:

  • Arm exercises – 18
  • Shoulder exercises – 22
  • Chest exercises – 16
  • Back exercises – 12
  • Ab exercises – 6
  • Leg exercises – 18
  • Ab exercise – 1

Note: This list of exercises is by no means exhaustive. Almost every type of exercise has multiple variations depending on your needs and exercise goals.

In addition, the Bowflex Revolution comes with a couple of attachments, including – hand grips, foot, and squat harness. It accommodates several other bars, ropes, and handles attachments.

So the Bowflex Revolution can deliver more exercise options than you’d probably even have the time for.

Warranty & Guarantee

Investing in a home gym warrants the need for an excellent after-service from the brand, including a warranty. Bowflex machines are known for their excellent warranty, which is needed because a machine such as the Revolution home gym is by no means cheap.

The Bowflex Revolution comes with a 10-year warranty on the machine and the Spiraflex resistance packs. Bowflex manufacturer, Nautilus, will repair any part of this home gym due to defective materials or poor workmanship during the warranty period.

To activate the warranty on your Bowflex machine, you need to fill out the registration card and return it to the address within 30 days, or you forfeit your offer.

However, Bowflex Revolution warranty terms may be different outside the US. In addition, machine warranty is subject to terms and conditions so take a look at the brand’s site.

Bowflex Revolution also has a six-week satisfaction guarantee. If the Bowflex Revolution does not make you happy in any way, you can return the machine and get a full refund during the six-week window.

However, if you decide to return a Bowflex machine purchase, the refund excludes the shipping and handling fee, so keep that in mind.

Shipping And Assembly

At 336 lbs, the Bowflex Revolution is a heavy piece of equipment, which means that the shipping will differ significantly from one source to the other. However, standard shipping for a Bowflex Revolution comes in 5 boxes, each weighing 33.85, 133.34, 70.96, 81.54, and 94.77lbs.

Bowflex’s official site ships the Revolution free of charge regarding shipping fees. Shipping for Bowflex Revolution on most third-party retailers would probably cost a small fortune.

So if you plan to buy the Bowflex Revolution, scour the internet for the best option before making the transaction.

A word to the wise on Bowflex shipping – this home gym is in high demand, making it a complex product to get your hands on. In addition, Bowflex Revolution shipping comes with a delay because of this very reason.

Assembling the Bowflex Revolution is not for the impatient, not because it is complicated, but it can be lengthy. The Bowflex Revolution home gym has a 19 step assembly, so set aside a time for it.

To set up the Bowflex Revolution, the Allen wrench that comes with the machine will be a great help. A pair of scissors and a wrench will also be required.

Bowflex Revolution offers in-house assembly for this versatile machine if you are interested. However, it comes with a $299 price tag.


The Bowflex Revolution is one of the pricier home gyms systems from the brand. In addition, Bowflex Revolution’s in-home assembly and shipping costs can also kick up the final price of the machine.

However, the Bowflex Home Revolution home gym is built to last for decades. In addition, it has outstanding build quality, which makes it a worthy investment and can also save money on a gym membership.

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Is it possible to fix the tension on the Bowflex Revolution?

Repeated pulling motions will increase tension on the Bowflex Revolution, which is expected. When this happens, the clip on the cables will not retract completely to reach the pulley system.

Luckily, fixing the tension in the Bowflex Revolution is straightforward.

Look under the Spiraflex plate arm for the tension knob and pull it out slowly. Gently rotate the knob clockwise, and the cable clip will start moving towards the pulley.

As soon as the cable clip reaches the pulley, stop rotating the tension knob and gently push it back to its original position.

How do you remove the tension shaft in the Bowflex Revolution?

The tension shaft in the Bowflex Revolution does not typically require removal. However, removing the tension shaft will be necessary to disassemble this home gym system.

For this, remove all the Allen screws you will find on the tension shaft holder; there should be 8 in total. Next, gently remove the tension holder plate, followed by the tension shaft.

Is there a way to replace the Bowflex Revolution rope?

The Bowflex Revolution is built for durability, so the ropes and cables should last a very long time. Nevertheless, the Revolution is not immune to normal wear and tear, and the cables might need replacement after some years.

First, make sure that the cables are resting on the pulley and have no tension in them. Next, unclip the cable ropes from the harnesses – hand, leg, and foot. Proceed to remove the other end of the cable from the pulley.

Take the new rope and clip it to the pulley first and then on the hand, leg, and foot harness. Check the tension before using the new ropes.

How long can I expect the Bowflex Revolution to last?

The Bowflex Revolution is a heavy-duty machine built to last; otherwise, the brand will not put it under warranty for a decade.

The Bowflex Revolution will easily last up to 15 years or more, even if subjected to regular home workouts with proper care and maintenance.

Is there a Bowflex Revolution app I can download?

The Bowflex Revolution has no dedicated app. However, you could try other apps for home workouts or a workout DVD and adapt them for a complete home gym experience.

Does the Bowflex Revolution have a folding feature?

Yes, the Bowflex Revolution home gym has a folding feature which is fantastic if space is an issue.

First, raise the adjustable arms of the Revolution and lock them into place.

Next, locate the pop-pin at the end of the seat rail and gently pull it out. Pull-on the machine’s handle to lift the seat rail assembly to fold the home gym system for storage or transport.

Who is the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym best for?

The Bowflex Revolution is ideal for anyone serious about resistance training, building a strong body, and keeping the overall weight in check.

These complete home gyms allow you to engage in strength training and engage the entire body with its outstanding features.

Can you build muscle mass with the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym?

Absolutely. The Bowflex Revolution has enough resistance to fulfill serious fitness enthusiasts’ needs. So you can build significant muscle with the home gym system.

You can perform a full-body workout, target every muscle group in the upper and lower bodies, do cardio workouts, and achieve your fitness goals.

Where are Bowflex home gyms made?

Bowflex home gyms are manufactured by Nautilus, one of the top names in fitness manufacturing. Nautilus operates out of Vancouver, Washington, and manufacturers other fitness brands.

Where do I purchase the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym?

The best recommendation to purchase the Bowflex Revolution is from the brand’s official site. You can also buy the Revolution home gym from third-party retailers like Amazon and Walmart.
However, getting a good deal on the Revolution shipping and warranties is higher on Amazon.

Where can I buy Bowflex Revolution and its replacement parts?

You can buy the Bowflex Revolution and its replacement parts from the brand’s official site. However, third-party retailers also carry this home gym and the replacement parts, so you can always check them out.

Summing it Up

Considering all the Bowflex Revolution’s features and the pros and cons, it is clear that it is a winner. This is a complete home gym system built to cover all your workout needs.

The addition of reliable technology, Spiraflex, the durable materials make this home gym a complete champ.

No wonder the Bowflex Revolution has numerous positive reviews all over the internet. And as is evident throughout this Bowflex Revolution review, we couldn’t agree more.

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