Bowflex Xceed Vs. PR3000: Which One is the Best for You?

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In addition to testing, reviewing and recommending the best products, we may earn a small commission if you purchase through our affiliate links.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to home gyms, the Bowflex Xceed and PR3000 are two of the most popular models on the market. To help you decide which is right for you, we’ll take a comprehensive look at their features and benefits.

While there are tons of Bowflex home gym reviews on the web, not all address the machines’ inherent strengths and potential drawbacks, to ensure that you get an objective and informative assessment, we consulted with personal trainers, fitness coaches, and leading athletic trainers for our study.

The result is this balanced take on how the Bowflex Xceed and PR3000 stack up against each other.

Bowflex Xceed Vs. PR3000: Comparison

Intermediate to Advanced

Bowflex Xceed

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The Bowflex Xceed is among industry-leading models for weight-stack machines or free-weight workout systems. This home gym comes with the trademark power rod resistance system to optimize every training session.

Over 60 unique exercises build muscle, lose weight, or fulfill other fitness goals. Develop more defined arms with flexible hand grips or tone up those legs with sturdy leg attachments.


  • Supports more than 60 unique exercises.
  • Comes with Bowflex Power Rod Resistance.
  • Specially suited for upper body workouts.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Affordable for most buyers.


  • Fewer exercises for lower body.
  • Pulley system does not support quick change.

You Should Consider the Xceed Model if:

You want a home gym that delivers full-body workouts and can serve you even when you reach more advanced fitness levels. The Xceed is also ideal for people who want premium and comprehensive home workouts but cannot afford models like the Xtreme 2 SE.

Beginner to Intermediate

Bowflex PR3000

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The Bowflex PR3000 serves many fitness enthusiasts thanks to its timeless design and sturdy composition.

It doesn’t have as many features as new models like the Bowflex Xtreme as an older model.

But it still covers advanced moves like the shoulder rotator cuff or basic workouts like the leg curl.

As far as resistance levels go, it can compete with the best Bowflex home gyms out there today. So, it’s no wonder why many buyers still go for this superb machine.


  • Dedicated platform for standing exercises.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Resistance levels are similar to the latest Bowflex units. 
  • Basic exercises for all muscle groups.


  • Fewer exercises compared to newer models.
  • Not enough exercises for the legs.
  • May prove inadequate for advanced workouts.

You Should Consider the Xceed Model if:

You need a basic home gym that can provide all the rudimentary workouts for your body. The PR3000 is also slightly more expensive so you’ll need a bigger wallet too. However, it’s a home gym brimming with potential if you aren’t a professional bodybuilder.

Main Differences Between the Bowflex Xceed vs. Pr3000

The critical difference between the Xceed and the PR3000 is the number of exercises they provide. While the Xceed supports over 60 exercises, the PR3000 offers about 50 (latest variant).

The upgradable resistance is also a factor that sways many buyers. With the Xceed, you can increase the power rod resistance level to 410 lbs. But with the PR3000, resistance remains limited to 310 lbs.

Note: Both models come with a resistance limit of 210 lbs. when you purchase.

Another bone of contention in the Xceed vs. PR3000 debate is the price. You’ll have to part with a few hundred dollars more if you buy the PR3000.

Finally, the Xceed’s features focus on upper body exercises. So, you can work your shoulders, arms, and back at different levels of resistance.

With the PR3000, the exercises are more evenly balanced for the whole body, even if the number is limited.

Key Features and Specs

Bowflex Xceed

The critical feature of Bowflex Xceed is its support for over 65 different exercises, and this flexibility serves to create a wide variety of training regimens.

Also, the power rods come in pairs of two that you can add or remove based on your desired intensity. They total up to 210 lbs. of resistance, which you may upgrade to 410 as you progress further.

The multiple cable system and additional bars provide the versatility of targeting all muscle groups. The maximum user weight limit is about 300 lbs for the Xceed home gym.

The Xceed features a squat bar, leg extension (great for leg curl), and grips that support multiple positions.

Bowflex Pr3000

The Bowflex PR3000 can rival the Xceed in many aspects but differ in some areas.

For instance, it has fewer exercises available, and the resistance-upgrade capacity is not as high either. But the 50 different exercises help build muscle mass or lose weight.

Plus, the heavy-duty steel frame and solid construction make it a durable home gym equipment. Proper maintenance of resistance rods and pulleys allows the PR3000 to last for decades in many cases.

You can upgrade the resistance to support 310 lbs. if you wish. Plus, the maximum user weight limit is identical to the Xceed home gym at 300 lbs.


Bowflex Xceed

The Xceed always scores well regarding the type of exercises offered, and it supports multiple exercises for all muscle groups. It comes with signature Bowflex power rods and a vertical bench for maximum comfort.

Some of the targeted exercises include:

  • Arm exercises: Biceps curl, resisted dip, wrist extension.
  • Shoulder exercises: Shoulder rotator cuff (internal & external), Lateral shoulder raise. 
  • Chest exercises: Inclined bench press, declined bench press, chest fly. 
  • Leg exercises: Leg curl, deadlift, squat, calf raise. 
  • Back exercises: Reverse grip pull-down, shoulder pullover, bent over row.

With the Xceed, you get almost a dozen exercises for each muscle group. The flexible grips allow you to emulate free weights like barbell biceps, perform a lat pull, or go crazy on leg presses.

Bowflex Pr3000

When measured against the Xceed, the Bowflex PR3000 doesn’t have as many exercises. But it supports enough moves to create a holistic approach to training. The 2013 PR3000 model is an exercise machine that supports almost 50 exercises.

Like the Xceed home gym, the PR3000 also sports Bowflex’s power rod system, and it’s easy to keep your position stable thanks to the vertical bench.

The absence of a quick-change pulley system makes the Xceed slightly more tedious when moving from one exercise to the other. But it makes up for this minor flaw with various exercises that work the entire body.

Examples of the exercises in the Bowflex PR3000 include:

  • Arm exercises: Seated biceps curl, triceps kickback, stiff arm pull-down.
  • Shoulder exercises: Shoulder shrug, lateral shoulder raise, seated shoulder press.
  • Chest exercises: Bench press, inclined bench press, declined bench press. 
  • Leg exercises: Leg extensions, standing hip extension, squat. 
  • Back exercises: Narrow pull-down, reverse grip pull-down.

The PR3000 doesn’t have a squat bar, which can be a deal-breaker for many buyers.

However, the lat bar and leg extension give it more potential as far as the variety of exercises goes.

The PR3000’s specific design also means that you can’t perform seated lat rows, but exercises like aerobic rowing are easily possible.

Like the Bowflex Xtreme, the PR3000 sports an adjustable pulley system for quickly changing between exercises.

The Bowflex Xceed home gym emerges as clearly superior when you compare the functionalities of both models. That’s not to say the PR3000 is a wrong choice. But the sheer number of exercises offered by the Bowflex Xceed make it the better choice here.

Space Requirement

Bowflex Xceed

The Bowflex Xceed home gym comes specially designed for those who lack the space for massive home gyms. The dimensions measure about 82 (H) x 49 (W) x 53 (L)inches. Overall, you’ll need a workout area that’s 78 inches wide and about 96 inches long. The height is just short of 7 feet, so it should fit in almost any room in the house.

Bowflex Pr3000

The Bowflex PR3000 is comparatively larger than the Xceed home gym, and it’s about 76 inches long and 86 inches wide.

The height is also about 83 inches, slightly taller than the Bowflex Xceed. So, it requires a workout area that’s wider and longer than the Xceed.

The Xceed is a more space-efficient home gym compared to the PR3000. So, apartment dwellers and owners with less space will find it more suitable.


Bowflex Xceed

Depending on where you purchase it, the Bowflex Xceed can cost between $700-$800. Given the range of full-body exercises, it’s a steal for any fitness enthusiast.

With the added leg attachment and squat station, you expect it to cost more. But the Xceed proves to be a pocket-friendly and affordable Bowflex home gym model.

Bowflex Pr3000

The PR3000 is one of the more expensive Bowflex home gym machines. With a price tag of about $1000, it’s heavier on your wallet.

However, the PR3000 regularly appears among the best Bowflex home gyms. And it’s not as pricy as the Bowflex Xtreme home gym. So, investing in a quality machine that delivers a full-body workout is not a bad idea.

The price is a massive factor for many buyers choosing between Bowflex units. And here too, the Xceed is clearly the best pick at a more budget-friendly price.

Also, with so many Bowflex machines offering over 60 different exercises, the Bowflex PR3000 is a bit expensive for 50 exercises.


Regardless of which Bowflex system you buy, it will include its standard warranty. Their warranties can cover everything from the power rod and leg attachment to the lat bar and pulley system.

Bowflex Xceed

Bowflex offers a 7-year warranty on the Xceed machine, and there’s no limit to the warranty covering the Bowflex power rods. They may also provide a warranty for the frame and individual parts. But you’ll have to consult with the vendor when purchasing.

Like any Bowflex model, the warranty doesn’t cover damage from misuse or abuse.

Bowflex Pr3000

The PR3000 also comes with the conventional warranty you get on most Bowflex models. So, you get a 7-year warranty on this Bowflex home gym too.

Individual parts like the power rods may come with a 60-day warranty depending on where you buy it.

Besides, that’s added benefit because the power rods are at the center of Bowflex home gyms and their resistance levels.

There’s no clear winner in the Bowflex Xceed vs. PR3000 debate regarding warranty.

Even the best Bowflex home gym will likely carry their standard warranty. So, you don’t lose out simply because you buy a more affordable option.

Given the price, the Bowflex PR3000 may have the upper hand because it gets almost the same warranty as the Xceed.

If you want to change the pulley system or replace old power rods, you’ll have to pay for it regardless of whether you buy the Xceed, PR3000, or other models.

What Other People Say

Bowflex Xceed

The Bowflex Xceed enjoys a rating of over 4 stars (out of 5) on platforms like Amazon, where it has over 1500 reviews. As far as feedback goes, it’s among the few home gyms that rival the Bowflex Revolution or the Bowflex Blaze model.

Most users love how you can create resistance based on your strength training routine. Customers reveal that they can target muscle growth or focus on lean mass thanks to its flexibility.

Also, many buyers report that they combine the leg extension attachment and lat pull-downs to create full-body exercises.

Overall, customers seem to consider the Xceed as one of the best Bowflex home gym units. And that itself tells you much more than any Bowflex home gym review ever could.

Bowflex PR3000

The PR3000 does not have as many reviews as the Xceed. But with over 500 ratings averaging 4 stars on Amazon, it’s pretty impressive too.

Users love how the power rod resistance can adjust to beginners and novices. At the same time, experienced practitioners also claim that advanced weight resistance is accessible on this machine.

Many customers compare both models with the Bowflex blaze because of the similar pricing and features. But users seem to prefer other models like the Bowflex Revolution when it comes to more advanced models.


How much does the Bowflex Xceed weigh?

The Bowflex Xceed weighs about 157 lbs. which is acceptable for a home gym of this caliber. An ordinary comparison chart may show the same weight for other models too. But the PR3000 weighs slightly less at 154 lbs. in reality.

How long do the power rods last?

Bowflex power rods come with enhanced durability and exception build. So, how long they last may depend on the frequency of usage.

If an individual power rod breaks, which is unlikely, the warranty will still cover it. Follow the instructions on power rod maintenance in the manual to increase the life of your machine.

Are Bowflex home gyms difficult to put together?

No. Bowflex home gyms come with user-friendly instructions, and assembly is simple. Each home gym by Bowflex will have slight variations in assembly.

For instance, setting up the power rod resistance may differ slightly between the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE and the Bowflex Blaze. But with the Xceed and PR3000, it’s a reasonably straightforward process.

All in all, The Winner is: Bowflex Xceed

In my opinion, the Bowflex Xceed proves to be the winner when compared with the PR3000.

The Xceed home gym equipment delivers a comprehensive set of exercises, flexible resistance, and an affordable price tag.

On the flip side, the PR3000 is still a great home gym model that will suit any beginner.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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