Can You Put Avocado Oil in Protein Shake?

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As a professional nutritionist, my friends often try to get free advice from me. The question I’ve heard the most recently is, “Can You Put Avocado Oil in Protein Shake?”

The short answer is yes, you can add it and gain some nutritional benefits like healthy fats and vitamins. However, avocados are high in calories, so you need to consider if the extra calories align with your overall diet and fitness goals.

Today, I’ll dive into how avocado oil works with protein shakes and how you can get maximum benefit while avoiding any inherent dietary risks.

Can You Add Avocado Oil to a Protein Shake?

Adding moderate amounts of avocado oil to your post-workout shake may bring additional health and nutritional benefits. 

However, the high concentration of LCTs (Long Chain Triglycerides) and high caloric content make this oil unadvisable for people who may require strict dietary controls. LCTs require more effort for the body to digest, and the additional calories may work against you if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Avocado oil contains healthy doses of monounsaturated fats and enough protein to add punch to your shake. So, healthy individuals with the freedom to indulge in rich foods can enjoy some avocado oil in their shakes.

Different Types of Avocado Oils

Avocado oils may come in varieties based on how they were extracted, manufactured, and prepared.

  • High Oleic avocado oil is a special variety that is more durable, easier to handle in processing and contains higher concentrations of healthy fats. 
  • Virgin avocado oil is a common variety produced using cold-press extraction techniques. It is a popular ingredient in many cooking styles.
  • Extra virgin avocado oil does not go through filtration, which helps retain the fruit’s natural oils, flavors, and aroma. 
  • Refined avocado oil is a more processed version that undergoes filtration to remove impurities. 
  • Organic avocado oil is the extract you get from avocados grown without using any chemicals during farming. 
  • You’ll also get blended avocado oils that come mixed with other popular edible oils like sunflower oil for added taste and allure. 

For first-time users, stick to about a spoonful of avocado oil in your shakes. Starting with a moderate amount will allow your body to get conditioned to the additional fats and calories.

You can start adding more when you’re sure that your body can handle it or if prescribed by a dietitian. However, following a nutritionist’s plan remains the safest option instead of putting your body through an ordeal of trial and error.

Qualified health professionals can conduct tests to examine your physical condition and help you determine what amount of avocado products will serve you best.

Are there any Benefits of Adding Avocado Oil to Protein Shakes?

Adding the right amount of avocado oil to your shakes can:

  • The healthy fats in the form of oleic acid help prevent heart disease
  • Contains proven antioxidants that are good for eyesight
  • Helps your body digest nutrients and vitamins faster
  • Controls cholesterol and helps regulate blood pressure
  • Avocado oil can potentially prevent strokes and the risks of arthritis.

What are the Drawbacks of Adding Avocado Oil to a Protein Shake?

Most potential ill effects of avocado oil kick in only if you consume extra amounts beyond the advised dose. Some of these effects may include the following.

  • People with allergies to avocados will develop skin reactions and irritations.
  • Skin reactions may also cause inflammation and discomfort
  • Excessive consumption may lead to nausea and vomiting
  • Taking over the recommended dose may also cause digestive issues
  • The high protein and caloric value may disrupt the nutrition of people who require strict diets.

How Does Avocado Oil Affect The Taste of a Protein Shake?

A big advantage of avocado oil over alternatives like fish oil is that it doesn’t come with bitter or pungent smells. So, the taste and smell of your protein shake generally remain the same.

The natural buttery flavor of the oil also mixes well with your shake. So, you shouldn’t experience any stark changes in taste, especially if your post-workout beverages already have flavored ingredients.

The soft texture of the oil also blends in easily with the shake if you mix it properly with a blender. If anything, it should help make your protein shake creamy and thick.

What Alternative Oils Can I Use Instead of Avocado Oil for a Protein Shake?

There’s no perfect substitute for avocado oil that offers the same effects and nutritional value as an ordinary protein shake.

However, you can find alternatives that deliver other nutritional benefits, making better choices, especially if you suffer from allergic reactions to avocado products.

Sunflower oil is a common alternative I suggest to clients if they don’t enjoy the thick, buttery taste of avocado oil. Olive oil is a healthier and less risky option you can enjoy in the same quantity as protein shakes.

People who don’t mind the bitter taste of fish oil can include them in their shakes to boost the immune system.

Is Avocado Oil and MCT Oil the Same?

No, they are not the same. Avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the avocado fruit, capturing its rich buttery flavor. It’s often used for cooking and skincare.

On the other hand, MCT oil, derived from sources like coconut oil or palm kernel oil, stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. This type of fat is more easily digested and absorbed by the body compared to other fats.

Avocado also has a high concentration of monounsaturated fats, which fall under the LCT (Long Chain Triglycerides) category. These fats take longer for the gut and body to break down.

In contrast, MCTs burn and digest faster, making them readily available if the body wishes to use these fat reserves.

Key Takeaways

Avocado oil is an excellent addition to protein shakes, especially if your body needs the added calories and healthy fats. 

However, people who experience reactions to avocados should reduce their consumption or look for alternative oils that pair well with post-gym beverages and shakes. 

An equally healthy yet less reactive alternative for protein shakes is olive oil. Discover how olive oil can introduce new tastes and nutrition to your whey shakes right here! 

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