Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

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Diving straight into the heart of the matter, many fitness enthusiasts often find themselves pondering – does Anytime Fitness have free weights? It’s a valid concern, especially for those who thrive on weightlifting as part of their fitness regime.

Yes, Anytime Fitness does have a range of free weights available. This includes dumbbells, barbells, and various weight plates that cater to both the novice and seasoned weightlifter.

Through this post, we’ll delve deeper into the extent of their free weight section and what to expect when you arrive!

Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

Yes. Anytime Fitness is a continually growing fitness franchise located all over the world. Free weights are among the first things they stock in their inventory whenever they open at a new location

What Types of Weights Does Anytime Fitness Use?


Anytime Fitness provides an extensive dumbbell selection, including traditional fixed weights, adjustable spinlock dumbbells, ergonomic contoured dumbbells, and modern hex dumbbells.

Weights range from light 1 lb dumbbells for beginners to heavy 150lb dumbbells for advanced lifting.

Olympic Plates

Serious lifters will find a full range of Olympic plates at Anytime Fitness. Standard cast iron plates are available in 2 lb increments up to 45lbs. Bumper plates with a rubber coating are also available for high-impact Olympic lifts. All plates have a 2-inch diameter hole to fit Olympic bars.

Pre-loaded Barbells

Pre-loaded barbells at Anytime Fitness provide a fixed amount of weight for convenience. These barbells allow users to skip plate changes between sets.

Great for beginners learning proper form or experienced lifters looking to superset exercises and save time. Weights range from light pre-loads of around 20 lbs to heavy 70 lb+ pre-loaded bars.

Olympic Bars

Anytime Fitness offers men’s and women’s Olympic barbells made of durable steel. The bars are 7 feet long, and while traditionally Olympic barbells weigh 45lbs, a variant known as the Hammer Bar/Olympic Barbell weighs 10kg (approximately 22lbs).

These barbells come with rotating sleeves that allow for a smooth lift-off and help to reduce torque, alongside knurled grip areas to ensure secure hand placement during heavy lifting.

EZ Curl Bars

A selection of EZ curl bars is available at Anytime Fitness, with varied designs and curvature angles to accommodate different arm dimensions. Among the offerings, the New Preacher Curl Bar weighs 10kg, while the Old Preacher Curl Bar is slightly lighter at 8.5kg.

Angled hand grips reduce wrist strain for exercises like curls, skull crushers, and upright rows.


Kettlebells can be found at Anytime Fitness in a variety of weights. The one-piece cast iron construction allows for ballistic swing movements.

Kettlebells can be used for strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises due to their versatile design.

Medicine Balls

Anytime Fitness provides medicine balls in a range of weights from 2 lbs up to 30 lbs. The textured rubber surface allows for secure gripping during various throws and slams.

Useful for improving explosive power, balance, core stability, and overall athletic performance.

Bandbell Bamboo Barbells

Unique to Anytime Fitness are bandbell bamboo barbells, which have elastic resistance bands rather than plates. The unstable load challenges small stabilizer muscles and enhances the mind-body connection.

Bandbell bars improve posture, joint health, and neuromuscular coordination.

Safety Squat Bars

Anytime Fitness has safety squat bars with shoulder padding and front handles designed to reduce strain in the shoulders, wrists, and elbows during squats.

The bent shape improves the upright torso position. Ideal for beginners learning proper squat form.

How Heavy Are the Weights at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness features some uniformity in the type of free weights they keep on their racks.

In most cases, simple dumbbells or small kettlebells may start at 2 lbs or 3 lbs, while the largest sizes can go up to over 100 lbs. Weight plates may also start at 4 lbs or 5 lbs and go up to 50 lbs a piece.

However, check with your local Anytime Fitness outlet to see which weights they offer to ensure you get what you need.

What’s the Weight of a Barbell at Anytime Fitness?

The barbells at Anytime Fitness weigh about 45 pounds in most categories. However, they may have special-purpose barbells that have different weights.

For instance, a bandbell bamboo bar for balancing may weigh as low as 6 lbs before weights are attached.

On the other hand, safety squat bars come with padded parts and extra handles that may take up to 50 lbs or more in some cases.

What are Olympic Barbells?

Olympic barbells are designed to be more durable and have a higher weight capacity compared to regular barbells, making them a preferred choice for serious strength training.

Typically measuring around 7 feet in length and weighing 45 pounds, Olympic bars can accommodate hundreds of pounds in weight plates.

The ends of these bars are standardized to securely hold Olympic plates, which have a thickness of about 2 inches. This standardization ensures both the bars and plates can be safely manufactured and utilized for intense training.

What are Pre-loaded Barbells?

Most commercial gyms have barbells that have plates attached to the bar permanently. In most cases, users cannot remove these plates.

They’re great for beginner lifters or even experienced users who don’t want the hassle of removing and reinserting plates as they continue lifting.

You can also consider pre-loaded barbells as safer alternatives because the risk of the plates falling off is zero.

Are Anytime Fitness Weights Accurate?

Yes. Anytime Fitness employs a general policy of quality assessment and equipment testing before they’re available to members.

This screening process detects and removes any weights that may show incorrect values or equipment that does not operate properly.

Is Anytime Fitness a Place for Serious Weightlifting?

You can pursue serious weightlifting at Anytime Fitness, especially as a beginner. The affordable membership, access to other experienced weightlifters, and a wide range of weights and bars will help anyone improve their weightlifting skills.

However, advanced weightlifters may find commercial gyms like Anytime Fitness unsuitable. Large crowds mean you have to share and wait for equipment.

Additionally, the lack of access to dedicated weightlifting trainers and the bustling atmosphere of commercial fitness centers can be distracting.

Best Alternative to Anytime Fitness

There are many other viable alternatives to Anytime Fitness if you do not enjoy your experience there. 

Popular competitors include other fitness chains like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness, which have locations nationwide. 

Other options like Equinox Fitness and Gold’s Gym are excellent places, too, if you don’t mind a slightly more expensive membership fee. 

Summing it Up

Anytime Fitness provides an impressive range of free weights and associated equipment in most of its locations. Beginners and casual enthusiasts will find their equipment and services affordable and beneficial. 

Interested in checking out alternatives? Here’s an insightful review of the free weights at rival chain Planet Fitness. 

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