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The Fitness Reality 810XLT power cage is the ideal choice for those building a home gym.

Its sturdy construction, ample weight capacity, and budget-friendly price, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.

In this review, I’ll delve into the features and benefits of this power cage and why it’s a must-have for enhancing your strength training.


Fitness Reality 810XLT

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The Fitness Reality 810XLT is a well-known and established power rack that has been a hit with many users due to its simple construction, allowing for a variety of exercises and extra attachments.

It also has great build quality, along with being one of the most budget-friendly options out there, which explains its popularity.


  • It can support up to 800 lbs.
  • Durable steel tubing construction.
  • A large footprint allows a wide range of motions.
  • Assembles easily.
  • Stability bars and safety features.
  • 19 adjustable heights.
  • Priced affordably.


  • There is no number on upright holes, so safety bars are tricky to place.
  • Large footprint requires a lot of storage.
  • People over 6 feet might not be able to use this rack.
  • Adding attachments can increase the price.

Who’s The Fitness Reality 810XLT For?

The Fitness Reality 810XLT is a great choice for any fitness enthusiast making the transition from using dumbbells to heavier weights such as barbells.

It has everything you need to perform the most popular exercises, plus its 800 lbs weight capacity offers plenty of versatility and capability even for experienced trainers.

The Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

Weight133 lbs
Max Capacity800 lbs
Frame14-gauge steel
Hole spacing3”

Features & Product Specifications

The 810XLT is one of the largest racks, with a length of 50.5″, a width of 46.5″, and a height of 83.5″, so you will need plenty of room for this rack. When fully assembled, the 810XLT weighs a total of 133 lbs.

Build Quality/Design

The Fitness Reality 810XLT is designed to be a long-lasting piece of fitness equipment.

Weighing in at 133 lbs, it is a sturdy power rack that offers good stability without the need for an anchor or floor rack. You can choose to purchase separate weight plate holders for even more ground support if needed.

It can hold up to 800 lbs and can fit an Olympic bar of 7ft in length, providing an advantage over more expensive racks available on the market.

Frame & Construction

The 810XLT is an excellent power rack option that offers users a 14-gauge steel frame and chrome plating.

This budget-friendly power rack has the same strength and reliability as more expensive power racks, making it a great choice for those who want quality without breaking the bank.

The heavy-duty commercial-grade construction of this rack makes it a highly durable option that can hold its own against other higher-priced options.

Max Capacity of Spotter Bars

The spotter bars have a weight limit of 800 lbs which puts it in line with premium-quality racks and can be used by both experienced and seasoned weightlifters.

For those who are not at an advanced level or professional in bodybuilding, this fitness gear has sufficient weight capacity for a variety of exercises.

Hole Spacing

One major issue with the 810XLT rack is its 3″ hole spacing, which is not in line with the industry standard of 1″ to 1.5″.

Although this will not have an impact on exercises like squats, it can be a noticeable problem during bench presses.

To overcome this, placing a gym mat underneath while bench pressing or using adjustable weight benches can provide a solution.

Accessories & Attachments

The 810XLT is an ideal choice for those who want to customize their workout with accessories and attachments, as it is designed to accommodate them. This solid steel fitness cage comes equipped to handle a variety of add-ons, including:

  • Weights 
  • Barbell
  • Bench 
  • Weight plate storage 
  • Row attachment/lat pull-down 
  • Landmine station 
  • Dip handles 

As the 810XLT is compatible with various accessories and attachments, you can increase the variety of exercises you can do, target different muscle groups and further customize your workout.

Additional accessories need to be purchased separately, but once you have them, you can expand your training options and push yourself to new limits.

What’s Included?

Out of the box, the Fitness Reality 810XLT comes with the following accessories:

  • 2 J-hooks, 
  • A pair of safety bars 
  • Stability bars
  • Pull-up bar with multiple grips

While shopping for the 810XLT, you can choose a cage + bench or a cage with a lat pull-down system. You can also purchase this rack as a standalone, and you won’t be disappointed.


Assembling this Fitness Reality rack is simple. The rack comes with the necessary tools and manual, which you can use to get this assembled in no time.

Possible Exercises

Possible exercises you can perform with the 810XLT include:

  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Incline/decline presses
  • shoulder shrugs
  • Flat bench
  • Strength training exercises 


The cost of the Fitness Reality 810XLT varies depending on which package you buy. The single power cage is the most affordable option, whereas purchasing the lat pull and bench together will be the most expensive option.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery of the 810XLT are usually quick, but it will depend on your location and the shipping method you choose.

You can expect your 810XLT to arrive within a few business days if you choose a fast shipping method or within a week or two if you choose a more inexpensive shipping option.

It’s essential to remember that delivery times may be impacted by factors such as holidays, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

For the most reliable estimate of delivery time, it’s best to check with the seller or shipping carrier for updated information.


The 810XLT has a 1-year warranty on the frame if you purchase it from a third-party seller. However, Fitness Reality says you can get six years warranty if you buy directly from them.

Do I need A Pulley System?

Whether you want a pulley system, commonly called the lat pull, is a matter of personal choice. 

However, lat pulleys offer the opportunity to work out all the major muscles in the back. Studies have shown that performing this exercise correctly also strengthens the arms and back simultaneously. 

This is why advanced trainers prefer multi-gym units with a pulley system. 

Low-cost units with support for a lat system are rare, but the 810XLT has one. 

So if you don’t have the budget for a Bowflex or Marcy home gym, which comes equipped with a lat pulley system, keep an open mind for the Fitness Reality 810XLT lat pulley attachment.


The Fitness Reality 810XLT is an affordable and well-designed rack with adjustable options for a full-body workout. Easy to set up and with a large walking area, it’s a great choice for home gym users who value variety in their exercises.

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