How Big Should a Home Gym Mirror Be?

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How Big Should a Home Gym Mirror Be

Home gym mirrors are essential in ensuring that your form is correct while exercising. But how big should a home gym mirror be?

This allows you to see your whole body while exercising, even for movements above your head.

Gym Mirror Size

The size of your home gym mirror will vary depending on several factors, but the most important thing to remember is that it should be at least 5 to 6 feet high and approximately 3 feet wide.

This allows you plenty of space to see your entire body with some clearance for overhead movements.

For powerlifters, mounting the mirror 1 or 2 feet off the ground is ideal so that the top of the mirror is at the 7-foot mark.

If you practice Yoga or other similar disciplines, you should install the mirror closer to ground level so that you can see yourself clearly while lying on the ground or doing exercises on the floor.

Why Do You Need Mirrors in Your Gym?

Mirrors are a great addition to your home gym for several reasons. Not only do they provide aesthetic value to the space, but they also offer a range of benefits in motivating you and helping you keep proper form.

Mirrors Can Motivate You

The best part about having a mirror in your home gym is that it inspires you to keep going.

Monitoring your progress on your fitness journey can be hard to see sometimes, which is why having a mirror in front of you every time you exercise helps you see just how much stronger you’ve become compared to when you first started.

Mirrors Help You Check Your Form

Some exercises, when done improperly, pose a serious risk of injury; moreover, half-reps or poorly executed progressions don’t put as much tension on the muscles or can target the wrong muscles.

It’s also quite difficult for some exercises to correct your form without some kind of external guidance.

You might be doing something incorrectly and not realizing it, which is why a home gym mirror is ideal for keeping your form perfect on every rep.

Mirrors Make Spaces Feel Bigger

Mirrors have the magical quality of opening up a space and making it feel more welcoming.

You’ll often see many mirrors along the gym’s weight rack wall to broaden the space.

As such, a home gym mirror not only offers a lot of practical benefits but also adds aesthetic value to the space.

Mirrors Provide Versatility

Mirrors offer a degree of versatility in your workouts, too. Some exercises that are difficult to perform without someone watching your form are a lot easier in front of the mirror.

Front squats and back squats, for example, are exercises that people commonly struggle with executing properly in the gym.

With a home mirror, you have the versatility to improve your form and challenge yourself with different progressions without the worry of performing them incorrectly.

Mirrors Help Brighten Your Workout Space

Not only do mirrors make a space appear larger, but they also brighten up a room.

The reflective qualities of mirrors enhance the natural light of the space and reflect the colors in the room to make it seem more vibrant.

This quality of mirrors makes your home gym a more appealing and pleasant space to spend your time in.

Mirrors Can Lower Your Risk of Injury

Injuries are all too common when you’re lifting heavy without a spotter. Mirrors provide you with an objective look at your form to ensure that you’re performing the exercise correctly and not putting undue strain on your lower back or other areas that aren’t intended to be under heavy strain.

How Many Mirrors Do You Need?

How Many Mirrors Do You Need?

The number of home gym mirrors you choose to install is up to you and depends largely on what kind of workout routines you enjoy.

Having a mirror in front of all your heavy lifting equipment is ideal for powerlifters since the correct form is crucial to your success as a lifter.

Where to Put a Mirror in a Home Gym?

Two factors should be considered when installing a mirror at your home gym.

First, you should consider any relevant equipment where proper form is significant. Installing a mirror in front of your squat rack, for example, would be an excellent idea, while there’s not much more than aesthetic value to putting a mirror in front of a treadmill.

Second, you should consider where you’ll be standing when using the mirror (about 4 to 5 feet away) and decide what location best fits your needs in a home gym.

What Kind of Mirrors Do Gyms Use?

Gyms exclusively use glass mirrors. Acrylic mirrors are an option and ideal for child-proofing an area since they are much stronger than glass.

The only issue with acrylic mirrors is that there is always some sort of visual distortion, which isn’t ideal when you’re working out.

Where to Buy Mirrors for Your Gym?

There are many great places to get a mirror for your gym, whether you prefer to measure it yourself or purchase it online.

Home Depot has more mirrors than you could shake a stick at, and you can always call ahead to ask what sizes they have in stock.

Online sources are valuable, too. Craigslist and eBay are resources you can use to find new or used mirrors for discounted prices. Just make sure you exercise discretion with your purchases.

Amazon is another popular resource for finding a home gym mirror, and if you scroll down to the specs of the product, you can see the dimensions of the mirror listed for your convenience.

How to Install Your Gym Mirrors

How to Install Your Gym Mirrors

Once you’ve got your home gym mirror, installing it is the next big step to enhancing your gym setting. You’ll need several tools for the job to measure, install, and mount the mirror.

What You’ll Need

To get started, you’ll need the following tools:

  • J Channel
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Your Mirror

You can find all of these products at Home Depot if you’re missing any.

Step 1: Make Your Measurements

The first step is to determine where you want to mount your mirrors. Keep in mind that garage floors are slanted, so if you’re adding a mirror to a garage gym, measure from the ceiling down to where you want the mirror’s base to be.

Step 2: Install J Channel

The J channel is where the mirrors are going to sit. Apply Gorilla Glue to the backside of the channel and press it on firmly where you’ve marked the base of the mirror. Press firmly for about 5 minutes, then leave it for 24 hours to set.

Step 3: Mount the Mirrors

Before you mount the mirrors, clean the wall where you will hang them thoroughly so you can apply the glue evenly.

Apply the Gorilla Glue liberally to the back of the mirror in even beads ½ inches apart.

Once applied, set the mirror on the J Channel and apply even pressure to the mirror for about 10 minutes.

Depending on the size of your mirror, it might be ideal to recruit a friend to help you apply even pressure to the mirror.

Afterward, if possible, find a way to apply pressure to the mirror for the next 24 hours.

The Takeaway

A home gym mirror is essential to enhance your workout environment and ensure you use the proper exercise form. Mirrors are also a great way to motivate you on your fitness journey.

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