Marcy MD-9010G vs SM-4008: One’s The Right Choice, One Isn’t

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You’re looking for the best home gym that fits your budget and space. I’ve tested the popular Marcy MD-9010G and SM-4008 to see how they stack up.

The Marcy SM-4008 is the better choice for most people. Unlike the MD-9010G, the SM-4008 is more wallet-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those looking to save a bit. It also has a compact size that’s perfect for those with limited room at home, making it a convenient choice. Even with its smaller size, the SM-4008 offers a nice variety of workout options suitable for most home workout routines.

This is a quick glimpse of the differences; to learn more from what I’ve found, keep on reading.

Marcy MD-9010G vs SM-4008: Quick Overview

Best for Weightlifters

Marcy MD-9010G

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The MD-9010G is a dream machine for home workout enthusiasts interested in strength training. With its high cable crossovers, Olympic weight bench, and dedicated Smith bar, it provides everything a weightlifter needs.

Specifically, the 9010G enables you to perform focused exercises for all your major muscle groups. You can work your arms using the seated bicep and curl your shoulders with the seated row – both exercises are not found on the SM-4008.

A prime advantage of the MD-9010G The Smith machine is its heavier construction. Weighing in at 395 lbs versus 290 lbs for the SM-4008, the MD-9010G offers greater stability and durability for hardcore strength training workouts. Its heavier frame can stand up to repeated heavy lifting over time.


  • Comprehensive weightlifting and strength training unit
  • Dedicated Smith machine
  • Free-weight squat racks
  • Marcy Olympic weight bench


  • Higher price tag compared to competitors
  • Larger footprint

Who Should Consider the MG-9010G

The Marcy MG-9010G will suit users who are already familiar with basic weightlifting techniques and wish to progress further into more advanced workouts.

The price point also makes it better for users who have a bigger home gym budget.

Best for Limited Spaces

Marcy SM-4008

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The Marcy SM-4008 Smith Machine is a versatile home gym that provides a complete strength training experience. Its independent pulley system, Olympic plate compatibility, and adjustable components enable a wide range of exercises.

Work your upper body on the Smith bar and pull-up station. Target your lower body using the leg developer. And hit your core with cable crossovers and rows on the dual pulleys.

With a full selection of motions for a full-body routine, the SM-4008 eliminates the need for gym memberships or multiple machines. It condenses comprehensive weightlifting capabilities into one efficient, space-saving unit.


  • Affordable all-in-one home gym station
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Over 40 different workouts and exercises


  • Not suited for advanced weightlifters 
  • No preacher curl pad

Who Should Consider the SM-4008?

With its compact 65″ x 79.25″ footprint, the SM-4008 is ideal for home workout enthusiasts tight on space. Its efficient all-in-one design provides a complete range of strength training motions without requiring a large area.

The SM-4008 is perfect for small home gyms and apartments where floor space is limited.

Marcy MD-9010G vs SM-4008: An In-depth Comparison

Comparison Chart

Item weight395 lbs290 lbs
Adjustable seat padYesYes
Pull up barNoYes
Leg developerYesYes
Max user weight 300 lbs300 lbs
Max limit on weight post100 lbs100 lbs
Dimensions78” x 28.5” x 47”68” x 26” x 45”
Weight storageWeight postsWeight posts
Lower pulleySingle Single
Upper pulleyDual, crossDual, cross

Design & Frame

The MD-9010G and the SM-4008 both sport a steel alloy frame that’s reinforced with quality engineering and robust construction.

The MD-9010 G’s design is more imposing and wide, while the SM-4008 carries a more compact frame with a simpler frame.

Features & Key Specs

The MD-9010G and the SM-4008 both support a top user weight of 300 lbs. However, the MD-9010G has a much higher unit weight of 395 lbs, while the 4008 weighs only about 290 lbs.

The SM-4008 comes with a pull-up bar, whereas the 9010G comes with an additional preacher curl pad.

Workout Variety

Although the MD-9010G is more expensive, the SM-4008 serves as the more versatile option when it comes to a variety of exercises.

The MD-9010G delivers more than 100+ unique exercises and workouts, while the SM-4008 remains more limited.

User Weight Limit

Both machines support an identical user weight limit of 300 lbs.

Space Requirement

The MD-9010G occupies a lot more space compared to the SM-4008. The MD-9010G will take up about 78″ x 28.5″ x 47″ on the floor. The SM-4008 will consume only about 68″ x 26″ x 45″.

Attachment & Accessories

Both the MD-9010G and the SM-4008 come with six additional accessories. These are the shiver bar, ankle strap, chain link, V bar, triceps rope, and two ropes.

Safety Features 

Both home gyms exhibit excellent safety features that include sturdy pulleys, strong cables, powerful racks, and a reliable overall design and structure.


The SM-4008 is less complicated to assemble than the MD-9010G. 

The MD-9010G comes with too many moving parts, making it cumbersome to set up and easier to assemble with additional help. 

Here’s a Complete Guide on How to Assembly the SM-4008
Here’s a Complete Guide on How to Assembly the MD-9010G


Maintenance and upkeep for both the SM-4008 and MD-9010G is easy and straightforward. Avoiding excessive weight, lubricating the joints and pulleys, and regular cleaning are some basic tips.


The MD-9010G is the more expensive model compared to the SM-4008, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper than any dealer. 

Check it Out: See the Price of MD-9010G on Amazon
Check it Out: See the Price of SM-4008 on Amazon


Marcy offers a limited warranty for two years on both machines. So, you get the same advantage here regardless of which model you purchase.

The Final Verdict: Choosing The One That’s Right For You!

Between the Marcy MD-9010G and SM-4008, I’d go with the SM-4008. It’s more affordable, compact, and offers enough variety for most home workouts. The MD-9010G is overkill for anyone but hardcore weightlifters. Overall, the SM-4008 packs solid value in a small footprint.


What makes the Marcy MD-9010G and the SM-4008 attractive choices for home gyms?

Marcy’s 9010G and 4008 are both excellent options for home gyms because they offer a wide range of exercises and features at a competitive price.

Why might some fitness enthusiasts prefer a basic squat rack setup over the Marcy systems?

Advanced lifters may prefer the versatility and durability that come with a basic power rack with a bench and weights.

Are there concerns about Marcy’s systems when it comes to heavy lifting?

Yes. Some users express concerns about Marcy’s quality of materials, resistance limits, and inadequacy for advanced weightlifters.

Do I need a gym system with multiple features, or can I achieve my fitness goals with basic equipment?

Many fitness enthusiasts claim that all-in-one home gyms are not necessary. They feel that basic barbell lifts and the right dumbbells are enough for daily fitness needs.

Are there alternative brands or systems that offer better value than the Marcy options?

Yes. Competitors like Powerline, Body Solid, and Fitness Avenue all offer excellent alternatives for users who prefer brands other than Marcy.

How do imported gym systems compare to well-known brands?

The current agreement or opinion is not definitive. However, many users believe that imported home gyms may serve as better alternatives to popular brands (including Marcy) in many cases.

Is it beneficial to seek advice from fitness forums before making a purchase?

Absolutely! Getting input from community members can serve as valuable insights into your purchasing decisions.

How can I make the best decision for my home gym setup?

Consider your fitness goals and your body’s needs. Perform extensive research on potential home gym alternatives. And always consult experts or professionals when you’re in doubt.

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