Marcy MWM-988 vs. MWM-4965: (We Tested & Compared Both!)

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re looking to buy a Marcy home gym, you may be trying to decide between the Marcy MWM-988 and MWM-4965 models. Both offer a great workout at home but have some key differences.

The Marcy MWM-988 and MWM-4965 are nearly identical home gym models. However, the MWM-4965 offers an additional ab developer attachment targeting your midsection muscles. On the other hand, the MWM-988 provides a more straightforward assembly with fewer parts and takes up slightly less floor space.

Deciding which of these two Marcy stack machines is right for you depends on what you value most. Please keep reading to see our side-by-side comparison of each model to help you choose!

Marcy MWM-988 vs. MWM-4965: Quick Overview

Best for Basic Strength

Marcy MWM-988

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The Marcy MWM-988 stack gym remains a popular, affordable option that meets most basic fitness needs for home workouts. Like other Marcy models, this unit includes an upper pulley, leg developer, press arms, and 150-lb resistance limit. 

With these features, the MWM-988 provides excellent support for both upper and lower body exercises, allowing enthusiasts to conveniently handle basic muscle-building routines for these muscle groups in one compact machine. 

So, for those wanting straightforward strength training at home without breaking the bank, the space-saving MWM-988 proves an ideal choice.


  • Preacher curl pad for additional exercises
  • Compact footprint that saves space
  • Decent variety of exercises


  • No dedicated exercises for the midsection
  • No foot plate
Best for Full Body

Marcy MWM-4965

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The MWM-4965 is an all-in-one home stack gym, allowing you to conveniently work various muscle groups. It includes basic pulleys, leg and arm stations, an added ab developer, and a flip-up footplate.

Compared to the 988, the 4965 provides more accessories and adjustable parts, enabling greater workout versatility.

With its comprehensive selection of stations packed into one unit, the MWM-4965 is an efficient, multifunctional gym right at home.


  • Includes an ab developer and foot plate
  • Impressive variety of exercises for different muscle groups
  • Excellent value for money considering its capabilities


  • No preacher curl pad
  • Larger footprint and more space-consuming.

What is the Difference Between the Marcy MWM-988 and the March MWM-4965?

Comparison Chart

Feature MWM-4965MWM-988
Unit Weight260 lbs290 lbs
Footprint (Dimensions)72” x 38” x 78”68” x 35” x 79”
Arm PressYes Yes
Upper PulleyYes Yes
Middle PulleyYesNo
Low PulleyYes Yes
Leg DeveloperYes Yes
Preacher curl padNoYes
Ab developerYesNo
Resistance Limit150 lbs150 lbs
User Weight Limit300 lbs300 lbs


Both models come with similar designs. Each unit features the upper pulley lat bar on top, the arms on either side, a bench in the middle, and the leg developer below.

However, the MWM-988’s Matte Silver finish gives it a more refined and cleaner look.

Winner: Marcy MWM-988 

Build Quality & Durability

Both the MWM-988 and MWM-4965 feature sturdy 14-gauge steel frames with durable vinyl weight stacks. The seat padding on both models is also high quality.

In terms of build and durability, the MWM-988 and MWM-4965 are evenly matched.

Winner: Tie

Features & Key Specs

Both units offer a maximum resistance of 150 lbs and can carry a max user weight of 300 lbs. They share standard pulleys, leg and arm stations. The MWM-988 has a preacher curl pad, but the MWM-4965 adds an ab developer and flip-up footplate.

With more features like the ab station and adjustable footplate, the MWM-4965 takes the win for overall versatility.

Winner: MWM-4965

Workout Variety

The MWM-988 provides an impressive 36+ exercises. However, the MWM-4965 enables over 40 unique workouts thanks to additional ab and mid-section moves.

With more exercises for your core and abdominal muscles, the MWM-4965 offers superior workout variety.

Winner: MWM-4965

User Weight Capacity

The MWM-988 and MWM-4965 have identical 300 lb user weight limits. Their sturdy steel frames and durable builds can handle heavier users evenly.

When it comes to supporting heavier weights, these two Marcy stack gym models are evenly matched.

Winner: Tie

Space Requirement 

The MWM-988 emerges as the clear winner in terms of space efficiency and size. The MWM-4956’s dimensions take up 72″ x 38″ x 78″ of space in your room or garage. Meanwhile, the MWM-988 only takes up 68″ x 35″ x 79″, giving you enough room to move around.

Winner: MWM-988

Assembly & Maintenance

Both machines require simple maintenance, like lubrication and keeping parts clean and dry. However, the MWM-4965 may take longer to assemble initially due to its extra accessories and ab developer.

With fewer parts, the MWM-988 has a slight edge for quicker and easier assembly out of the box.

Winner: MWM-988

Safer to Use

On the surface, both models seem equally safe, with similar padding, frames, and features. However, the MWM-4965 adds secure mid-pulley padding and a foot plate for safer seated rows.

With these extra safety considerations for certain exercises, the MWM-4965 inches ahead.

Winner: MWM-4965


Marcy Pro’s official website features identical pricing for both the MWM-988 and the MWM-4965. Depending on availability, ongoing offers, and customer demand, you may find variations on other platforms.

However, the MWM-4965 remains the better deal because of its additional features (if the price is the same).

Winner: MWM-4965


Both Marcy Stack gym models come with the same limited warranty. This includes repair or replacement coverage for defects plus a 1-year warranty for component damage not caused by misuse.

When it comes to included warranties, the MWM-988 and MWM-4965 offer identical coverage.

Winner: Tie

Marcy MWM-988 vs.MWM-4965: What Are Users Saying?

Marcy MWM-988

Most users agree that the MWM-988 serves the basic fitness needs of casual gym-goers at home. However, more experienced users report that this unit can prove limiting once you cross a certain threshold and wish to take on more advanced workouts.

Marcy MWM-4965

Reviews for the MWM-4965 widely agree that this stack gym provides a comprehensive, full-body workout capacity within one unit. However, some hardcore bodybuilders note that the 150-lb resistance maximum is not enough for those looking to lift heavier weights.

The Final Verdict – Which One is the Winner?

At first glance, the MWM-988 and MWM-4965 stack gyms may seem nearly identical. On closer look, the MWM-988 shows some subtle advantages like its preacher curl station and smaller size.

However, when considering their comparable price tags, I believe the MWM-4965 pulls ahead as the winner. The extra mid pulley and adjustable footplate unlock a wider versatility in possible exercises. And these bonuses in workout variety make a meaningful difference for home gym enthusiasts.

If you want to find out if the MWM-4965 also emerges victorious when compared to the MWM-990, Find out right here! 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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