P90X Vs P90X3 – (Ultimate Comparison) Which is Best?

Written by — Tonya
P90X Vs P90X3 – (Ultimate Comparison) Which is Best?

P90X or Power 90 Extreme is a workout program introduced in 2005 by Tony Horton. It is a successor to his previous program known as “Power 90”. The plan consists of cross-training with systematic planning, followed by a recommended dietary plan.

The P90X3 is a third installation to the popular workout program introduced by Tony Horton. P90X3 shortens the length of the workout and participates in more challenging exercises by increasing its intensity.

Both the P90X and P90X3 programs are designed to remove unwanted body weight and build a more structured body. They are similar plans but also has a fair amount of differences.


  • The P90X workout indulges in a variety of exercises that train the muscles harder and help develop a better physique.
  • The workout plan also engages in yoga and martial arts. It also has weight lifting and plyometrics that improve a person’s athletic abilities.
  • P90X has a versatile routine that helps in switching between different methods. It is done usually to avoid injuries and getting bored with the same routine.
  • The P90X program comes with a tailored diet for the users. The diet plan suits to people with all types of eating lifestyles.
  •  The interval training plan in the P90X program helps burn calories at a fast rate. Weight lifting is also an important part of the P90X program in achieving a quicker result.
  •  The P90X program also provides entertainment with their plan. It is done to give a productive environment and to keep the users entertained.


  • The P90X program requires a person to workout 5-6 times a week. It teaches discipline and gets rid of laziness and procrastination
  • The program has a tailored diet made to follow to keep up with the workout. It helps choose food wisely to gather enough energy and lose excess body fat
  • The P90X program enables users to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their own environment. It helps them execute the exercises from their homes
  • The P90X program also provides discs set for viewing. It is to help the users better understand the plan and exercises


  • P90X program is a problem for the beginners as the program is usually made and suited for athletic people. It can hamper the quest of someone who is just starting with his or her fitness journey
  • The program is about being consistent with the exercise. It can be a problem for people who have busy schedules
  • The workout plan contains high-end routines as compared to basic exercises. It might lead new people to meet with injuries during the workout


  • P90X3 is a 30-minute workout plan. The plan focuses on building flexible muscles, cross-training, cardio, and 4core.
  • The P90X3 is the successor of P90X and P90X2. It is an improved version of the two programs.
  • The plan focuses on intensive exercises with a limited time frame. Time management is important in this plan.
  • The P90X3 workout plan introduces people to more challenging exercises. It helps them get more comfortable with new incoming tasks in the plan.
  •  The P90X3 plan focuses on muscle integration to raise metabolic rates. It helps burn fatseasily.
  •  Compound movements are included in the P90X3 plan. It increases fat-burning and gives the body a sculpted look.


  • The program allows them to work out for 30 minutes each day. It is hugely beneficial for people with busy schedules
  • P90X3 also comes with a nutritional guide to improve a person’s dietary plan. It helps maintains a healthier lifestyle and build stronger developed muscles
  • The program is flexible to the point where the people can adjust and customize their routines. Users can workout for 60 minutes a day by squeezing the second-day session into the first day
  • The P90X3 also lets users workout from their homes and avoid the trouble of driving to gyms or other fitness centers


  • One major drawback of this program is that it takes its sweet time to produce the results. It might discourage users, especially beginners
  • The plan is too challenging for some users based on the frequency of the workouts, time management, and intensity of the exercises
  • P90X3 is a little more expensive in comparison to other home workout programs. The price tag may be a drawback for the users who are looking for such programs


The P90X plan can last for 60 minutes and goes up to 90 minutes a day. The P90X3 lasts for 30 minutes per day.
P90X often engages in warm-ups. There is little or no warm-ups in the P90X3 program.
P90X participates with new movements in the workout session. P90X3 operates on a variety of programs to achieve versatility.
Tony Horton coaches the beginners in the P90X program. P90X3 has less or no coaching at all.
The P90X trains are longer for building muscles and strength development. P90X3 is half of the P90X program in length.
It is easier to complete the P90X3 exercise than the P90X in length. Most people give up halfway with the P90X plan.
The P90X3 is suited for athletes and not for beginners. It also burns more fat in comparison to the P90X plan.
The P90X contains the Ab workout right off the purchase. The P90X3 has the Ab workout plan only in the deluxe set.

The Bottom Line

Both the P90X and P90X3 help get rid of unwanted fat and develop a more-healthier structure. They have a lot of similarities and dissimilarities in comparison.

P90X is best suited for people who are just starting with their fitness goals. The P90X3 shifts more towards athletic people who are looking for quick workouts to burn those extra fats.

Time management and their lifestyle are usually the deciding factors towards choosing the best program. Price comparisons of both the P90X and P90X3 are important to fit their budget.

It is always notable for analyzing the programs to understand what it has to offer. It benefits the user with accurate information regarding the plan.