T25 Vs P90X3 – Which is Better to Choose?

Written by — Tonya
T25 Vs P90X3 – Which is Better to Choose?

The T25 program was founded by Shaun Thompson, who is one of the coaches at Beachbody. The T25 is a HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training, which is for 60 days.
The T25 program consists of three phases, i.e., Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The third phase is optional. The Intensity of the workout increases with each stage. It trains the body with more challenging moves.

Tony Horton introduced the P90X3 program. He is a popular fitness instructor best known for launching the P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 programs.

The P90X3 plan is a third installation to the Power 90 workout franchise. The P90 program is a 90-days plan. A person has to attend six times a week and workout for 30 minutes each day. It focuses on muscle combination and speeding-up through a variety of routines. The body burns fats faster.

T25 and P90X3 programs are suited for different users in comparison.


  • The T25 program consists of three cycles, i.e., Alpha cycle, Beta cycle, and Gamma cycle. The third phase is not necessary.
  • The Alpha cycle is for five weeks. The Beta cycle also consists of five weeks.
  • The Alpha cycle consists of cardio exercises. The Beta cycle builds strength and develops muscles.
  • The T25 is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise. It produces benefits with a shorter period as compared to other activities.
  •  The workout routine offers a proper warm-up. It also provides exercise changes to avoid injuries.
  •  The T25 workout exercise is for 25 minutes each day. Every minute is essential to the task.
  •  The routine has ten different workouts. The method has a slow and natural approach.
  •  The T25 program also has a third cycle called the Gamma cycle. This phase runs for four weeks after the Beta phase.


  • The T25 exercising routine helps lose body fat at a faster rate. It is better than other basic exercises
  • The program helps people workout from their own homes. It avoids making frequent trips to the gym
  • The T25 program does not require the use of any piece of equipment. The use of dumbbells and mats are optional


  • Body goals can quickly turn into body nightmares if exercises are missed regularly. It is important to keep the body fit and active
  • Excess indulgence in this program can reduce social interactions. A Proper balance is needed
  • The T25 plan does not provide progressions as well as regression. It is a problem for people to keep track of their projects


  • P90X3 is a 30-minute workout session. There are cardio and core-training exercises.
  • It revolves around building flexible muscles. It burns fats with the exercises.
  • The P90X3 is the successor of P90X and P90X2. It is an improved version of the two programs.
  • It focuses on an intense workout in a short period. It is essential to get faster results.
  • Time management is essential for the P90X3 program. Users keep track of the clock during the workout sessions.
  •  The P90X3 workout plan introduces a person to a variety of routines with different exercises. It helps execute almost any task quickly.
  •  Compound lifting and movements are included in the P90X3 program. These exercises are the key features in achieving better results.
  •  Muscle integration increases metabolism in this exercise. It helps burn fats at a faster rate.


  • The program has a workout span time of 30 minutes per day. This is very convenient for people with hectic schedules
  • P90X3 provides a nutritional guide to assist the people in their diet plan. It is important to help solve weight issues and proper muscle development
  • Users schedule the workout plan according to their liking. They can easily participate in double workouts to avoid exercising the next day
  • The P903X allows people to work out from the comfort of their homes. This saves time and energy


  • P90X3 takes time to produce the user’s desired results. It is discouraging to beginners in the program
  • The program is challenging for some people who are new to heavy exercises and strict diets. It requires discipline and determination
  • P90X3 is a little more expensive compared to other programs. The price tag is a drawback for the new users who are looking for such programs


The T25 program is an easier form of the HIIT program. The workout is a 25-minute mark.
The P90X3 is a shorter version of its previous programs, such as P90X and P90X2. The workout is a 30-minute session.
The T25 is a 60-Days workout routine. It has 11 different exercises in the program.
The P90X3 is a 90-Days program. It has different methods to help train the muscles.
Both programs have little breaks in between. Breaks are important for recovery.
The T25 workout plan gives 2-3 minutes break. The P90X3 program offers less or no rest at all.
The P90X3 program has muscle building and core exercises. The T25 program trains the upper and lower body through Alpha and Beta phases.
The T25 program also has the Gamma cycle. It is an addition to the Beta cycle.
Both programs have their own nutritional plans for its users. The P90X3 provides more dietary knowledge compared to the T25 program.
The T25 workout plan has fast-moving exercises. The exercises are changeable according to their liking.
The P90X3 program indulges in more intense workouts. It demands high-frequency movements.
The P90X3 basic kit has a diet plan, eight DVDs containing 16 workouts, a workout calendar, and a resistance band. The program also has the Deluxe kit and the Ultimate kit.
The T25 program comes with a nutrition plan, nine DVDs with 11 workouts, and a resistance band.

The Bottom Line

The T25 and P90X3 programs both have the same goal in mind. It is accompanied by similar exercises up to some extent.

They both promote a healthy lifestyle.

The P90X3 program is for users interested in detailed diet and heavy workouts. The users usually want faster results in this program.

The T25 program is suited for budget-friendly and easier exercises. The users want a slower growth with this program.