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Whenever there is a new rack or a piece of equipment that hits the market, it generates some serious discussions. Every fitness enthusiast worth his salt wants to give an input of some sort. It was no different when the T3 power rack was released in early 2019.

The brand Titan has been in the competition very successfully for many years. And the T3 power rack is by far the best power rack from the brand under $400. This commercial-grade rack is just about the perfect combination of excellent features, outstanding performance and a total value for your money.

The T3 comes in two tall versions as well as two short versions which are:

  • 24 inches depth, tall version 91 inches high
  • 36 inches depth, tall version 91 inches high
  • 24 inches depth, short version 82 inches high
  • 36 inches depth, short version 82 inches high

Note: The short, as well as the tall versions of the T3, have the same technical specification and construction. The depth between the pillars and the height of the rack are the only differences between the versions. Therefore this review applies to all.

But is this the ultimate power rack in the mid-price range? Is it everything that it’s been touted to be? We find out all these and more in this comprehensive review of the Titan T3 Power rack review.

1. Material and construction

The T3 is made of 11-inch gauge steel which is exemplary. For the uninitiated, 11 inches is the industry’s standard for heavy-duty pieces of equipment such as the power racks. The entire frame is also powder-coated, which is an excellent touch.

The racks feature steel tubes which are 2×3 inches. This exceptional use of commercial-grade materials in the construction of the T3 will give a premium-priced power rack a serious competition.

The tubular steel renders the rack with stability and strength to hold 1100 lbs of rackable capacity and up to 4400 lbs of total rack capacity, which is impressive. When it comes to construction, the T3 is solid and built for a serious weight lifter. Everything from the bolts, the improved welds and the overall quality of the materials makes it a piece of great equipment which will last for a long time.

2. Features

Aside from the exceptional construction, the T3 has a lot of features which are top-notch. Some of these are only available on racks double the price of T3.

Depth between pillars – This is the distance between the pillars which determine how far the bar travels forwards and backwards. If you know anything about weight lifting, racks with 24 inches depth are the most ideal for executing movements such as extensions and curls with unhindered movement. And the T3 has both the tall and short version with 24 inches depth.

This is also one feature which differentiates the two variations in the T3 series. Both the short and the tall versions have two different pillars depths which are 24 inches and 36 inches respectively.

Hole and bar spacing – Hole spacing is one of the main factors which affects how you perform certain exercises, especially presses. The most desired and the top of the line racks have the coveted Westside spacing. The reason why weight lifters love the Westside spacing scheme is that it makes the pressing much more effortless and easy on the body.

And the T3 does not disappoint in this area as well. The holes in the pressing levels are spaced a neat 1 inch which you will love. The rest of the rack is spaced at 2 inches which makes it very seamless and safe to use.

This is a feature that is found only in power racks which are of commercial grade and costs thousands of dollars. So the fact that Titan made this power rack with this feature in mid-range equipment is truly commendable.

Safety features – The T3 comes with a pair of safety bars which are of the pin and pipe category. The pins make spotting easy, so you can safely lift weights without a partner. Another safety feature is the addition of a pair of J-hooks on the racks. These have a short but angled tip, which makes it easy to rack and unrack.

Some structural issues were spotted in some units of the first generation T3. But Titan has made improvements to the second generation making the power rack even more safe and sturdy.

Band pegs – There are four band pegs that come with this rack. The band pegs along with the fact that the T3 has holes all over the rack makes it very versatile for performing a number of exercises. However, the pegs must be used only when the rack is bolted to the floor, which brings us to the next point.

Bolts to the floor – The T3 can be bolted to the floor, which makes it even more sturdy and stable. Of course, you can use the rack without bolting it to the floor as well. But if you plan to do heavy weight lifting or use band pegs, bolting the frame to the floor is recommended.

3. Attachments

The T3 is a versatile piece of equipment and has a provision for a multitude of attachments. Of course, some of the attachments are optional and need to be purchased separately. This is a great way to add only those attachments which meet your requirements.

Pull up bars – There are two pull up bars which are 1.25 inches and 2 inches respectively. The bars are perfect for sculpting those arms.

Plate storage – This power rack has 4 plate storage in the back. They are bolt-on and are 2 inches in diameter.

Other attachments which do not come with the power rack but are compatible with the T3 include:

Parallel bars – The parallel bars expands the range of the exercise on the power rack. Best used when the bar is bolted to the floor.

Multi pull up bar – This versatile bar gives you the option for executing upper body exercise irrespective of the wrist position and grip width.

Dip handles – The most common type of dip handles, it has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. They come in pairs.

Y dip bar – This is a relatively new accessory for the T3, but using this increases stability by a significant amount.

X dip bar – Unlike the Y dip bar, this bar attaches to the rack through four corners, making it even sturdier than its counterpart.

Spotter arms – Using this attachment will allow you to perform a number of exercises outside the rack, especially using barbells. This attachment has a weight capacity of 800 lbs.

Monolift attachment – This is also a new attachment, and it comes in two
variations – the adjustable one and the bolt-on version. This comes in very handy while doing squats with weights.

Landmine attachment – This attachment also expands your exercise options by a large degree and is also a new attachment for the T3.

Cable pulley attachment – You can add this accessory to the rack to increase the resistance of the power rack even more.

4. Performance

One of the things that separate a substandard piece of equipment from a stellar one is its performance. And the T3 is everything that you can expect from a great piece of gym equipment.

It has exceptional stability and the range of exercise that you can perform using this rack is a great mix to get a thorough body workout. The T3 has great stability which is always a great feature. This can be enhanced by bolting the rack to the floor as well.

The incorporation of top-notch features like the Westside spacing makes it effortless to use. It also has provisions for a multitude of accessories which makes this power rack a serious contender. The attachments are compatible with the ones from Titan as well as Rogue.

Putting this power rack together requires no complicated procedure. It is just the same as assembling a regular power rack. Titan has also made a couple of improvements to the second generation of T3, which gives us more reason to love and recommend it to all fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters.

Titan T3 Power Rack


  • Top-notch construction and could easily pass off as a commercial-grade rack
  • Westside hole spacing and 11 gauge steel meet all the industry standards
  • A very versatile piece of equipment with lots of attachments
  • Different versions are available, which makes it suitable for everyone
  • 1100 weight capacity is impressive
  • It is quite affordable


  • The J-hooks face right, which can be inconvenient
  • Most of the attachments need to be bought separately
  • Requires a considerable amount of storage space

Summing it Up

Despite its few imperfections, the Titan T3 is an exceptional piece of equipment for any type of gym. It is one of those few equipments where you get more than what you paid for. Everything from its design, the construction, the performance and price is nothing short of spectacular. Titan surely outdid itself and cemented its credibility with the T3.

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