Total Gym Apex G5 vs. GR8Flex: Which Home Gym is Better?

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re trying to decide between the Total Gym Apex G5 and GR8Flex for your home gym, this comparison will help you choose.

After comparing the two, I believe the GR8Flex is the superior home gym overall. It offers over 100 exercises, focuses on all areas, including the core, and has upgradable resistance up to 90 lbs. This makes it better for hardcore strength training.

While the Apex G5 is more compact, the GR8Flex supports heavier users up to 450 lbs. The GR8Flex also comes out ahead on warranties with lifetime coverage.

Overall, the GR8Flex is the better pick!

Total Gym Apex G5 vs. Gr8flex: Which One Should You Get?

Best for Budget-friendly

Total Gym Apex G5

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The Apex G5 remains one of the best-performing and most widely used models by Total Gym. It offers over 80 different exercises with ten variations in resistance levels. 

The workouts focus primarily on your arms, shoulders, back, chest, and legs. So, you get more than enough exercises for your upper and lower body. With over 80 activities, there’s no restriction to the variety of workouts you can incorporate. 

Gym rats wanting to get ahead can use one of the ten resistance levels to increase pressure and add weight to their workouts.


  • More than 80 individual exercises
  • Unmatched value for money
  • Space-saving and lightweight


  • Inadequate advanced strength conditioning
  • There are no dedicated practices for mid-section.
Best for Versatility


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The GR8Flex is a full-body workout system with multiple workstations and over a hundred exercises. It is built with premium materials and serves as a total performance gym for users willing to pay the higher price tag.

This machine allows you to work on every major muscle group. It comes with 15 resistance levels, ranging from 10 lbs to 50 lbs, so advanced workouts and specialized strength training are possible.

Compared to other home gyms, the GR8Flex is more extensive, wider, and more imposing. Users who want to invest in a robust home gym without weight plates will find it more than adequate.


  • Over 100 unique exercises are available
  • Dedicated workouts for every muscle group
  • Resistance upgradable with 90 lb bands
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Space-consuming and heavy

Total Gym Apex G5 vs. GR8Flex: In-depth Comparison

Comparison Table

FeaturesTotal Gym Apex 5GR8Flex
No. of exercises80+100+
User weight375 lbs450 lbs
Warranty1 Year (Limited)Lifetime
Resistance Levels1015
MaterialAlloy SteelSteel Metal
Upper bodyYesYes
Middle bodyNoYes
Lower bodyYesYes

Total Gym Apex G5 vs. GR8Flex: In-depth Comparison

Total Gym Apex G5

  • Over 80 exercises
  • Targets all major muscle groups
  • 10 resistance levels
  • Supports 375 lbs user weight


  • Over 100 exercises
  • Targets all major muscle groups
  • 15 resistance levels
  • Supports 475 lbs user weight

The GR8Flex supports more exercises and a higher user weight capacity. It also offers more resistance levels for progression.

However, the Apex G5 still provides a robust workout targeting all major muscle groups with its variety of exercises and resistance levels.

The GR8Flex may be preferable for users wanting more exercise options and heavier resistance.

Design & Construction

The Apex G5 and GR8Flex have some key differences when it comes to their design and construction.

The Apex G5 has steel alloy frames and general padding for the bench. It has a vinyl outer coating finish.

In contrast, the GR8Flex comes with steel metal frames and a padded glide-board. Specifically, it uses nylon padding under a fabric finish on the glide board.

Levels of Resistance

The Apex G5 allows for variations across 10 different resistance levels, capped by your body weight. This provides a good range of resistance to increase the intensity of your workout.

By comparison, the GR8Flex supports up to 15 resistance levels out of the box. Additionally, it has the option to upgrade to a 90 lb resistance band, making it the superior choice for even greater resistance.

Accessories & Attachments

The GR8Flex comes with more built-in accessories and attachments compared to the Apex G5. However, the Apex G5 still provides useful additions to enhance the workout experience.

The GR8Flex includes the following accessories and kits:

  • Wing bar
  • Dip bars
  • Leg harness/pulley system
  • Cellphone holder/stand
  • EZ curl bar
  • Crunch ab accessory
  • Soft grip handles
  • Extra large squat stand
  • Resistance bands
  • Mats to protect carpet/floor

The Apex G5 comes with:

  • Cable pulley system
  • Wing attachment
  • Leg pull accessory
  • Dip bars
  • Larger squat stand
  • Pillow head rest

Additionally, other Total Gym accessories that can be added to either model include:

  • Total Gym CycloTrainer
  • Total Gym AbCrunch with DVD
  • Total Gym Tri-Grip Shaper Bars
  • Total Gym Roller
  • Total Gym Roller Pad Duo
  • Total Gym Roller Pads

User Weight Capacity

When it comes to maximum user weight, the GR8Flex accommodates heavier users compared to the Apex G5.

The Apex G5 has an impressive weight limit of 350 lbs. This allows most users to work out comfortably and safely.

However, the GR8Flex supports up to 450 lbs – a full 100 lbs more than the Apex G5. This heavy-duty construction makes the GR8Flex ideal for users who need to support more weight.

Folding & Storage

You can fold both units easily for convenient storage. The Apex G5 folds into a neat 50.5 x 8″, while the GR8Flex folds into a compact 51 x 18 x 81″.

The difference is small. But the Apex G5 offers a slight advantage here, too, for compact apartments.

Number of Exercises

Total Gym Apex G5

The Apex G5 offers an impressive range of over 80 different exercises targeting the upper and lower body’s muscle groups.


The GR8Flex provides more than 100 different exercises for all muscle groups in the upper, middle, and lower body.


When looking at the footprint, the Apex G5 takes up less space compared to the larger GR8Flex.

The dimensions of the GR8Flex, when unfolded, are about 96 x 18 x 50 inches. This is quite sizable and requires a significant amount of space.

On the other hand, the Apex G5 is slightly more compact at 98 x 15 x 43.2 inches. Even though not by much, the smaller footprint makes it a better choice for users with limited space at home.


When it comes to assembly, both the Apex G5 and GR8Flex are designed for quick and easy setup.

These are almost zero-assembly machines. All you need to do is unfold each unit from its storage position, and it’s ready to use.

No extra tools or assembly expertise is required for either model. You simply unfold them open, and they are good to go.


The GR8Flex offers a superior warranty compared to the Apex G5.

The Apex G5 comes with Total Gym’s standard warranty, which is 2 years for the frame and 1 year for components.

The GR8Flex warranty completely outshines this. It provides a comprehensive lifetime warranty on the entire machine.

Total Gym Apex G5 vs. GR8Flex: Price

The Apex G5 is priced at a reasonable level, making it one of the more budget-friendly total gym options.

The GR8Flex comes at a significantly higher cost, given its commercial-grade construction and wide range of accessories. It offers greater value for serious fitness enthusiasts but costs substantially more.

GR8Flex and Total Gym Apex Reviews

Based on user reviews, both the Total Gym Apex G5 and GR8Flex receive positive feedback but excel in different areas.

Total Gym Apex G5

The Apex G5 enjoys rave reviews for its 80+ exercises and varying resistance bands. Most users report high satisfaction with the Apex G5 for beginner-level workouts and exercises. It receives impressive feedback as an entry-level total gym.


Reviews suggest the GR8Flex is a comprehensive machine enjoyed by advanced practitioners as well. Users who have tried both the Apex G5 and GR8Flex agree that the GR8Flex is superior for more advanced strength conditioning workouts.

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The Verdict: Which One is the Winner?

When comparing the Total Gym Apex G5 vs. GR8Flex, the GR8Flex emerges as the superior home gym overall based on the analysis.

The Apex G5 puts up an impressive fight with its 80+ exercises and unmatched affordability. It’s an excellent option for beginners on a budget.

However, the GR8Flex pulls ahead for several reasons:

  • More comprehensive strength training and middle-body workouts
  • Premium commercial-grade construction
  • Upgradable resistance bands up to 90 lbs

That said, if you want a comparison closer to the Apex G5’s price range, check out the Apex G5 vs Total Gym XLS. The XLS provides a more similar feature set to the Apex.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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