Total Gym Xtreme vs Gr8flex: Which One is Best for YOU? 2024

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You’re looking for the best home gym that provides a full body workout without taking up too much space. I’ve tested the top models – Total Gym Xtreme and Gr8flex – to help you decide which is suitable for your home.

After extensive testing, I found the Gr8flex to be the clear winner due to its superior versatility, higher user weight capacity, increased resistance levels, and a wider variety of accessories for a complete full-body workout.

Please keep reading for a full feature comparison and my in-depth review of each model.

Total Gym Xtreme vs. Gr8flex: Which One Should You Get?

Key Takeaways

The Gr8flex is a multi-functional workout station that offers versatility, variety, and convenience. However, it’s more expensive. On the other hand, the Total Gym Xtreme remains one of the best home gyms in terms of affordability and value for money.

Best for Budget-friendly

Total Gym Xtreme

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Total Gym Xtreme remains among the ultimate home gyms when it comes to simple and basic exercise equipment. It offers flexibility across exercises while remaining affordable and useful. 

Users looking for an effective strength training unit that also allows cardio can benefit from this machine. It offers over 60 different workouts but has one of the lowest price points in the industry.

There are plenty of exercises you can do, like the inclined pull-up, the hip abduction, and the hamstring pull. With its durable construction and excellent craftsmanship, this is an all-around awesome home gym. 


  • Incredibly affordable and value for money
  • Easy to use and targets full-body
  • Easy assembly and operation


  • No dip bars
  • Limited resistance for advanced users

Who Should Consider Total Gym Extreme?

Total Gym Extreme is the ideal option for users looking for budget-friendly models that allow the maximum number of exercises and provide easy access for beginners and first-timers.

Best for Versatility


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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Gr8flex is a truly all-in-one home gym that comes with a lifetime warranty, more than 100 exercises, supports users up to 400 pounds, and additional resistance levels that you can increase later on.

In addition, the unit comes with more than ten different attachments, as well as fifteen different resistance levels.

Assembly, maintenance, and operation are all straightforward. Also, it offers enough versatility for more advanced users to get the most out of their workout.


  • Over 100 different exercises
  • Max user weight of more than 400 lbs
  • Multiple attachments and resistance. 


  • Too expensive compared to the simpler Xtreme
  • Some users complain about the durability

Who Should Consider Gr8Flex?

Anyone who has outgrown a basic home gym and wishes to venture into more intensive workouts will benefit significantly from this piece of equipment.

Total Gym Xtreme vs XLS: In-depth Comparison Breakdown

Side-by-side Comparison Chart

Features XtremeGr8flex
No. of Exercises60+100+
User weight limit350 lbs450 lbs
Item weight90 lbs55 lbs
Resistance levels1215
Dimensions77.9” x 12.6” x 4.3”92” x 43” x 16”
WarrantyOne year warrantyLifetime warranty
Squat StandYes Yes
Max user height6’5”6’5”

Features and Key Specs

At face value, the Gr8flex is superior across all features. The unit allows more than a hundred exercises, supports more weight, and offers higher resistance levels.

However, the Total Gym Xtreme may cost about half of the Gr8flex’s price. With over 60 workouts and a dozen different resistance levels, the Xtreme offers excellent value for money.

Design and Construction

The Total Gym Xtreme’s design is pretty standard for a bench-frame home gym. As well, you only get a few color or personalization options during the purchase.

On the other hand, the Gr8Flex comes with a sturdy steel metal frame and a vinyl finish on the surface. Also, buyers can choose from five unique colors and design finishes.

Levels of Resistance

The Gr8Flex takes the cake when it comes to resistance levels. Users can choose between 15 different levels of resistance that cater to different strength levels. Beginners can start with lower resistance levels, whereas advanced users can aim for the most challenging levels.

The Total Gym Xtreme offers 12 different resistance levels. That’s enough for beginners and intermediate users. However, enthusiasts used to higher resistance levels may be slightly limiting.

Number of Exercises

The Total Gym Xtreme provides more than 60 different exercises in a basic setup. On the other hand, the Gr8Flex allows over a hundred different workouts and exercises.

The 100+ exercises on the Gr8Flex are far superior to Xtreme’s 60-odd exercises. However, the majority of intermediate gym enthusiasts will find the Xtreme a good fit for their needs.

Attachments & Accessories

The Gr8Flex comes with ten different accessories. These additions include a mat, wing bar, crunch ab accessory, squat stand, curl bar, dip bars, leg harness, etc.

The Xtreme has only six accessories. Its add-ons include a squat stand, leg pulleys, ab crunch boards, wing attachments, etc.

User Weight Capacity

The maximum user weight limit is an area where these two home gyms exhibit a wide difference.

The Gr8Flex’s weight limit supports users who weigh up to 450 lbs. On the other hand, the Xtreme can only support users who weigh 350 lbs or less.


The Total Gym Xtreme is a more straightforward unit that requires less effort during installation. Assembly is hassle-free, and you have fewer moving parts to worry about.

In comparison, Gr8Flex comes with more components, accessories, and smaller parts. This makes assembly more time-consuming and tedious.

Folding and Storage

The Gr8Flex and the Xtreme both fold for storage, which is useful if you have limited space or don’t intend to use the gym for a prolonged period.


The Gr8Flex supports more exercises and naturally occupies more space on the floor. An assembled Gr8Flex may consume about 92″ x 43″ x 16″ of floor space.

The Xtreme is a more compact machine occupying only about 77.9″ x 12.6″ x 4.3″ in your room.


The Total Gym Xtreme comes with a one-year warranty, which covers defects for 12 months after purchase.

On the other hand, the Gr8Flex offers an unparalleled lifetime warranty that includes all parts and components.


Though the Gr8Flex may seem expensive at first glance, its extensive features and advantages justify the higher price point.

In contrast, the Total Gym Xtreme represents excellent value, as it delivers many of the same key benefits as the more costly Gr8Flex at less than half the price.

Total Gym Xtreme vs. Gr8Flex Reviews

Total Gym Xtreme

Most users appear satisfied with the quality and value that the Xtreme provides in relation to its price. Reviews suggest that it occupies one of the top spots among budget-friendly, all-in-one home gyms.


Pricing is the main concern mentioned by most people using the Gr8Flex. However, buyers all report that they remain impressed with what the machine delivers.

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What is the difference between the Total Gym models?

Total Gym manufactures a variety of fitness equipment differentiated by pricing, features, number of exercises, and levels of expertise.

Is the Gr8Flex good?

Yes. The Gr8Flex remains one of the most versatile and power-packed home gyms in its category today.

Is the Total Gym really worth it?

The Total Gym Xtreme is worth well over its price tag, given the range of exercises and capabilities it offers.

Is the Total Gym good for seniors?

The Total Gym Xtreme may not be the ideal fit for elderly seniors. However, exercise routines can be designed on this machine, considering the user’s age and physical ability.

The Verdict: Which One is the Winner?

Though both Gr8Flex and Total Gym Xtreme make compelling arguments for ideal home gyms, the Gr8Flex wins out for its wide selection of exercises and versatility for beginners and advanced users alike.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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