TRX Go vs TRX Home vs Pro: Which One is the Best for You?

Written by — Tonya
TRX Go vs TRX Home vs Pro: Which One is the Best for You?

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If you are like me, and you love staying fit wherever you go, then chances are you have heard of TRX suspension trainers.

These pieces of equipment have taken the fitness world by storm, and for a good reason: they are incredibly versatile and offer a full-body workout.

But with so many different types of TRX trainers on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

In this post, I am comparing the TRX Go vs. TRX Home vs. TRX Pro suspension trainers to help make your decision easier.



  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Portable 
  • Sweat absorbing handles 
  • Affordable 


  • Integrated foot cradles cannot be detached 


Despite the minor issue with non-detachable foot cradles, the TRX Go is an excellent trainer that will meet the fitness requirements of intermediate users who like to work out while on the move.

TRX Home 


  • Comfortable handgrips 
  • Adjustable foot cradles
  • Lightweight and portable friendly


  • Not meant for repeated use


The TRX Home is a better all-around product than the Go and is more comfortable to use. Some users may find the price prohibitive, but it is still an excellent option for maintaining your physical fitness at home.



  • Antibacterial rubber technology 
  • Built for prolonged use 
  • Adjustable foot cradles 


  • It carries a premium price


The TRX Pro is rather costly, and it isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re serious about achieving and maintaining your ideal physique, this suspension trainer is ideal.

TRX Go vs. TRX Home vs. TRX Pro – Comparison Table

FeaturesTRX GoTRX HomeTRX Pro
Strap MaterialNylonNylonNylon
HandlesFoam padsDense foamAntimicrobial rubber
Foot strapsIntegratedAdjustableAdjustable
Workout videos26
Best forTravelersHome use

Now let’s look at the TRX models and the features in greater detail.

TRX Go vs. TRX Home vs. TRX Pro: A Detailed Comparison

The setup

All TRX suspension trainers come with a similar setup, but slight variations exist. The construction material in these suspension trainers is high-quality nylon, foam grips, and straps.


The TRX Go system comes with solid and sweat-absorbing handles, which are excellent for those who work out in a humid environment or sweat a lot during physical activity.

The Go version comes with a suspension anchor and a mounting option for a door frame, making it easy to attach the trainer to various surfaces.

Some users may find the foot strap length to be a bit short, but overall the TRX Go is a sturdy and durable option that can support up to 340 lbs.

TRX Home

On the other hand, this TRX dense foam grip makes it more comfortable than the Go. In addition, the foot cradles on the home can also be adjusted, which is fantastic and makes it even more adaptable.

The mounting options on the TRX Home suspension trainer are an anchor point and a door anchor.


The handles on the Pro are comfortable antimicrobial rubber that is built for durability.

The straps on this TRX model are also thicker than the two others, making it perfect for frequent usage.

In addition, the Pro version has adjustable ankle straps for added comfort and adaptability.

Similar to the other TRX suspension trainers, the Pro kit also comes with a suspension anchor and another for a door frame. However, the Xtender in this one makes it perfect for mounting the TRX system anywhere.

Winner: TRX Pro

TRX Pro system takes the trophy with its extendable straps and antimicrobial rubber. While the other two TRX versions are no less versatile, the Pro is way above the two models as it is made for extended workouts by both amateurs and veterans in the fitness industry.

Ease of use


The Go model is designed for those who want to stay active, whether traveling or at work. Setting up this TRX suspension trainer is not complicated, making it very convenient.

In addition, TRX also provides a setup guide and two workout guides, so you should have no problems using this suspension trainer.

TRX Home

This TRX suspension trainer is also simple to set up and use for a great at-home workout. It also includes a setup guide and six video routines to get you started.


Since the TRX Pro is targeted toward professionals and personal trainers, you might think it’s challenging to set up and use. But if you are familiar with one version of TRX, you can set up and use the Pro without any issues.

This TRX suspension trainer also comes with a setup guide, multiple resources, and nine video workouts from the brand, making it even more effortless to set up and use.

Winner: TRX Home

TRX Home’s simplicity and suitability, even for first-time users, make it the best choice.

Intensity of exercises


TRX training can be as challenging or easy to follow, depending on your needs. The Go model is designed for travelers, so it’s also the lightest among all three models and provides surprisingly effective workouts without compromising intensity – making this an excellent option if you want something portable but still intense!

TRX Home

Suspension training with the TRX Home also allows you to adjust the intensity seamlessly by adjusting your body position and the angle of the TRX straps.

Unlike the Go version, the Home model also has adjustable foot cradles and straps so that you can have an intense workout session without any problem.


The TRX Pro models come with adjustable foot cradles and an Xtender for mounting, so adjustments with the desired resistance are a breeze.

In addition, the barrel lock adjusters and locking carabiner in this TRX version also make it a champ in terms of making the workouts very challenging.

These additional features in the Pro kit make it as powerful as the TRX Tactical, so it is ideal for extended and commercial use.

Winner: TRX Pro

The TRX Pro model is the best for people who want to make their exercises more challenging. It has a great setup and makes the training sessions more intense.



Weighing just 1 lb, the TRX Go is the lightest among all the models on the official TRX website. So this suspension gear is a champ in terms of portability, and the mesh bag also makes packing and transporting the TRX Go very easy.

TRX Home

The Home model of this suspension trainer is essential for use at home or anywhere you don’t need to move the system often.

This entry-level equipment weighs 1.5 lbs, so you can easily take this suspension trainer while traveling.

In addition, TRX also provides a mesh bag for the system so you can pack it neatly for travel.


At 2 lbs, the TRX Pro is the heaviest among the three models in the post.

Considering that this system allows you entire body workouts, this is not a substantial weight.

However, in this battle of the Go, Home, and Pro models, the Pro might not be the most convenient.

Winner: TRX Go

The TRX Go is the champion when it comes to portability. This suspension training setup is lightweight enough to fit into your backpack or luggage so you can strength train, burn fat, and stay fit regardless of where you may be.



The TRX Go is the most affordable suspension trainer among the three models.

The budget-friendly price tag does compromise the fact that the foot cradles are not adjustable.

But this does not take away the functionality of the TRX Go in any manner, so you still get your money’s worth and the chance to workout anywhere you like.

TRX Home

The Home model on the official TRX is priced slightly higher than the Go version. But this TRX suspension trainer has better and more comfortable dense foam handles than the Go model, and the foot cradles are adjustable, which makes up for the price difference.


The Pro model is the priciest among all the suspension trainers on this list.

Of course, this suspension trainer is packed with adjustable straps, Xtender mounting options, and comfortable antimicrobial rubber that makes it perfect for professional athletes. So the premium price tag of the TRX Pro version is justified.

Among the Pro kit, the Pro3 is cheaper than the Pro4 and is usually available on third-party platforms, so if you want a more affordable option in the Pro category, you can check them out.

Winner: TRX Go

The TRX Go wins the affordability title in the Go vs. Home vs. Pro comparison. This suspension trainer proves that you don’t need to invest in an expensive home gym or get a premium membership to get a full workout.



The TRX Go is sturdy and durable with high-quality nylon, so you don’t have to worry about the straps or grips. The Go model can look flimsy in terms of aesthetics, but don’t be fooled by it.

If you got the Go from the official TRX site or a certified seller, you can confidently use this for suspension training using your own bodyweight.

TRX Home

As is evident from the name, the Home model is specific for home use or anywhere that does not need frequent moving.

The freedom to work out in a set place on your own time can be incredibly beneficial.

However, repeated movements with the straps on the same frame can wear it out on the flip side. You can get additional TRX Home accessories to reduce this problem, but they can kick up the cost of the suspension trainer.

The grips on the handles of this TRX model are also not intended for regular or heavy use.

However, the TRX straps are on par with the other models, so they are sturdy and reliable with high-quality nylon like the other trainers.


The TRX Pro is made from high-quality nylon like the other models.

In addition, these trainers are designed for heavy-duty use by professional trainers in the gym – meaning they can handle any challenging workout with ease!

The TRX Pro also has antimicrobial handles to reduce the spread of bacteria.

So, If you are looking for a durable and professional-grade TRX Trainer, the TRX Pro is the best model for you.

Winner: TRX Pro

After comparing the TRX Pro vs. TRX Home and TRX Go models, the Pro is the clear winner. This suspension trainer is built to last, resist bacteria build-up, and has maximum versatility to take care of your workouts.

Conclusion: Which is the best overall

The three TRX suspension trainers compared in this post are exceptional in their own rights, but the TRX Pro stands out as the best.

It’s built to withstand frequent and rigorous use in the gym or professional setting, and it’s also suitable for weight training and building muscle without spending a fortune.

So if you’re looking for a top-quality TRX suspension trainer that will last you for years to come, the TRX Pro is a great option.

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