Why Do People Wear Converse to the Gym for Lifting?

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When lifting and squatting at the gym, people can wear different shoes. You may have seen powerlifters wearing Converse shoes or “chuck taylors” at the gym.

Why do people wear converse shoes to the gym for lifting?

A flat, incompressible sole provides balance, especially for heavy loads. In addition, the high ankle support provides extra stability when the ankle moves. Converse shoes are generally more affordable than other lifting shoes, making them a more cost-effective option.

For people just beginning to lift weights, Converse shoes are ideal because they can be found anywhere and are very versatile.

The 8 best reasons why do people wear converse to the gym

Wearing Converse or Chuck Taylors to the gym might seem odd at first.

But if you think about it, they have a lot of features that make them ideal for lifting weights.

Let’s take a look at the top eight reasons.

They are affordable/budget-friendly

If you’re looking for a durable pair of weightlifting shoes, Converse is a good option.

They are durable, comfortable, and affordable compared to other weightlifting gym shoes.

Roguefitness offers weightlifting shoes that cost anywhere from $90 to $200 per pair, whereas Converse shoes cost between $50 and $60.

In my opinion, as long as the converse is of reasonable quality, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are.

I wear my Converse weightlifting shoes almost daily, and they’re in decent shape despite the wear and tear.

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Converse is worth considering.

It has flat soles

When powerlifting, you want to wear a shoe with a flat sole, which will provide a stable surface for you to push off of.

Shoes with curved or EVA soles are not ideal, as they can cause your feet to wobble or shift around.

Besides having an incompressible, flat sole, Converse shoes offer good ankle support with high tops.

They are also extremely lightweight since they are made out of canvas. Also, Its durability and flat sole make it popular among professional and casual lifters.

They provide stability

Converse shoes have very thin bottoms compared to other shoes, which means when you deadlift, you’re closer to the ground, making it easier because, with most shoes, you feel like you’re picking things up on a trampoline.

But Converse provides stability and allows you to push into the ground with your feet, giving you more power and the ability to lift heavier weights.

It’s easy to find and is available everywhere

Unlike powerlifting shoes, Converse is easy to find and is available practically everywhere; you can find them in department stores, shoe stores, and even online.

They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to other powerlifting shoes. A typical pair of Converse will cost you around $50, whereas a pair of powerlifting shoes can cost upwards of $200.

Another benefit of Converse is that they come in various colors and styles.

Whether you’re looking for a classic white pair or something more funky and colorful, you’ll be able to find it with Converse.

On the other hand, powerlifting shoes are generally only available in one or two colors.

Suitable for lifting and squatting

Converse shoes are perfect for squats and deadlifts because they provide a flat surface without much padding.

This is great if you don’t like or have squat shoes, as it allows you to stay close to the ground and transfer energy to the floor.

Shoes with too much cushioning, such as running shoes, often throw you off balance and cause you to expend excess energy getting the weight off the ground.

As a result, lifting requires shoes that keep your feet level and are close to the ground, which is why I recommend Converse because they have these features despite not being designed specifically for lifting.

You can protect your feet

Converse’s may not be lifting shoes, but they will protect your feet from potential injury; dropping a 150kg weight on your feet is not a fun experience.

Wearing shoes won’t do much to protect your feet from that kind of force, but it’s better than nothing.

Most people wouldn’t think about doing squats or deadlifts without shoes, but I’ve done this before and could engage the right muscles more effectively and balance better without shoes.

But this is only for people with reasonable mobility and foot strength.

Their brand is well-known

Over the past 100 years, Converse has gained a great deal of experience making high-quality shoes.

According to Converse’s shoe website, the company owned 109 retail outlets in the U.S. and 63 stores abroad as of 2019.

As you can see, Converse is one of the top brands for quality, durable shoes. It’s safe to say that their shoes will last for a long time and won’t fall apart after just a few wears.

They’re available in multiple colors and look great

Converse shoes come in various colors, so you’re sure to find a pair you like. They also have different styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

What are the best converse shoes for lifting?

What’s the difference between high vs. low tops converse?

Whether you choose high or low tops, both shoes are extremely versatile and can get the job done when it comes to lifting. So, it comes down to personal preference.

Some people prefer high tops because they provide more support and stability around the ankle. Others prefer low tops because they’re more comfortable and easier to move in.

I prefer high tops because they provide more ankle support, but if you’re not sure which one you like best, I recommend trying both and seeing which one you like better.

Whatever shoes you choose, you’re guaranteed to get a good pair.

Converse High Tops

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Converse high tops are a classic style of sneaker that is perfect for everyday wear.

The ankle collar is taller on the high top version, making it slightly more protective and supportive. They also have a thinner rubber sole, making them a bit lighter than the low top version.

Finally, they come with Converse’s iconic star patch logo on the ankle. You do pay a bit more for the high top model, but you get extra features like the removable insole and thicker ankle collar.

Converse Low Tops

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The Converse low tops work well with different styles of clothing.

They can be put on and taken off quickly, and the canvas fabric makes them durable and long-lasting.

Low Tops have a huge factor because of the elastic collar and the rubber and textile soles that provide comfort and traction.


What are the two holes in a Converse shoe for?

At first glance, the two holes on the side of Converse shoes may not seem to serve any purpose. However, these holes are actually there for a reason.

The holes are called “vent holes,” and they help improve the shoe’s breathability.

Allowing air to flow through the holes helps to keep your feet cooler and more comfortable, even during strenuous activity.

Additionally, the vent holes can help reduce the amount of sweat that builds up inside the shoe, leading to more serious problems like blisters.

So, next time you’re wondering why there are two holes in your converse shoes, remember that they’re there to keep your feet cool and dry.

Does squatting in Converse help?

Squatting in Converse can help improve your squatting technique.

When you squat in Converse, you are forced to keep your heels down and your weight back, which encourages proper squatting form.

Additionally, the extra support provided by Converse can help to prevent injury. Squatting in Converse also helps to build muscle and improve explosive power.

Do I only wear converse on leg day?

No, of course not. I wear them every day, except maybe when I’m doing ab work.

I also wear them on my arms, chest, and back days. It pretty much comes down to what you’re most comfortable wearing.

Do you change converse when working different body parts?

No, you don’t have to change shoes when working on different body parts.

Wearing the same shoes for different exercises lets you develop a feel for the shoes and keeps your feet from getting cold between sets.

Different shoes can also throw off your balance and form. That said, if you’re performing a weight-bearing exercise (like a squat) and your shoes are slipping, it’s time to change shoes.

In general, as long as you’re comfortable and your shoes aren’t slipping, you can wear the same shoes for different exercises.

What size Converse should I get?

Figuring out what size Converse to buy can be tricky, especially if you’re shopping online.

The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to measure your foot and compare the dimensions to Converse’s size chart. However, if you don’t have a tape measure handy, there are a few other tricks you can use.

First, try to find a pair of well-fitting shoes in your closet and use them as a reference. If you don’t have any shoes that fit well, trace the outline of your foot onto a piece of paper and measure the length and width.

Once you have your foot’s measurements, consult Converse’s size chart to find the perfect match. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be sure to find a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors that fit like a glove.

How do I Clean Converse?

To clean your Converse shoes, start by removing the laces and soaking them in warm water with a little bit of laundry detergent.

Then, use a soft brush to scrub the shoes themselves, focusing on any areas that look especially dirty.

Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse the shoes off with clean water and let them air dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can place the shoes in front of a fan.


There are many reasons why people choose to wear Converse shoes to the gym for lifting weights.

For one, the flat and incompressible sole provides lifting balance and stability.

Additionally, the material is more breathable than other types of trainers, which helps keep your feet cool and dry during your workout.

Finally, converse shoes tend to be less expensive than most trainers, making them a more budget-friendly option for those looking to save on gym costs.

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