Weider Pro 6900 vs 2980: Discover the Best Home Gym for YOU!

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Weider Pro 6900 vs 2980: Discover the Best Home Gym for YOU!

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Home gyms have become the go-to solution for fitness enthusiasts seeking convenience and effectiveness.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re torn between the Weider Pro 6900 and Weider 2980!

As a fitness expert with years of experience, I’ve tested both home gyms extensively.

In this article, I’ll guide you through an in-depth comparison, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each model, so you can make an informed decision that caters to your unique fitness goals.

Let’s dive in!

Weider Pro 6900 vs 2980 Overview


The Weider Pro 6900

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The Weider Pro 6900 is a machine that lets you increase muscle mass, tone your body, and build strength, all in the convenience of your home. It comes with six workout stations, a weight stack of 125 pounds, and resistance levels that push 330 pounds.

Product Specs

Footprint/Dimensions79.5 x 64 x 40”
Total Capacity330 lbs
Unit weight200 lbs
Exercise stations6
Stack limit125 lbs
Warranty90-day labor & parts


  • Six unique workout stations
  • Impressive resistance levels (330 lbs)
  • User weight limit of 330 lbs
  • Affordable and value for money


  • 125-pound weight stack is decent but may prove limited for bodybuilders 
  • Pulleys begin to creak after some use
  • No options to upgrade the equipment.

The Weider 2980

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The Weider 2980 is a space-saving home gym that offers a full range of body workouts in a compact machine. The range and scope of the workouts are more limited compared to the Pro 6900, but it still offers impressive capabilities as a full-body workout machine.

Product Specs

Footprint/Dimensions76 x 65 x 37”
Total Capacity300 lbs
Unit weight180 lbs
Exercise stations4
Stack limit80 lbs
Warranty90-day labor & parts


  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Compact design that saves space
  • More affordable compared to the Pro 6900


  • Limited resistance levels
  • Lower weight stack (80 lbs) and limited adjustability 
  • Only 4 workout stations

Comparison between Weider Pro 6900 vs 2980

SpecificationWeider Pro 6900Weider 2980
Unit/Machine Weight200 lbs183 lbs
User Weight Limit330 lbs300 lbs
No. of Exercise Stations6 Stations4 Stations
Resistance Limit330 lbs214 lbs
Packed Dimensions Box A24.2 x 77.5 x 10”15.1 x 40.1 x 12.8
Packed Dimensions Box B7.2 x 14.76 x 9.215.1 x 72.8 x 5.3
Assembled Dimensions79.5 x 64 x 40”76 x 65 x 37”
Cable ExercisesHigh pulley + Low pulleyHigh pulley only
Chest FlyYesYes
Chest PressYesYes
Leg Extensions4-foam padded4-foam padded
Preacher CurlsYesYes
Cable KickbacksYesNo
Cable CurlsYesNo
Warranty90-Day Parts & Labor90-Day Parts & Labor

What is the maximum resistance of each home gym?

The maximum resistance for the Weider 2980 home gym is restricted to 214 lbs. But the 125-pound weight stack allows you to ramp up the Pro 6900’s resistance to 330 lbs.

How many stations are available in each home gym?

The Pro 6900 offers six unique workout stations, which is more than the four exercise stations you get from the Weider 2980.

What is the weight stack capacity of each home gym?

The Weider 2980 comes with a weight stack of 80 lbs, while the Pro 6900 offers a higher stack of 125 lbs.

How do the exercise varieties compare between the two home gyms?

The Pro 6900 has two additional stations, unlike the Weider 2980s four exercise stations. While both machines allow full-body workouts, you can perform additional exercises like the cable kickback on the 6900 thanks to the additional station.

However, both the 6900 and 2980 have provisions for workouts like leg extensions, chest presses, preacher curls, butterfly presses, and lat pulldowns.

Which home gym is better for small spaces?

The Weider 2980 has a smaller footprint, making it the better choice if space economy is your main priority.

The 2980 occupies 65″ across and 37″ in breadth, compared to the Pro 6900, which takes up 64″ and 40″. Even in height, the 2980 stands at about 76″, while the Pro 6900 shoots up to almost 80″.

How does build quality and material differ between the two home gyms?

The build quality of the Pro 6900 and 2980 are equivalent. Each model’s frames and vinyl stacks are of the highest quality and durability.

The final touches and construction of both machines are outstanding. Both machines can be kept in good working order with regular servicing and care.

What is the maximum user weight capacity for each gym?

The maximum user weight capacity for the Pro 6900 is 330 lbs, while the Weider 2980 is restricted to 300 lbs.

Which home gym has better safety measures and is more reliable?

Both home gyms come with 4-foam padded leg developers, comfortable seats, and smooth edges on all the frames. The build is also sturdy enough on both units to ensure no accidents happen if maintained properly.

Which home gym is easier to assemble?

The Weider 2980 is easier to put together but by a small margin. Both home gyms come packed in two boxes. So, assembly takes almost the same amount of time. The additional low pulley on the Pro 6900 makes it longer to assemble.

How do prices compare between the two home gyms?

There is no huge difference in the prices of these two home gyms, which is surprising given the difference in workout stations.

If you find discounted offers on the Pro 6900, the real difference between the two becomes negligible.

The Pro 6900 remains the more expensive option without promotional offers and discounts.

What kind of warranty is offered with each home gym?

Both home gyms come with an identical warranty on parts offered by Weider. You get a 90-day period covering parts and labor for any defects detected in the home gym and its components.

What do users say in their reviews of each product?

Weider Pro 6900 User Reviews

Most feedback for the Pro 6900 remains positive and reflects buyers’ satisfaction with this home gym. Users agree that the machine’s versatile nature allows it to serve various fitness needs.

And many of the reviews mention that the dimension and affordable price make it an excellent choice for budget-oriented buyers who may live in small apartments.

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Weider 2980 Reviews

Customers of the Weider 2980 admit that the more affordable price tag was one of the main reasons they purchased this home gym. Several users agree that the versatile design offers enough exercises to serve the average fitness enthusiast.

However, some reviews mention that four exercise stations are not enough when users want to upgrade their workouts.

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Add Ons & Accessories

Both the Pro 6900 and 2980 come as full-workout machines designed to serve you at home. Hence, you don’t have a lot of options to add additional components or upgrade the machines.

This limitation is a drawback for people who have optimized their benefits from these machines and want to take their personal workouts to the next level. However, both machines remain excellent solutions for people starting out or midway into their fitness journey.

The 2980 does not have many areas to accessorize. But you’ll have to buy replacement parts if the machine exceeds its warranty.

The Weider Pro 6900 has an additional low pulley you don’t get in 2980. You’ll have to purchase additional cables and handles to make use of this low pulley, though.

So, these accessories may drive up the cost for the Pro 6900, but it opens up the opportunity to work different muscle groups and more exercises.

Maintenance Tips

Practicing proper maintenance will ensure that your Weider home gym remains functional in the long run. Here are some best practices and reliable tips to help you keep your home gym in top form.

  • Clean your Weider home gym regularly. Use a soft pad/cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe the bars, cables, and frames to remove dust and sweat. You can use a soft soapy solution if you want more thorough cleaning. Sweat residue and grime buildup can ruin your equipment if not cleaned on time
  • Check all the assembled parts for proper fixtures and correct fittings. Screws can come loose sometimes. Other times, nuts and bolts may move out of place. Rechecking all the assembled screws, nuts, and bolts will ensure the safety and sturdiness of your home gym. 
  • Home gyms made of high-quality materials need timely lubrication and maintenance. Choose an appropriate lubricant (preferably silicone-based) to clean the moving parts of your Weider home gym. These components may include pulleys, handles, bars, and cables. Keeping them lubricated well will ensure smooth movement. 
  • Pay attention to the correct storage of your home gym. For instance, keep your Weider home gym organized in a corner if you’ll be on holiday or traveling for extended periods. Disassemble and repack in the box if you plan to move the equipment to a new house or apartment. 


Are there any assembly instructions available for Weider Pro 2980 online?

Yes. You can find Weider 2980’s assembly instructions from multiple sources online. Here is one source.

How easy is it to switch between exercises on Weider Pro 2980?

The Weider 2980’s four exercise stations make moving from one workout to another easy. Whether it’s moving from the lat pulldowns to the leg extensions or working on the butterfly press to the chest press, transitions are quick and easy.

Can the Weider Pro 6900 be used for weightlifting or powerlifting?

The Pro 6900 is an ideal machine for home workouts but is not suited for heavy weightlifting. Weight and powerlifting require bench presses and squat racks for optimum workouts. And the Pro 6900 does not offer these features in the current design.

Is Weider Pro 6900 good for seniors?

The Weider Pro 6900 can serve seniors who want to keep fit and maintain muscle definition as long as possible.

However, seniors nearing or having crossed their 70s may get better results from milder workouts that don’t require heavy machines.

Does it include a DVD for training instructions?

No. Neither the Pro 6900 nor 2980 comes with a default DVD. However, both home gyms are intuitive and easy to assemble and operate.

Also, you can refer to the dozens of YouTube videos where trainers demonstrate how to use the Weider equipment.

Weider Pro 6900 vs. 2980: Which Home Gym to Choose?

A close study of the Weider Pro 6900 vs. 2980 debate reveals that the 6900 has the upper hand thanks to its increased versatility and compact design.

The six exercise stations offer users more movements and options than the Weider 2980. Also, the 6900 is almost as compact as 2980, making it equally space-saving for homes with limited space. The additional low pulley allows you to experiment with movements like cable kickbacks and cable curls.

However, the Weider 2980 will serve any beginner well thanks to its decent collection of basic workouts and affordable price.

All in all, the Pro 6900 takes the cake for a wider variety of exercises, value for money, and compact design.

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