The 6 Best Bowflex Alternatives for Home Gyms (2024 Update)

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It’s no secret that Bowflex is one of the leading brands in home gym equipment. But what if you’re looking for an alternative?

Maybe you don’t have the budget for a Bowflex, or you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for you.

This blog post will explore some of the best Bowflex alternatives on the market today!


What is Bowflex?

What is Bowflex?

The Bowflex brand is known for its variety of fitness equipment, including dumbbells, cardio machines, and strength training equipment.

With decades of experience and an impressive list of awards to its name, this Washington-based business is one you can trust for all your home gym equipment needs.

The brand has enjoyed success in many departments, including media recognition and innovation awards. These achievements translated to higher sales figures, evident as many people strive to own a Bowflex product.

However, Bowflex is not for everyone, as their soaring prices limit access for many fitness enthusiasts. And that’s where this review comes in!

Why should you consider Bowflex alternatives?

Although Bowflex is a leading brand providing high-quality fitness solutions, affordability is not one of them. Here are the reasons why you should consider Bowflex home gym alternatives.


Although Bowflex equipment is reliable, it can be pretty expensive, especially their premium lineup, such as the Bowflex Revolution.

These prices can be intimidating for people who only require home gym equipment to lose weight.

However, If you’re looking for a more affordable option, many Bowflex alternatives exist to provide you with quality equipment without breaking the bank.

Quality issues

Another reason you might want to consider a Bowflex alternative is that the company has had issues with quality in the past.

Due to safety and technical issues, the brand has been forced to recall its products multiple times. In 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2009 they had to replace thousands of units due to injuries caused by the equipment.

While the brand has successfully produced safe equipment in recent years, it’s something to keep in mind when making your decision.

Required features

Bowflex home gym offers equipment that provides resistance training, ab attachments, workout DVDs, and ankle cuffs.

However, your requirements may differ, and you may wish to consider other Bowflex alternatives for your full-body workout station.

In short, If you find that the Bowflex home gym models do not have all the features you require, then it would be best to consider a Bowflex alternative.

6 Best Bowflex alternatives for you in 2022

Before preparing this list, we evaluated price, quality, and required features to get you the best home gym equipment.

Our review contains 6 of the best Bowflex alternatives to provide maximum results for your workout routine.

Here are the best Bowflex alternatives to consider when looking for home gym equipment.


Total Gym XLS

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The Total Gym is one of the most reputable brands in the market regarding gym equipment.

Its outstanding features will help you get full-body workouts with 80+ exercise configurations. You can target all your muscle groups and see results in no time.

This product is worth considering if you want to perform squat stand, leg muscles, or build muscle mass.

You will also get a wall chart and six workout DVDs to help you follow your routine.

Features and Key Specs

The Total Gym XLS comes with an angled board that supports multiple accessories for your workout.

You also get a wing attachment that works the arms and back muscles. The board also contains a leg pull mechanism that targets your hamstrings and quadriceps.

A squat stand station, pulley system, and ankle straps are all included in this complete gym.


The XLS is a versatile total gym model as it allows you to work on different exercises and muscle groups.

It comes with an informative wall chart and DVDs to help you get started with your new home gym. These DVDs help you start your fitness training whenever you want, aiding convenience and versatility.

Besides providing DVDs for upper and lower body weight management, the XLS also helps you get customized workouts to build more resistance.

What Makes it Stand Out

The XLS is undoubtedly the best total gym model for versatility and practicality, and it helps you personalize your fitness training and improve your resistance levels.

The XLS is great workout equipment with a comfortable angled board that is gentle on your body.

The exercise videos bundled with the product are a boon for fitness enthusiasts and motivate them to achieve their fitness goals.

Overall, Total Gym XLS is one of the best total gym alternatives for Bowflex that scores high in efficiency and versatility.


If you want to purchase an XLS from its official Total Gym store, you’ll likely have to spend more. However, you can search for other alternatives to get it for a relatively lower price.

You can also look at the Total Gym X Force if you feel you’ll need a more compact total gym solution.


Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym

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If you’re searching for a gym that provides good value at home, the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym is a great option to consider.

This Bowflex home gym alternative is a fantastic machine for both intermediate and novice users and also works well as a piece of full-body workout equipment.

The MWM-990 will help you target major muscle groups and help you get intense workout sessions. It also comes with various in-built features and a smaller footprint for easy storage.

Additionally, the robust construction will keep away wobbling or breakage issues, ensuring that nothing comes in between your fitness goals. However, tall people may have some motion issues with the MWM-990.

Features and Key Specs

Despite having a smaller footprint, the MWM-990 offers more than 30 different exercises to work various muscle groups.

You get a sit-up station, toe bar, pulley system, and all the accessories to enhance your lower and upper body workouts.

The MWM-990 dual-leg function is one of its class’s best leg pull systems, making it an efficient Marcy model. It also features an arm press system that enhances your chest muscle group and press.

Also, it comes with an adjustable preacher curl pad that works on dumbbell and bicep exercises.

Although the MWM-990 user weight limit is not for everyone, the 150 pounds weight stack is sufficient for avid and beginner fitness lovers.

It will help your strength training get long-term results, and all you have to do is select your preferred resistance levels or power bands to achieve your fitness goals.


Besides boosting your strength training and full-body workout, the MWM-990 is effective for Pilates workout sessions.

This versatile Marcy home gym comes with an excellent cable and pulley system that helps you build lean muscle mass efficiently, and you can also add cardio in the mix to get maximum results.

Its smaller footprint also provides a versatile home gym experience where you work on your upper and lower body muscles without compromising space for other equipment.

Additionally, the smaller size translates to easy storage, making it one of the most compact at-home gym equipment.

Overall, the MWM-990 is one of the best Marcy home gym alternatives for Bowflex and is undoubtedly worth considering.

What Makes it Stand Out

The affordable price point is undoubtedly its highest USP, making it the perfect fitness equipment for budget-oriented fitness enthusiasts.

Besides affordability, the MWM-990 offers a versatile at-home gym experience to get a full-body workout whenever you want.


The MWM-990 is one of the most affordable home gym equipment and is undoubtedly an ideal alternative for the Bowflex home gym setup.


Lx Free Power Tower

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LX Free is one of the most versatile and budget-friendly home gym alternatives for Bowflex and offers the convenience of single-piece fitness equipment.

Although it is not well-known like other brands on this list, it has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, making it a great choice for many people.

The LX Free Power Tower has excellent weight capacity and is perfect for various aerobic exercises.

You can use your own body weight as resistance and target your upper body’s major muscle groups.

In short, the Power Tower is an easy-to-use home gym that will never let you down.

Features and Key Specs

Despite having a simple design, LX’s Power Tower is an ideal home gym alternative for Bowflex.

This home gym can perform various exercises without compromising your body weight goals or fitness routine. To improve your resistance levels, you can do push-ups, pull-ups, and a variety of other workouts.

The Power Tower’s minimalist design makes it one of the best Bowflex home gym alternatives with multiple functions. Additionally, the adjustable frame of this equipment makes it practical for upper and lower body workout sessions.

In short, the Power Tower is a simple and effective home gym alternative for Bowflex that will save you space and money.


As we mentioned earlier, the Power Tower is a versatile Bowflex home gym alternative for those who want a budget-friendly and reliable personal trainer.

It allows you to work on specific power bands to boost your resistance levels. Although it misses out on various Bowflex features, it is an effective home gym system that will help achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The minimalist design also ensures easy storage, and you can set up your training station wherever you want. It is one of the most user-friendly home gyms on this list and will not disappoint you.

What Makes it Stand Out

One of the significant advantages of picking this home gym model over others is its affordability.

Remarkably, a home gym system like the Power Tower offers many features without putting a hole in your pocket. We were entirely satisfied with this Bowflex alternative, especially considering the price.

Besides sporting an affordable price tag, the Power Tower is easy to assemble and features an ergonomic design.

Additionally, the smaller footprint makes it a winner as you get the benefits of a home gym machine without compromising space. It will add more flexibility to your intense workout and is a piece of reliable exercise equipment.


Although LX’s Power Tower skips some features, it is a worthy home gym contender with its attractive price tag. The Power Tower is one of the cheapest alternatives for the Bowflex home gym machines.

Advanced Technology

Nordic Track

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If you are looking for a reputed home gym alternative for Bowflex exercise equipment, Nordic Track is definitely worth considering.

The brand has been producing high-quality fitness equipment since 1975, and their home gym models will elevate your resistance levels by offering different exercises with an at-home gym experience.

Nordic Track’s home gym often comes with inclines, ensuring that your body stays comfortable even after hours of cardio workouts.

Their IFit program offers personalized coaching to help you build more resistance during your activities.

Features and Key Specs

Nordic Track offers similar features to Bowflex systems. For instance, the Fusion CST offers cardio workouts, resistance training, weight resistance, and different weight plates to enhance various muscle groups.

The Fusion CST has a futuristic design with essential elements to provide a practical home gym experience. It will become your perfect fitness partner that is also easy to store.


Nordic Track’s Fusion CST incorporates advanced technology with sturdy steel frames. This home gym can target major muscle groups for a better full-body workout.

Additionally, the IFit curated programs help to target specific body areas that allow you to get effective workout results.

What Makes it Stand Out

Nordic Track has been operating in the home gym industry before Bowflex, ensuring more experience producing home gym systems.

This wealth of experience helps them deliver high-quality machines that are comfortable yet effective to provide more resistance and endurance during workouts.

For instance, the Nordic Track comes with an adjustable recline angle that can reach up to 40% to aid intense workouts.

Likewise, the brand ensures that they blend the perfect mixture of technology and ergonomic design to offer its customers the best at-home gym experience.


The Nordic Track home gym solution is one of the best in the industry. You can purchase their product from their official site or any other online retailer like Amazon.

All-in-one solution

Body-Solid EXM2500S Home Gym

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The EXM2500S is a perfect alternative for Bowflex products as it combines various workout stations into one unit.

You get an excellent pulley system, squat stand, leg pull with dedicated toe bar, and separate pec fly station.

You also get a lifetime warranty and an exceptional price tag of under $2000, making it the perfect home gym system.

Features and Key Specs

The EXM2500S is an incredible home gym system with numerous features. Its heavy-duty frame can stack 210 pounds of weight capacity and help you perform various strength training.

It offers an excellent at-home gym experience with six workout stations. You get all the accessories, including resistance cords and a Pilates kit.

The primary highlight of this machine is its six workout stations that help you target upper and lower body workouts. Besides getting upper, middle, and lower pulley systems, you get a separate pec station to work on chest areas.

The leg developer has a dedicated toe bar that allows leg pull workouts or hamstring curls.


The EXM2500S scores are high on versatility as you have six different workout stations incorporated into one home gym unit.

You can perform squat stand, standing bicep curls, ab crunches, or tricep extensions using the different workout stations.

Its 10 weight plates allow you to increase resistance levels according to your weight capacity. The dedicated toe bar ensures excellent leg support and will enable you to perform lower body exercises, including leg-pull.

What Makes it Stand Out

The EXM2500S is a great home gym and offers all the basic functionalities required for different exercises.

Its seamless integration of six different workout stations without enhancing the overall size is a commendable job done by the brand, setting it apart from many competitors.

Besides versatility, the brand also ensures complete customer satisfaction by offering a lifetime warranty on the frame, parts, and welds.

In short, the EXM2500S is an excellent home gym alternative for Bowflex that offers an all-in-one solution without compromising space.


Although this Bowflex total gym alternative comes with a premium, it has many features to justify its premium cost. You can find this home gym system for under $2000.

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If you are looking for an all-in-one home gym solution that will provide all the features of a Bowflex system, Marcy Diamond Elite Smith is worth considering.

This Marcy home gym outsmarts Bowflex systems in some areas and offers more value for your money.

For instance, the dual-function leg developer offers double benefits, and you will be able to work on leg curls and other leg exercises without shifting stances.

Additionally, its independent-motion pulley accentuates precision, ensuring that you reap maximum benefits from your exercises.

Features and Key Specs

The Elite Smith packs many features that will aid your fitness journey. For instance, the seven-degree frame structure accommodates your body movements and increases stability during intense workouts. This system also features striker plates, guide rods, and large pulleys.

Fitness lovers will love the crossover pulley cables that work as resistance bands for a full pectoral workout.

The oversized roller pads and anti-slip foot brace enhances seated exercises, and you will have no issue while performing leg exercises, such as leg-pull.


As you may have guessed by now, the Elite Smith is a versatile home gym that offers various options for different exercises.

You can concentrate on specific body muscles by using the different workout stations. The dual-function leg developer enhances muscle isolation and helps you perform different pilates exercises.

The Elite Smith is one of the best Marcy home gym systems that offer the convenience of various workout stations incorporated into one.

You can also use free weights with this home gym setup to reap maximum benefits.

What Makes it Stand Out

The Elite Smith’s design lets you accomplish upper and lower body exercises in a single unit. You can perform squat stand, weight resistance, cardio training, and pilates exercises in one setup.

You can also use the resistance bands to enhance your suspension training or use the squat rack for developing leg muscles.

The Elite Smith is a champion home gym setup that allows you to work on various exercises with the convenience of built-in workout stations.

You can choose your weight capacity, perform a squat stand, or use the resistance bands to perform suspension training.

In short, the Elite Smith will not disappoint you and is undoubtedly a worthy alternative for the Bowflex home gym system.


The Elite Smith is one of the best premium alternatives for the Bowflex home gym setup that scores high on practicality, performance, and features.

However, you can get some discounts if you purchase it during online sales or on special occasions.


Why is Bowflex so expensive?

Bowflex has grown as one of the leading fitness brands of this century, propelling its popularity and price. Their high-quality products and brand recognition make their home gym systems expensive.

Are Bowflex machines any good?

Bowflex has many exceptional home gym products that can elevate your fitness journey.

Their high-quality products include dumbbells, Treadmills, and all-in-one home gym setups that simplify your fitness endeavors.

However, their products are expensive, making them off-limits for many people.

Can total gym Bowflex muscle?

Approaching fitness objectives requires dedication and willpower, so a Bowflex home gym setup alone cannot help you build muscles.

You will have to follow a healthy diet plan, follow professional exercise templates, and adhere to essential sleep routines to achieve your fitness objectives.

Final Thoughts

Although Bowflex is a leading brand in the fitness industry, its expensive price tag makes its products inaccessible to many consumers.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to their home gym equipment, and this post tries to cover them all.

Besides, staying fit is a healthy habit, and nothing should hinder you from turning this habit into reality.

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