Bowflex Xceed Vs. PR1000: (Which Tops the List in 2024?)

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Looking for the best home gym between the Bowflex Xceed and PR1000?

I’ve tested both extensively, and in my opinion, the Bowflex Xceed is the better overall option. This is because it has a higher weight capacity and more versatility with added accessory options, though you do pay more for these premium features. However, if you want to save some money but still get a solid home gym, the PR1000 is a great choice.

Keep reading to find out which one of these home gyms fits your needs and wallet the best!

Bowflex Xceed Vs. PR1000: What is the Difference?

Versatile Workouts

Bowflex Xceed

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In my experience with the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym, it has proven to be a fantastic alternative to a public gym membership.

With its compact design, this home gym allows you to perform full-body workouts using over 65 gym-quality exercises right in the comfort of your home.

The adjustable resistance provided by the Bowflex Power Rods offers a wide range of weight options, starting with 5 lbs and going up to 210 lbs – which, by the way, is upgradable to 310 lbs if you ever need that extra push.

One of the standout features for me is the integrated lat tower, complete with an angled lat bar. It’s been an effective tool in building my back and shoulder muscles quickly.

Additionally, the removable leg extension/leg curl attachment is invaluable when it comes to working on my leg muscles and performing squats.


  • The Xceed offers a whopping total of 65 different exercises
  • You can upgrade the maximum resistance to about 410 lbs
  • It’s a compact home gym that does not hog up floor space.
  • It’s versatile enough for advanced users to draw effective workouts 
  • Dedicated exercises for the upper body


  • It’s more expensive than the PR1000
  • Changing the pulley system can be time-consuming

Should You Get The Bowflex Xceed?

The Bowflex Xceed may be the better alternative if you plan on using it considerably. The exercises remain versatile enough to accommodate more advanced workouts, and you can increase the resistance as you get accustomed to the 210 lbs that comes during purchase.

Affordable Training

Bowflex PR1000

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The Bowflex PR1000 is a fantastic home gym catering to various fitness levels. With over 25 exercises available, it offers a diverse workout that covers your entire body.

It’s 200 lb. Power Rod resistance delivers adequate challenge for strength training, especially for beginners. Plus, the bench easily converts to a rolling seat, opening up possibilities for aerobic rowing exercises.

However, the 200 lb. maximum resistance might be limiting for advanced lifters or those seeking a more strenuous workout.

Additionally, the seat might feel a bit wobbly when in use, which can be a minor setback. Lastly, watch out for tangled cables in the pulley system.


  • Horizontal bench that’s foldable and adjustable
  • A media rack that allows you to stream exercise videos
  • Adjustable pulleys that let you alter resistance angles based on your need
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Excellent exercises for the entire body


  • Rod resistance is restricted to a maximum of 210 lbs
  • The PR1000 leaves a larger footprint, making it consume more space

Should You Get a Bowflex PR1000?

You should consider the Bowflex PR1000 if your primary fitness goals include basic strength training and limited cardio. This home gym packs a punch if your primary requirement is resistance training in the comfort of your home. Plus, it’s a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Xceed.

Bowflex PR1000 vs. Bowflex Xceed: Breaking Down the Differences In-depth

Bowflex PR1000Bowflex Xceed
Total Exercises3060+
Resistance 210 lbs (Fixed)210 lbs (upgradable to 410 lbs)
Maximum Weight Supported300 lbs310 lbs
Space Consumed103” x 80” x 82”53” x 49” x 82”
Cardio UnitsYesNo
Shoulder Exercises415
Arm Exercises418
Leg Exercises128
Chest Exercises34
Back Exercises14
Ab exercises21
Rowing exerciseYesNo

Design and Build Quality

The Bowflex Xceed and PR1000 feature sturdy and reliable designs while exhibiting pleasing aesthetics. 

Bowflex uses tempered steel frames manufactured for heavy-duty tension. So, you can expect them to carry all the components (including your weight) with ease and stability. 

The cables contain a robust and sturdy steel string covered with a flexible layer. This unique construction allows the line to tolerate the strain and resistance generated when working out with the pulleys. 

Bowflex’s signature resistance rods are also made of trademarked composite material that’s designed to withstand resistance and allow compression whenever needed. 

All of these features are present in both the Xceed and PR1000. So, it’s a tie for both Bowflex home gyms in this case. 

Features & Key Specs

The Bowflex Xceed comes loaded with features and capabilities. For starters, this home gym supports over 60 unique exercises that cater to every muscle group in your body. However, most of the primary exercises focus on your upper body.

Those at an advanced fitness level will be happy to learn that you can expand it to almost twice (410 lbs) the original resistance (210 lbs).

Additionally, you can customize the cables and pulleys to accommodate personalized workouts.

The Bowflex PR1000 remains limited to the 210 lbs of resistance that you get out of the box. The variety of exercises is also limited to 30. However, you can still draw a full-body strength conditioning session out of this machine.

Power Rod & Resistance

Both the Xceed and PR1000 feature Bowflex’s signature resistance rods.

Their trademark design and rod technology use a unique nylon composite material that ensures the rods’ strength, durability, and flexibility. 

Because proper handling and maintenance help maximize the lifespan of these specialized rods, the assembly manual includes extensive instructions on caring for them. 

It also contains directions on how to properly bend the rods as you attach them to the cable hooks during assembly. 


The Bowflex Xceed has an extensive list of accessories that include ankle straps, cable hooks, a pulldown bar, and leg developer attachments. It also has a padded vertical bench for safety and comfort.

The PR1000 includes essential accessories like the ankle straps and the leg developer attachments. However, the PR1000’s bench attaches horizontally. So, it occupies more space, but you get more variety for performing exercises on your back.

Ease of Use

The PR1000 and Xceed both offer the advantage of being user-friendly and intuitive. So, you don’t need to be a seasoned gym member to figure out how the equipment works.

Assembly remains slightly challenging for both models. You need to pay close attention to the owner’s manual and the assembly document to get every component fixed correctly.


Bowflex PR1000

The PR1000 remains simple and uncomplicated in its design. However, this simplicity also means there is less variety and room for experimentation.

The 30 exercises possible on the PR1000 consist of conventional gym workouts. Advanced bodybuilders may find it limiting after some time due to the lack of versatility.

Bowflex PR1000

In contrast, the Xceed shines when it comes to versatility. The 60+ exercise options provide substantial variety, even for seasoned athletes, to continuously find new and engaging workouts.

Additionally, the expandable resistance allows users to increase the intensity of existing exercises, further enhancing the machine’s versatility.

Available Exercises

Bowflex Xceed

The Bowflex Xceed offers a variety of movements and workouts that focus on the upper and lower body, too.

Upper body exercises include:

  • Lateral shoulder raise
  • Inclined bench press
  • Shoulder rotator cuff
  • Chest fly
  • Reverse grip pulldown
  • Lat pulldown

You can also work on dedicated areas like your arms. These exercises include:

  • Bicep curls
  • Wrist extensions
  • Resisted dips

The Xceed includes leg exercises like:

  • Calf raise
  • Deadlift
  • Leg curls
  • Squatting

You can also work on your lower back with the bent-over row.

Bowflex PR1000

The PR1000 appears limited at first. But it offers value in terms of the comprehensive workout your body needs.

The 30 or so exercises on this machine allow you to work on your entire body without focusing excessively on one muscle group.

You can perform:

  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Stiff arm pulldowns
  • Shoulder shrug
  • Seated shoulder press

Incline bench presses and leg extensions provide full-body exercises.

Dimensions & Footprint

Both the Bowflex Xceed and PR1000 have compact, space-saving designs. However, the Xceed has an even smaller footprint compared to the PR1000.

The Xceed measures 53″ x 49″ x 82″. While tall in height, it has a modest footprint that works well for limited spaces like apartments.

In contrast, the PR1000 is approximately 103” x 80” x 82”. So, while matching the Xceed’s height, the PR1000 has a significantly wider and longer base. It takes up more floor space despite offering only about half as many exercises as the more compact Xceed model.


The Xceed has an adjustable bench that can be removed when not in use. However, the overall footprint of the machine stays largely the same, so removing the bench does not free up much extra space.

In contrast, the PR1000’s bench can fold up completely out of the way. When fully assembled, the PR1000 takes up more floor space than the Xceed. But by folding the padded bench, users can push the PR1000 into a corner or open up more room for movement when not actively using the machine.


Assembly is relatively similar for both the Bowflex Xceed and the PR1000

However, there are some differences in the overall design. For instance, the PR1000’s bench remains completely flat and horizontal after assembly, while the Xceed’s bench remains slightly inclined or upright. 

Despite this difference in bench orientation, the assembly process is largely the same for both models. 


There is a clear difference in pricing between the Bowflex Xceed and the PR1000. The newer, more versatile Xceed is costlier compared to the older PR1000.

In most stores and online platforms, you’ll find that the Xceed’s price remains a few hundred dollars over the PR1000’s price. 

For users who desire the freedom to explore over 60 exercises and higher resistance capabilities, the Xceed will be well worth the investment. 

On the other hand, those satisfied with fundamental strength training and basic workouts may find the PR1000 to be a better value, providing quality for the money spent.


Nautilus, Inc. is the company that owns and manufactures all Bowflex equipment and machines. It offers and covers identical warranties for both the Bowflex PR1000 and the Xceed. 

The company guarantees different coverage depending on your machine’s component. 

For instance, the Xceed and PR1000 have a year’s warranty on the high-quality steel frames. The Power Rods that hold the resistance will remain covered for five years minimum. But the smaller parts typically remain covered for about two months. 

However, misuse or failure to follow maintenance instructions by manufacturers may nullify your warranty. So, ensure that you follow the recommended best practices in the letter.

Bowflex Xceed vs. PR1000: User Reviews

Bowflex Xceed Reviews

Countless reviews across several platforms and retailers all mention that the Xceed offers more versatile workouts than most other machines in this category.

Some users admit that maintenance and the constant changing of pulleys between workouts are inconvenient. However, most agree that it’s not much trouble once you get used to the habit.

The majority of reviewers report that they experienced more efficiency in workouts. The main reason here was that they did not have to move between machines or keep strutting across the gym floor. Every exercise they need is consolidated on one machine.

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Bowflex PR1000 Reviews

For the Bowflex PR1000, the affordable price was the most significant plus point according to most users. The value for money is clear because of the number of exercises and the full-body training the machines offer.

Some reviews mention that assembling the machine alone was a hassle. So, you might need a friend or a helping hand for setting up. However, other feedback disagrees and says that following the manual’s instructions is key.

Most reviews agree that the quality of resistance rods and pulleys is superior to other home gyms in this low price range.

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Can you build muscle with Bowflex?

Yes. All Bowflex home gyms come with basic strength training exercises and reasonable resistance levels to help build muscle.

How does the footprint of the working area differ?

The Bowflex Xceed has a smaller footprint because the bench is vertical and inclined. Also, most of the hardware comes optimized for upper-body exercises.

On the other hand, the PR1000 has a longer and wider footprint because the bench unfolds horizontally. But you also get access to more inclined bench exercises.

What is the lifespan of the power rods?

The Bowflex Power Rods will remain operational for many years. However, poor maintenance may decrease their durability. 

Ensure you follow the maintenance and inspection methods described in the owner’s manual

Is it challenging to assemble Bowflex home gyms?

Some user feedback suggests that the Xceed and PR1000 are difficult to assemble alone. However, following the home gym manual should ensure smooth assembly. 

The components and assembly instructions are designed for anyone to understand. So, you can learn the assembly of these machines without being a seasoned mechanic. 

Final Thoughts: Which One is the Winner?

The Xceed appears to offer a better experience for users who want versatility and additional depth in their home gym workouts.

However, the price and full-body workouts by the PR1000 make it suitable for beginners.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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