Can You Put Black Seed Oil in Protein Shake?

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As an athlete or fitness buff, you’re probably always experimenting with ways to enhance your post-workout protein shakes. If you’ve wondered, “Can I add black seed oil to my shake?”

Yes. Black seed oil provides important immune and antioxidant benefits that can boost the nutrition of any beverage. Just be sure to use only a small amount since too much can lead to an unpleasant bitter taste.

Read on to learn the ideal dosage of black seed oil for your shakes and how to mix it properly to avoid problems.

Can You Put Black Seed Oil in Protein Shake?

Black seed oil is something I recommend to friends and family as a nutritionist’s prescription. So, adding it to your protein shake is definitely a go-ahead in most instances.

You’ll enjoy a fresh, new flavor with added dietary benefits. And it’s a good way to include some variety into the same old post-gym shake you may take daily.

Is Black Seed Oil Healthy or Not?

Yes. Black seed oil provides many health benefits that are useful for most individuals. People in Western Asian and Eastern European cultures have traditionally utilized it as an herbal medicine and natural treatment for various health problems.

The actual name of the plant is Nigella Sativa, and it continues to be a commonly used herb in ancient medicinal practices, including Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani.

As an anti-inflammatory substance, black seed oil calms and alleviates conditions that lead to swelling. It also boosts your skin and immune system over time. Additionally, many find its antioxidant and digestive qualities promote overall health.

How Much Black Seed Oil Should Be Added to A Protein Shake?

When using black seed oil in a shake for the first time, start with a small amount. The bitter taste can be overpowering if you add too much.

Those with sensitive digestion should also use caution with black seed oil, as it may cause side effects.

To find the right dose for you, talk to a nutritionist or doctor about possible reactions before consuming large quantities.

What are the Different Types of Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil comes in different types depending on the manufacturing process or purpose of the oil.

  • Cold-pressed black seed oil is a variety used in cooking, topical application, and for treating health issues. The name derives from the cold-press method that’s used to extract the oil from the seeds in an organic and natural process. 
  • Capsules (or soft gels) that contain black seed oil are made primarily for consumption as dietary supplements. 
  • Virgin black seed oil is a purer and more refined version of the ordinary variant that’s more expensive and believed to have increased medicinal properties. 
  • You also get filtered black seed oil, which goes through filtration to remove impurities and sediments collected during cold-pressing.

How to Combine Black Seed Oil With Protein Shake Safely?

Taking a black seed oil capsule and drinking your protein shake is a simple method to get them both into your body.

But if you want to combine the two liquids directly, use a blender to mix them together completely. Blending will distribute the globs of oil evenly throughout the shake instead of having them float around.

What are the Benefits of Adding Black Seed Oil to a Protein S

As mentioned earlier, adding black seed oil to your protein shake can potentially introduce the following benefits:

  • Antioxidant properties of your diet
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits for swollen illnesses
  • Healing properties for the skin
  • A boost to your immune system

How Often Should Black Seed Oil Be Added to Protein Shake?

If you do not have any allergies or digestive problems with black seed oil, you can include it in your protein shake whenever you make it. Start with just a spoonful at first to prevent possible stomach upset or bad taste.

However, if you are at risk for any of the potential side effects, it’s best to talk to your doctor first to determine the appropriate dosage for you.

How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Adding Black Seed Oil to Protein Shake

How long it takes for you to see the positive effects of adding black seed oil to your shake varies from person to person.

Some people notice a difference in their health and well-being within just a few days of having the mixture regularly. Others need to consume the shake with black seed oil for a longer period before experiencing the benefits.

The time frame depends on the individual.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming Black Seed Oil With Protein Shake?

If you use too much black seed oil or take the incorrect dosage, it can lead to some side effects, including:

  • An upset stomach if you already have bowel problems
  • Constipation or other digestive issues may occur if your body is not accustomed to black seed oil.
  • Nausea or vomiting for people who cannot tolerate the bitterness
  • Risk of allergic rashes in people with sensitive skin when applied topically

Can Black Seed Oil Be Added To Any Type of Protein Shake?

Yes. In most cases, protein shakes will blend fine with black seed oil if you mix them thoroughly.

However, there may be one or two types of protein shakes or brands of black seed oil that should not be combined. Protein shakes or whey products that don’t mix well with oils will have clear warnings on the label against doing so.

So make sure to read the ingredient labels and product information carefully to see if your specific protein shake is one that cautions against mixing with oils. If there are no warnings, then it should be safe to assume mixing it with black seed oil is okay.

Alternative Oils To Incorporate Into Your Protein Shake

There are tons of other food-based and edible oils that you can add easily to your daily protein shake. 

Common household oils like vegetable and coconut oil can provide extra organic nutrients when blended into whey shakes. Flaxseed oil can add beneficial proteins and minerals.

Fish oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, but as with black seed oil, too much can make the shake taste bitter.

Other healthy alternatives are avocado oil and sunflower oil – both can act as nutritional supplements when used in small amounts in protein beverages.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to its nutritional benefits, black seed oil makes an excellent addition to your protein shake. But it can taste sour if you mix too much oil with the shake. 

On the other hand, olive oil offers tons of health benefits with very little effect on taste or risk of side effects. Learn how to make a killer olive oil-infused whey drink right here! 

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