Total Gym Apex G3 vs. GR8Flex: Which Model Is Best For YOU!

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Searching for the best home gym? The top contenders are the affordable Total Gym Apex G3 versus the premium GR8Flex.

If you want unrivaled variety and hardcore strength training at home, I recommend the GR8Flex. With over 100 exercises, heavy resistance, and high weight limits, it brings commercial gym performance to your house. But the Apex G3 shines if you need a budget-friendly starter option for basic cardio and strength routines.

Read my detailed comparison of exercise options, price, warranty, and real customer reviews to see which of these popular home gyms is the right match for your fitness goals and budget.

Total Gym Apex G3 vs. Gr8flex: Which One Should You Get?

Best for Budget-friendly

Total Gym Apex G3: Overview

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The Apex G3 delivers the same affordability and versatility that most other Total Home Gyms provide. So, users looking for space efficiency and basic fitness needs cannot go wrong with this machine.

The G3 offers 70 exercises that stretch across eight different resistance levels. The machine supports a maximum weight of 300 lbs. And it’s designed to serve users of a wide range of fitness levels, but especially beginners.

Although it doesn’t offer many upgrade options, it does come with decent attachments. Also, its space-saving design and compact build make it appropriate for apartment residents and those living in smaller homes.


  • About 70 different exercises supported
  • Ideal system and budget for beginners
  • Compact design and light build. 


  • Limited workouts for the middle body 
  • Inadequate advanced strength training. 
Best for Versatility

GR8Flex: Overview

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The GR8Flex is an industry-leading design that beats the competition based on its construction quality and exercise range. It’s versatile and has a premium finish, making it a favorite among most strength training enthusiasts.

With more than 100 exercises and 15 resistance levels, you’ll have plenty to work on. The user weight limit on this unit is 450 lbs. Users who prefer advanced strength training workouts will enjoy this versatile home gym. 

You can replace the existing resistance bands with 90 lbs bands to add more power and pressure to your workouts. In addition, you’ll get ten different attachments to add variety and comfort to your workouts.


  • Over 100 different exercises are available
  • Superior construction and extensive accessories
  • User weight limit of 450 lbs


  • Expensive
  • Space-consuming and heavy

Total Gym Apex G3 vs. GR8Flex: In-depth Comparison

Comparison Table

Feature GR8FlexTotal Gym Apex G3
Resistance levels158
Unit weight90 lbs53 lbs
Dimensions96 x 18 x 50”93 x 16.5 x 43.2”
Frame Steel MetalSteel Alloy
AppearanceFour colorsMatte Grey
User weight limit450 lbs300 lbs

Total Gym Apex G3 vs. GR8Flex: Key Specs & Features

The Apex G3 supports over 70 exercises, eight resistance levels, and weights about 53 lbs. It’s a compact machine that carries six accessories and occupies minimum space.

The GR8Flex comes loaded with features. It has over 100 exercises, 15 resistance levels, weights 90 lbs, and supports a user weight of about 450 lbs. It comes with ten accessories and four unique color options.

Design & Construction

The Apex G3 is made of alloy steel frames and nylon pulleys with comfortable handles. The silver matte finish is easy to maintain and looks good almost everywhere.

The GR8Flex has metal steel frames and reinforced nylon cables inside its pulleys. The padded bench and soft handles offer convenience and comfort. Choose from Carbon Fiber Black, Military finish, Golden finish, or Pearl White, depending on your preference.

Levels of Resistance

The GR8Flex offers more variety in resistance with over 15 different levels. You can also upgrade to 90 lbs bands (from the default 50 lbs bands) to boost resistance. The Apex G3 remains limited to 8 resistance levels.

Accessories and Attachments

The Apex G3 comes with six attachments that include dip bars, squat stand, and wing attachments.

The GR8Flex offers ten different accessories. These include Wing bars, dip bars, crunch accessory, squat stand, grip handles, mat, etc.

User Weight Capacity

In comparison to the Apex G3, the GR8Flex is able to carry users who weigh up to 450 lbs, while the Apex G3 has a limited user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Folding and Storage

The GR8Flex is a more space-consuming unit. It can occupy a space of 51 x 18 x 81″ even after folding the entire unit.

Meanwhile, the Apex G3 is a keeper when it comes to storage. It folds into a tiny 50 x 8″ bar and can easily fit into cabinets and closets.

Number of Exercises

Total Gym Apex G3

The Apex G3 supports around 70 different exercises. With adjustable cables and pulleys, users can perform a variety of upper and lower body workouts targeting all the major muscle groups.

The versatility of the Apex G3 allows users to get a complete full-body workout with just one compact machine.


The GR8Flex takes home gym versatility to the next level. With over 100 exercises available, it leads the market in exercise range. The GR8Flex incorporates a pulley system, cables, and resistance bands to enable resistance and aerobic training.

Users can target their upper body, lower body, core, and cardiovascular system. The extensive exercise options ensure users will never get bored with their workouts.


When it comes to size, the Apex G3 has a more compact footprint than the GR8Flex. With dimensions of 93 x 16.5 x 43.2 inches, the Apex G3 takes up less floor space and is easier to fit into small workout areas.

The GR8Flex is a bulkier and more imposing machine. At roughly 96 x 18 x 50 inches, the GR8Flex has a significantly larger footprint. The extra size of the GR8Flex is attributed to its more elaborate pulley system and greater range of accessories.


Both machines score well in this aspect because neither the Apex G3 nor GR8Flex require extensive assembly. A simple unfolding action gets both machines ready for workouts.


The GR8Flex offers an unmatched lifetime warranty on the entire machine when purchased legitimately. In contrast, the Apex G3 has Total Gym’s standard limited warranty of two years on the frame and one year on the parts. For long-term peace of mind, the GR8Flex warranty is superior.

Total Gym Apex G3 vs. GR8Flex: Price

The Apex G3 is the more affordable option, priced at just a few hundred dollars. The GR8Flex commands premium pricing, given its unmatched quality and lifetime warranty. While a major investment for serious fitness enthusiasts, the GR8Flex provides long-term value.

GR8Flex & Total Gym Apex Reviews

Total Gym Apex G3

The Apex G3 earns positive reviews as a starter home gym for beginners, though some hardcore users find it lacks adequacy for intense training long-term.


Reviews praise the GR8Flex as an ideal home gym for intermediate to advanced training, with versatile resistance levels and a wide range of exercise options.

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The Verdict: Which One is The Winner?

With more resistance, accessories, and exercises, the GR8Flex is the superior home gym overall. But the Apex G3 still shines for beginners on a budget seeking a straightforward starter machine. For advanced training needs, the GR8Flex is the clear winner.

Want to see the GR8Flex compared to a more advanced Total Gym unit? Read our breakdown of the Total Gym Fit vs. the GR8Flex right here!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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