Total Gym Supreme Vs. XLS: Which Home Gym Is Better?

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In addition to testing, reviewing and recommending the best products, we may earn a small commission if you purchase through our affiliate links.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are looking for a Total Gym workout, you may be wondering if the Total Gym Supreme is better than the XLS model. Both of these home gyms have their pros and cons and offer many features, but which one is right for you?

This blog post will compare and contrast the two machines to decide which one is best for your needs.

Let’s delve right in and see what both products have to offer.

Total Gym Supreme Vs. XLS: What is the Difference?


Total Gym Supreme

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Total Gym Supreme is an excellent choice for those looking for a home gym that offers everything they need, and it is the perfect gym for beginners and pros alike.

It has everything a person could need in their home gym. Be it from moderate pricing to ensure you do not break your budget to all those essential pieces of fitness equipment for a home gym that will help get anyone into shape.

It also provides several workout DVDs to help you learn different exercises.

The Supreme has a sleek design with no bulky plates, weights, or cords that allows you to transition from one exercise into the next seamlessly.

With this high-intensity workout system, you can do all your necessary weight training, cardio training, and fitness routines in as little time as 10-20 minutes per day.

All in all, this home gym workout system is perfect for those who have busy schedules but still want their bodies toned up.


  • Despite being cheaper than its competition, you get an effective full-body workout.
  • It comes with accessories which include the Leg Pull Attachment, 2-piece Wing Attachment, Dip Bars, Ab Crunch Boards, and Tri-Grip Shaper Bars.
  • It also comes with an exercise wall chart and four workout DVDs.
  • Compared to other models such as the Total Gym GTS and Total Gym Xtreme, it is comparatively lightweight, so you can fold the system and move it around without much hassle.
  • There are no shipping charges if you order the product directly from Total Gym’s official website.


  • The company does not offer a complimentary or $1 trial offer.
  • The maximum weight you can use with the home gym equipment will be limited. As your strength progresses, you will not be able to add extra weight.
  • It does not come with the extra accessories you get with the other Total Gym models like the Total Gym Xtreme and Total Gym GTS.
  • It features a standard squat stand attached at the end of the machine’s glide board – not bad, but the other models are more excellent.

Total Gym XLS

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Total Gym XLS is the company’s flagship product, and it shows. It has also been their most-selling model for a long time, and you can even find it in a physical therapy clinic or club gym.

It offers over 20 new exercises, which gives it an edge over its competitors and makes this product a hit among fitness enthusiasts all around.

You can do so much more on this exercise machine using the workout DVDs compared to its predecessor, the Total Gym Supreme.

In addition to that, the XLS platform offers a smoother, more comfortable experience than the standard Total Gym Supreme and also costs about twice as much.

Also, you can do many different exercises with this type of exercise machine to target your muscle groups. This means that you won’t be limited nearly so much by weight or height requirements for your workouts.

The Total Gym XLS is a revolutionary home gym that will change how you exercise. It’s easy to set up and use, meaning more time for your favorite activities.


  • It offers more than 80 exercises that you can learn from the DVD workouts provided, which is way more than the Supreme offers.
  • Its increased maximum user weight provides more room for you to add additional weight plates to the weight bar as your strength progresses.
  • The product comes with the Ab-Crunch attachment and a training deck.
  • It also comes with the Wing attachment, which provides you with a wider range of exercises to work on each of your muscle groups.
  • While it is a little heavier than the Supreme, it isn’t as much so that you can fold and store the machine without much trouble.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on the XLS frame.


  • The Total Gym machine only features six resistance levels, which is not as good.
  • It is more expensive than the Supreme.
  • Its ribbed squat stand is not as large.
  • Not suitable for strength training.
  • Weight resistance is relatively low, despite the weight bar attachment.

What Attachments are Included?

Total Gym Supreme

The attachments include:

  • Sturdy and upgraded squat stand
  • The Ab Crunch accessory
  • Dip bars
  • Leg pull accessory
  • Four workout DVDs with various fitness levels
  • The Wing attachment (2-piece)
  • Exercise instructions with all possible Total Gym basic workout guidelines
  • Detachable leg bracket and two ankle straps

Total Gym XLS

The attachments include:

  • The Wing attachment for back exercises
  • Two ankle cuffs
  • Total Gym training deck
  • Upgraded Squat stand
  • Leg pull accessory
  • Total Gym Exercise wall chart – the poster with over 30 Total Gym workouts
  • Personal training system
  • Meal plan and nutritional program
  • Advanced workout DVDs

What are the Additional Features?

Total Gym Supreme

Additional features of Total Gym Supreme:

  • Over 60 exercise options
  • Foldable and easy storage
  • Lightweight weighing only 56 lbs, so it is easy to move around
  • It comes with a few additional accessories
  • Offers option for a payment plan
  • Up to one year warranty (only six months for parts)
  • Provides Basic Total Gym TV
  • The maximum user weight is 275 lbs
  • Cheapest of all Total Gyms
  • Features 12 resistance levels
  • Fully assembled system
  • Heavy-duty squat stand
  • Shipping for free unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska

Total Gym XLS

Additional features of Total Gym XLS:

  • The maximum user weight is 400 lbs
  • Features 6 resistance levels
  • It comes with a training deck as well as a ribbed squat stand at the bottom of its glide board that is more comfortable and larger in comparison to the Supreme
  • More than 80 exercises options to work on your major muscle groups
  • Lightweight weighing only 68 lbs, so it is easily foldable and moveable
  • It comes fully assembled so that you can use it straight out of the package
  • It comes with extra accessories, such as the Wing attachment and Leg Pull attachment

What are the Different Product Weights?

The Total Gym Supreme weighs only 56 lbs, while the XLS model weighs 68 lbs. Compared to the XLS, Supreme is more lightweight, so you can fold it easily and move it around without much hassle.

That said, despite the Total Gym XLS being a little heavier, it is still easily foldable and moveable.

Who Should Use This Product?

No matter the models, a Total Gym is an excellent product for people of any fitness level. Whether you’re looking to get into shape, work on your cardio, or do strength training, the correct Total Gym will help make it happen.

This product is appropriate for specific groups:

  • People who just started their resistance training journey and are not quite strong
  • People wanting a full-body workout from the comfort of their home gym with easy-to-use equipment with exercises they can perform efficiently
  • People who do not wish to or do not have enough floor space for traditional home gym equipment for strength training such as barbells, benches, plates, dumbbells, racks, etc.,
  • People who require resistance training equipment for their home gym that are easily foldable, moveable, and can be stored away with ease at home

In-Depth Comparison: Total Gym Supreme Vs. XLS

Let’s take a look at a more detailed comparison between Total Gym Supreme and XLS:

Comparison Table

Sometimes when you need to purchase something big and expensive, and all of the information is not at your fingertips, it can be difficult.

Maybe this side-by-side Total Gym comparison chart of Total Gym Supreme vs. XLS will help with making that final purchase:

Total Gym SupremeTotal Gym XLS
Dimensions (Inches)15.5 x 93 x 43.25 (When Folded – 15.5 x 50.5 x 8)19 x 90 x 43 (When Folded – 19 x 51 x 9)
Product Weight56 lbs68 lbs
Product AvailabilityAvailable only at the official website, Total Gym DirectAvailable at the official website, Total Gym Direct, and also Amazon and Walmart
Levels of Resistance126
Availability of Payment PlanYes. Payment plan of $99.95 per month for six months if ordered at Total Gym Direct. Free Shipping.Yes. Payment plan of $99.85 per month for ten months if ordered at Total Gym Direct. Shipping is free unless you are located in Hawaii or Alaska.
User Weight Capacity275 lbs400 lbs
Complimentary TrialNo free trialNo free trial but offers 30-day trial for $1
Product Fully-AssembledYesYes
Number of ExercisesMore than 60More than 80
Extra AccessoriesLeg Pull Attachment, Ab Crunch Accessory, Squat Stand, and Tri-Grip Shaper Bars, Workout DVDWing Attachment, Ribbed Squat Stand, Leg Pull Accessory, Workout DVD, and Ab-Crunch at some specific stores like Total Gym Direct and Walmart for an additional cost of approximately $100
Warranty1-year warranty on frame and six months on the partsLifetime warranty on frame and six months on the parts
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Levels of Resistance

One crucial factor to consider when comparing Total Gyms is the resistance levels offered, i.e., the height adjustments.

The more resistance levels, the better, and having more adjustable height settings is always beneficial.

You can tailor your workout for any ability or fitness level, which in turn will provide a better experience and more outstanding results.

While most gym machines feature 6, 8, or 12 levels of resistance, Total Gym models are available between 6 to 22 resistance levels.

The Total Gym Supreme offers 12 levels of resistance, which can be changed by raising or lowering its base height. This is more than most other models and even exceeds the capacity of the Total Gym XLS.

On the other hand, the XLS model comes with only 6 different resistance levels, less than the Supreme.

Remember that more resistance levels give you more control over your workout intensity.

With greater amounts, it’s possible to increase or decrease intensity level at a slower pace than with fewer opposed forces on either end.

This makes an excellent strategy for people who might be injured and need controlled movements such as weight lifting.

On that note, it is clear that Total Gym Supreme is a better choice than XLS when it comes to resistance levels. So, if you want more control over the intensity of your total body workout, the former Total Gym model is the ideal choice.


The overall dimensions of your ideal Total Gym model will be crucial. Do you have sufficient room to accommodate the machine at your home gym? How much floor space will you require for easy movement?

Most models come with a foldable design, allowing you to fold them easily and store them away after using them without much hassle.

Total Gym Supreme unfolded dimensions are 15.5 inches in width, 93 inches in length, and 43.25 inches in height.

When it is folded for storage, the dimensions become 15.5″ x 50.5″ x 8″. Also, the product’s weight is only 56 lbs, lighter than most Total Gym models.

The dimensions of Total Gym XLS are 19 inches in width, 90 inches in length, and 43 inches in height.

The dimensions are 19″ x 51″ x 9″ when it is folded. Also, the product’s weight is 68 lbs, a little heavier than the Total Gym Supreme.

After looking into the dimensions of both the products, we can say that the Total Gym Supreme is the clear winner. Its size is more compact than the XLS, and you can save more space in your home gym.

User Weight Capacity

A distinguishing factor between Total Gyms is the max user weight capacity. Having a higher weight capacity means improved machine strength and durability, making it perfect for any user, no matter their physical condition or size.

That said, you will have no issues as long as you do not go over the given user weight limit of the machine.

The weight capacity of different Total Gym models ranges between 250 lbs to 650 lbs, which may be a vast range. The budget-friendly models are usually within the 250 lbs to 300 lbs range, while the pricier Total Gym range between 400 lbs and 650 lbs.

The Total Gym Supreme has a weight capacity limit of 275 lbs. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to one of the higher Total Gym models for people weighing over that.

The XLS, on the contrary, has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Therefore, this machine is best suited for people weighing over 275 lbs.

Overall, we can see that the Total Gym XLS is a better choice when it comes to weight capacity. Its user weight limit is higher, and you can get a bit more out of your workout in comparison with the basic entry-level Supreme.

Quality and Durability

Total Gym machines provide high-quality, sturdy, and reliable products to change your workout experiences.

You can do different workouts on just one tool while using your body weight for resistance. Be it young or older, it is usable and easily operated by individuals of all ages.

Additionally, Total Gyms feature adjustable inclines and are constructed from heavy-duty materials.

The Total Gym Supreme frame is constructed from sturdy tubular steel, and it also has heavy-duty rollers that enable it to glide up or down smoothly.

Its frame can be adjusted in twelve different incline positions for maximum comfort while protecting you from injury with its tough vinyl coverings.

The Total Gym Supreme ensures high quality and durability despite its lower price.

The XLS is a high-quality piece of Total Gym equipment for your home gym that will last you for years.

The durable steel frame and comfortable grip make it convenient to use while also compact enough to store in home gyms or office spaces.

With so many different exercises possible with this product, it is hard not to think whether they are right.

Total Gyms are well-known for their quality and durable construction. Therefore, both products stand out from the crowd regarding quality and durability.


The number and variety of exercises available on all Total Gym machines vary depending upon how many attachments you can use with them.

The more expensive machines have a variety of attachments, and this means you may even be able to do 200 exercises with commercial-grade gyms like the Total Gym GTS. The nicer ones range from 80 to 85 total exercises, and even their most affordable models offer over 60 different workouts.

With Total Gym Supreme, you can perform more than 60 exercises, including many lower body, upper body, and core movements.

The XLS boasts that it may be used for more than 80 different exercises.

Therefore, in terms of exercises, XLS is the clear winner.


For many of us, the price is a significant factor in deciding which Total Gym to buy. That said, various other lineup models come with a wide range in pricing.

You can purchase the most cost-efficient model for less than $200, while commercial-grade gyms like the Total Gym GTS go for almost $4000 as the asking price. However, most of the models cost under $1000.

The Total Gym Supreme is among the cheapest Total Gym models at just about $599.99. For XLS, the price changes frequently depending on sales and offers. Click here to check the price of Total Gym XLS.

Supreme is the clear winner regarding the pricing as it is more affordable than the Total Gym XLS. Also, despite it being cheaper, it does not compromise on quality.

Is payment Plan Available?

Total Gym Direct offers a convenient payment plan that is interest-free, and it is available on almost all its models.

For Total Gym Supreme, you can make payments for six months of $99.95 if you order directly at Total Gym Direct. The best part? It offers free shipping.

For XLS, you can pay $99.85 monthly for ten months if you order it from Total Gym Direct. Also, shipping is free, but this does not apply if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

Because a payment plan is available on both models, you can easily own a Total Gym, especially if you are tight on budget.


The warranty on every Total Gym model will vary, as it is different for the machine frame and parts.

The frame warranty for the Supreme is one year, and for parts, it has a warranty of six months. You will get a lifetime warranty on the frame and six months on parts with XLS, similar to the Supreme.

With this in mind, the model with the better warranty terms stands on top, and that is the Total Gym XLS.

What Other People Say

The Total Gym machines have been popular among users, with over 4 out of 5 stars. Most customers who have left reviews say that they are happy with their purchase, with many noting that the machines are great for people of all fitness levels.

Both the Supreme and XLS models have excellent customer reviews, with users highly appreciating their high-quality build, durability, and out-of-the-box fully-assembled system.


Which one’s better – Total Gym XLS or Total Gym Fit?

The Total Gym Fit offers two times as many resistance levels, over 85 exercises you can perform (rather than 80,) and has a weight allowance of extra 50 pounds. It also offers a more extended warranty period and features the same attachments. Hence, this model is superior to its competitor, the Total Gym XLS.

Is Total Gym worth the money?

If you are on the lookout for equipment for home gyms that will not take up much room and let you perform full-body workouts, Total Gym is definitely worth your money.

Does Total Gym actually work?

Total Gym works if you do. If you are consistent with your workout frequency, the foods that fuel your body, and keep challenging yourself, you will definitely see positive results.

Can you lose weight with the Total Gym?

Of course, yes, as stated above, as long as you use Total Gym consistently and follow a meal plan and nutritional program to support your fitness goals.

How many calories does the Total Gym burn?

The Total Gym machines can burn 105 to 210 calories in just half an hour, and this will depend on the amount of effort you put in.

What are the best Total Gym exercises for weight loss?

The best Total Gym exercises for weight loss include the ones that work on your legs, chest, abs, shoulder, back, arms, and your whole body.

You can even perform pilates too. While there are different workouts you can do, the best exercises with Total Gym include leg-pulls, squats, pull-ups, chest fly, and pullovers.

Are squats on the Total Gym effective?

The answer is yes. Squats on Total Gym machines are quite effective, and they come with a squat stand at the bottom of its glide board which enables you to perform different types of squats for strengthening your legs.

Along with the regular squat, you can even do the single-leg squat, wide squat, twisting squat, and jumping squat, among various others.

Overall, Total Gym models are an effective alternative to free weights.

Can you build muscle with the Total Gym?

Yes, you can. The Total Gym is a great way to build muscle through resistance training.

The machine comes equipped with different exercises for specific parts of your body that work the abdominals, legs, back muscles, chest, and arms, among others. So, one tool does all.

How many days a week should you use the Total Gym?

You should use Total Gym for at least three days every week. You can begin at 10 to 20 minutes for every session and increase gradually.

Can you use the Total Gym every day?

Yes, you can use Total Gym daily.

Can you use the Total Gym for Pilates?

The answer is yes. As stated earlier, Total Gym is great for pilates as well.

Why are Total Gym’s models great for seniors?

Total Gym models are safe, comfortable, and gentle on the joints, and they also do not use weights. The machines come fully assembled, so there are no installation problems for the seniors and also provide full-body workouts.

What is the newest Total Gym model?

The newest Total Gym model is The Total Gym Fit

Who’s the Creator of Total Gym?

With his two business partners, Larry Westfall and Dale McMurray, Tom Campanaro created the Total Gym brand in 1974.

How long does it take to see results from Total Gym?

If you have recently started to work out and begin with around 20 minutes, three times every week, you should notice results in 8 weeks. That said, everyone is built differently; therefore, you may see changes a little sooner or take some more weeks.

Is the Total Gym good for seniors?

Yes, the Total Gym is good for seniors as well.

Final Verdict – What is the Better Choice?

When considering the Total Gym Supreme vs. XLS, the latter is the better choice if you are looking for a fully-equipped gym. It offers an extensive range of exercises, accessories, upgraded features, and weight options that will satisfy even the most demanding user.

However, if more resistance levels matter most, you should go for the Total Gym Supreme. Aside from its affordable price, the sole reason for choosing Supreme over the Total Gym XLS is the resistance level factor.

With that said, if you’ve decided on a particular model, make sure you head to their official website and order yours from there. You can even purchase the XLS from Amazon and Walmart.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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