Total Gym Xtreme Vs Fit: Which Builds More Muscle? (An In-Depth Comparison)

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re looking for the best home gym to fit your strength training needs without emptying your bank account, the Total Gym FIT and Xtreme are two great options to consider.

In my opinion, the Total Gym FIT is the best overall home gym because it offers unmatched resistance to target all major muscle groups. This is thanks to its higher weight capacity and resistance levels that challenge your muscles. It also comes with various levels so you can progress your hardcore strength training over time.

Keep reading to find out what the Xtreme and FIT each offer and which one may be the right fit for you!

Total Gym Xtreme Vs Fit: Which is Better?

Budget versatility

Total Gym Xtreme

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Total Gym Xtreme offers an impressive variety of exercises using your body weight as resistance.

With its AbCrunch accessory, Wing Attachments, and Tri-Grip Shaper Bars, you can perform an extensive range of exercises targeting your entire body.

The 12 levels of resistance allow you to customize your workout intensity, making it suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Its build quality is durable and boasts a 350 lb user weight limit, ensuring a stable workout experience.


  • An impressive range of attachments and accessories
  • Lighter and occupies less space
  • More budget-friendly


  • Fewer exercises (compared to FIT)
  • Limited warranty on parts

The Total Gym Xtreme is a fantastic home workout solution, especially if you have enough space for it. Its versatility and adjustability cater to various fitness levels, making it an excellent long-term investment for your home gym. However, be prepared for some heavy lifting during initial assembly or relocation.

Hardcore Strength

Total Gym Fit

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You’ll enjoy the versatility of Total Gym FIT, allowing you to perform more than 85 exercises in the comfort of your home.

It caters to many different fitness levels with its 12 levels of resistance, so you can always challenge yourself as you grow stronger.

Aside from its fantastic functionality, this machine is designed with convenience in mind. It arrives fully assembled, meaning you can jump right into your workout without any hassle.

Plus, it quickly folds up and can be stored away to reclaim valuable room space.


  • A wide range of exercises and workouts
  • Maximum weight capacity higher than competing machines
  • Versatile enough for both beginners and experienced users


  • Fewer accessories and attachments
  • Pricing may be too expensive for some

Total Gym FIT is the newest home gym model from Total Gym, offering a lot more features. However, it is important to note that it may be a bit pricey for some and requires a dedicated space for setup and use.

Additionally, its 450-pound weight capacity may not cater to everyone. But if you’re seeking a home gym system that brings both flexibility and functionality to your workouts, the Total Gym FIT is a solid choice.

Total Gym Xtreme Vs. Fit: In-depth Comparison

Comparison Chart

Model/FeaturesTotal Gym XtremeTotal Gym FIT
Total Exercises6085
Foldable designYesYes
Resistance12 levels12 levels
Supported weight350 lbs450 lbs
WarrantyOne yearTwo years (parts) Lifetime (frame)
Dimensions16” x 92” x 43”18” x 93” x 44” 
Leg ExerciseLeg pulley systemLeg pull attachment
AbsAb crunchAb crunch
WingsWing attachmentWing attachment (two-piece)

Available Workouts

Total Gym Xtreme

The Total Gym Xtreme offers a slightly scaled down set of exercise options, but still enough variety for a thorough total body workout. Some of the main exercises you can perform with this model include:

  • Upper body pushing exercises like chest press, chest fly, and shoulder press
  • Upper body pulling exercises like lat pulldowns, seated rows, and reverse fly
  • Arm exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions
  • Leg exercises like leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises
  • Core exercises like crunches, oblique twists, and planks

Total Gym FIT

The Total Gym FIT is the premium model that offers the most exercise options. With this model, you can perform exercises like chest presses, pulldowns, shoulder presses, biceps curls, leg extensions, and much more. Some of the key exercises include:

  • Chest presses, chest flies, and incline chest presses for the upper body
  • Seated rows, shoulder shrugs, and lateral raises for the upper back and shoulders
  • Bicep curls and tricep extensions for the arms
  • Leg presses, calf raises, and squats for the lower body
  • Crunches, knee raises, planks, and hip extensions for the core.

Resistance Levels

Both the Total Gym Fit and Xtreme come with a dozen resistance levels. So, both machines can accommodate beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts alike.

For people just starting out, the lower resistance levels allow them to ease into strength training before moving up the resistance ladder as their fitness improves.

Meanwhile, bodybuilders and advanced users may find the higher resistance levels provide more of a challenge to continue building strength.

Foldable & Storage

Neither the Total Gym Fit nor Xtreme have foldable frames designed for compact storage.

However, both machines maintain a relatively small footprint. Pushing them against a wall or into a corner can help maximize free space in your workout area.

That said, the vertical columns and crossbar on both models are collapsible.

So, if you need to stow your Total Gym away for an extended period, you can partially disassemble it to reduce its size and get it out of the way.


Assembly is easy and straightforward for both home gym designs. Both the FIT and Xtreme come with their main structure ready to go.

So, all you have to do is pull back the back crossbar or vertical column as you set it in place.

Accessories take a few minutes to attach. Other than that, both home gyms already come pre-assembled (almost).

Attachments & Accessories

Both the Total Gym Xtreme and FIT come with a variety of attachments and accessories to enhance your workout.

Total Gym Xtreme

The Total Gym Xtreme includes the following attachments:

  • Tri-grip shaper bars
  • Leg pulley system
  • Training deck
  • Wing attachments
  • Adjustable workout card holder

Optional accessories you can purchase separately for the Xtreme model include:

  • Ab crunch attachment
  • Dip bars
  • Pull-up bars

Total Gym FIT

The Total Gym FIT comes equipped with these attachments:

  • Leg pull attachment
  • Upgraded squat stand
  • Two-piece wing attachment

Additional accessories available for purchase with the FIT model include:

  • Pilates accessory kit
  • Press-up bars
  • Total Gym cyclo-trainer

The ab crunch attachment comes standard with both models. So, no matter which Total Gym you choose, you’ll have access to a variety of attachments and add-ons to customize and diversify your workout.

User Weight Capacity

There are about 100 lbs of difference between the Xtreme and the FIT model when it comes to user weight. 

The Total Gym Xtreme is more basic and supports about 350 lbs as the maximum limit for user weight. This limit remains enough for most users who are already in relatively good shape. 

However, it may be inadequate for users who are bigger and intend to bulk up more. Alternatively, it may prove unsuitable for users who are heavier and looking to lose weight. 

The Total Gym FIT supports user weights up to 450 lbs. This increased limit makes it ideal for users who begin with additional body weight. 


There are clear differences between the warranty provisions for the Xtreme and the FIT. 

For one, the warranty on parts and components offered on the Total Gym Xtreme is one year. However, manufacturers offer a two-year warranty for similar parts and components on the Total Gym FIT. 

Second, the sturdy frame on the Total Gym Xtreme also comes with a one-year warranty. However, the Total Gym FIT has high-quality steel frames that come insured for a lifetime. 

In this context, Total Gym Fit gets the upper hand as any legitimate damage on the items gets replaced or returned promptly by Total Gym.


Pricing remains a top priority for people looking to buy home gyms that are compact yet provide comprehensive workout capabilities. 

The Total Gym Xtreme is the more affordable alternative between the two, and it still serves as a full-body workout home gym because you get about 60 different exercising options on the machine. 

The Total Gym FIT is relatively more expensive. However, FIT is also good value for money because you get 80+ exercises and a variety of accessories that enhance your workout.

What Do People Say About It?

Total Gym Xtreme Reviews

Reviews for the Total Gym Xtreme are unanimous across the board. Users love this machine and the extensive workouts it provides.

Most users report that the simple build is deceptive because the unit allows a wide range of workouts.

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Total Gym FIT Reviews

Users of Total Gym Fit point out that the unit is adaptable enough to handle strength training, low-impact exercises, and even weight loss.

This multifaceted ability to handle fitness makes Total Gym Fit a must-buy, according to long-time users.

Users of both machines agree that FIT’s wide range of over 80 exercises gives it a slight edge over Xtreme if you’re willing to shell out a little more.

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The Verdict – Which One is the Winner?

Both the Total Gym FIT and Xtreme models have compelling strengths that make either a solid investment for home use.

For casual gym-goers looking for general fitness capabilities, the Total Gym Xtreme provides excellent versatility that can replicate a wide range of gym equipment. This makes it a worthwhile replacement for a basic gym membership.

However, for fitness enthusiasts focused on building strength through resistance training, the FIT model may be the better choice. Its higher weight capacity and resistance levels offer hardcore conditioning that strength athletes will appreciate.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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