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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

As a personal trainer, I’m often asked – which is better, the Total Gym Xtreme or XLS? These popular home gyms have their pros and cons.

The Total Gym Xtreme is an affordable, easy-to-use home gym suitable for users of all fitness levels. The upgraded XLS model has more exercises and better build quality but costs much more. Deciding between the Xtreme and XLS depends on your budget and fitness goals.

Learn what makes each home gym unique and whether one is worth more than the other.

Total Gym Xtreme vs XLS: Which Is Better?

Best for Budget-friendly

Total Gym Xtreme

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The Total Gym Xtreme remains a leader among budget-friendly home gyms that offer something for every user. It’s a versatile machine that packs a punch in every rep and session. 

The unit offers over 60 different exercises, occupies minimal space, and is easy to maintain. For most gym users, the Xtreme is the ideal alternative to an expensive gym membership. 

The Xtreme serves as an excellent workout station for most people. But dedicated bodybuilders and weightlifters will find it lacking in resistance and weight


  • Unmatched value for money
  • Easy to operate, maintain, and preserve
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Wide selection of exercises


  • Inadequate for advanced users and fitness freaks
  • Limited variation in resistance
Best for Versatility

Total Gym XLS

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The XLS is a more refined and modern version of the Xtreme. Many of its features and capabilities remain the same. But it enjoys specific upgrades in some key areas.

The XLS sports more exercises, better accessories, and more comfort across the entire equipment. It’s bigger and heavier but allows you to focus on all major muscle groups on one machine.

Pricing is a big concern for most potential buyers. However, the additional features and enhanced build make it a good investment for users satisfied with basic home workouts.


  • Over 80+ workouts and exercises
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Easy to store and no assembly required
  • Increased comfort and padding for the user


  • Slightly overpriced 
  • Limited resistance levels

Total Gym Xtreme vs XLS: In-depth Comparison Breakdown

Comparison Chart

Features XtremeXLS
No. of Exercises60+80+
User weight limit350 lbs400 lbs
Item weight90 lbs93 lbs
Resistance levels1215
Dimensions77.9” x 12.6” x 4.3”90” x 43” x 19”
WarrantyOne year warrantyLifetime on frame, 6 months on parts
Squat StandYes (plain)Yes (Ribbed)
Max user height6’5”6’5”
Head supportNo Yes

Resistance Levels

The Xtreme and XLS have the same six resistance levels, which bummed some buyers who expected more from the pricier XLS.

But for beginners, the six levels hit the sweet spot of challenging yet doable home workouts.

Available Workouts

The Total Gym Xtreme remains confined to 60+ workouts. But this number is still impressive, given the low pricing of the unit.

The XLS enjoys an enhanced number of 80+ exercises. This figure is only appropriate given the wide difference in market pricing between the two models.

User Weight Capacity

The Xtreme model supports a maximum weight of 350 lbs. That’s a decent figure, given how most buyers hover around the 300 lbs mark or lighter.

However, heavier users will enjoy the safety of the XLS, which supports over 400 lbs in total weight.

Accessories and Attachments

The XLS comes with slightly more accessories compared to the Xtreme. However, the difference is not enough to warrant the high price of the XLS.

The attachments on the XLS include a wing attachment, a leg pull attachment, and a ribbed squat stand. On the other hand, the Xtreme carries an ab crunch accessory, an ordinary squat stand, tri-grip bars, and a leg pulley system.


Both machines are easy to assemble and put together. However, Total Gym has gone a step further with the XLS. It’s a machine that qualifies as a zero-assembly product.

The manual demonstrates five steps that guide you towards unfolding the unit and making it functional instantly.


The Total Gym Xtreme is known for its compact size and space-saving design. Occupying about 77.9″ x 12.6″ x 4.3″ in floor space, you won’t even know this machine is in your home.

The XLS is a more imposing figure that eats up about 90″ x 43″ x 19″ in space. So, it’s longer, wider, and thicker than the Xtreme.

Foldable & Storage

The Xtreme folds up all nice and compact, so you can tuck it away out of sight when not in use.

But don’t underestimate the XLS – even though it’s bigger, it only takes three quick folds to shrink it down into a smaller shape that’ll fit into closets, corners, or wherever you need to stash it.

Below is a more in-depth step-by-step video on how to fold up your Total Gyms!


When it comes to pricing, the Xtreme and XLS offer different value propositions.

The Xtreme hits a sweet spot of affordability and versatility that’s hard to beat. The XLS offers upgrades like more exercises and better construction, but you’ll pay a premium.

Ultimately, both models have their merits – the right one for you comes down to your budget and priorities when choosing a home gym.

Check Amazon for the latest pricing on the Xtreme or XLS to see if one fits your budget.


The Total Gym Xtreme includes a limited 1-year warranty. However, the XLS offers a more comprehensive warranty, including lifetime coverage for the frame and construction, as well as a 6-month warranty on parts and components.

Why is Total Gym XLS more Expensive than Total Gym XTreme?

Total Gym XLS is much more expensive than the Xtreme because it offers more exercises, better build quality and a more comfortable experience.

It also supports a higher user weight of 400 lbs (compared to the 350 lbs limit in the Xtreme). The nylon straps are more flexible and better quality. Also, you get a ribbed squat stand for more grip and comfort.

An additional head padding and glide-board also make the XLS worth more in construction compared to the Xtreme.

The Verdict: Which One is the Winner?

Both the XLS and Xtreme have merits, but the Xtreme edges out the XLS for most buyers. Despite more exercises and premium features, the XLS’s steep price tag makes it less accessible. 

With 60+ exercises and an affordable cost, the Xtreme offers excellent value without breaking the bank.

Want to know how Xtreme fares against other brands? Check out this Total Gym Xtreme vs. Gr8Flex review right now! 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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