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Top 50 fitness blogs to follow

Are you searching for fitness blogs to prep up your summer body for 2024? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. My team and I at TGFFitness have curated the top 50 fitness blogs that you need to follow in 2024.

With the surge in popularity of fitness blogs and podcasts, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with every one that’s out there. However, I’ve taken the time to carefully examine each blog and make sure it provides the information you’re looking for.

You may be a fitness enthusiast, an amateur bodybuilder, a stay-at-home person, or a nine-to-fiver who cannot get time to adjust exercise in your busy schedules; these blogs will help you precisely in the areas you need help the most.

Blogilates by Cassey Ho

1. Blogilates – Cassey Ho


Cassey is a young American social media fitness entrepreneur whose blog has more than 5 million subscribers. As the name of her blog, Blogilates, she mostly posts videos of working out through Pilates. Her blogs are full of motivational, food and diets, and positive body images content. Her 90-day journey updates on getting fit and healthy are trending on social media.

The Fitnessista by Gina Lindsay

2. The Fitnessista – Gina Lindsay


Gina is a mother of two who lives in San Diego, CA, along with her husband. She blogs about choosing nutritional food over processed food for a healthy life. She is a fitness trainer in local fitness clubs and studios. According to Gina, she “blogs her heart out” in her blog. Her easy DIY workouts at home with minimal gym equipment and gluten-free and vegan recopies are very inviting to read.

3. Run Eat Repeat – Monica Olivas


Monica is a certified health coach and a certified running coach. Her blog helps people to run faster and longer for a fit and healthy life. She posts workouts and training videos along with nutritional recipes. She also posts motivational podcasts and answers questions that fans and followers ask her.

4. Born Fitness – Adam Bornstein


Born Fitness is run by a team of experienced trainers, writers, and fitness experts. The blog helps you to choose what your ideal type of fit and healthy life is. It will train you to perform the best exercise regime for you and advise you on routines that can help you live a stress-free and healthy life.

Nia Shanks Fitness Blog

5. Nia Shanks


Nia is a certified life coach who helps women “unleash their awesome” through healthy living. She helps women on their weight loss journey by providing beneficial but easy remedies. She believes that all fitness goals should be attainable and straightforward enough to achieve long-term benefits. Nia also helps women to get more strong and powerful by consuming healthy nutritional, and tasty foods.

Run Blogger by Peter Larson

6. Run Blogger – Peter Larson


Peter is a biologist who teaches Exercise Physiology to students in college. He believes in running as a healthy remedy for weight loss. He claims to have an obsession with running shoes. His reviews on running shoes are very satisfactory, giving various options for people who love to run or want to run as a healthy choice for losing weight.

Eric Cressey

7. Eric Cressey


Eric is a motivational coach training injured athletes who need help to get back in the game. He has a Master’s Degree specializing in Exercise Science which gains him extra credits for training human endurance and performance. He helps in promoting corrective exercise for an individual’s body to a healthy life. Most of his blog contents are related to baseball gaming principles and explain training and sports injuries.

Fitness on Toast by Faya Nilsson

8. Fitness on Toast – Faya Nilsson


Faya shares knowledge of fitness as an experienced personal trainer. She tries to give an honest and unbiased opinion on traveling, fashion tips, healthy recipes, and fitness regimes. Fitness on Toast received the ‘Best Lifestyle blog’ award in Cosmopolitan and UK blog Awards. Her blog is an aesthetically pleasing page with inviting images of her traveling worldwide and delicious pictures of healthy and nutritious food.

Lacey Stone Fitness by Tiffany Morgan

9. Lacey Stone Fitness Blog – Lacey Stone


Lacey’s been a fitness coach for over a decade. She has a unique style of programming that benefits mind, body, and spirit garnering her a cult following all over the world. Her 20-60 minute intense virtual and live workouts fuse dance, sport, humor, and psychological training which give her clients an athletic edge in and outside of their workouts.

A Workout Routine by Jay

10. A Workout Routine – Jay


Jay is a fitness coach, researcher, and writer. He helps overweight men and women to achieve their ‘ goal body’ by assisting them in designing their diet chart, exercise routines, and suggestions for cutting down their body fats. He believes that he can train people only when they know what they need for their bodies. He blogs about breaking exercise and diet myths and provides the facts behind them.

Pumps & Iron by Nicole

11. Pumps & Iron by Nicole


Nicole is a certified personal trainer who teaches fitness and exercises in Boston groups. She helps people get fit by targeting the body’s muscle structures and guiding on equipments needed to train the body. She also posts healthy recipes and tips to maintain a healthy life. She posts a free workout training session every week on her blog.

12. Dai Manuel


Dai is a life coach who motivates and inspires people to get rid of their obese lifestyle. He posts about what corporate wellness is all about and provides tips on an engaging social media brand. He helps people take control of their lives by making health the priority. He blogs about his convention, events and promotes healthy brands that benefit people’s wellness. He also posts about leading a healthy life by choosing nutritious food to build up your body in an organic way.

13. He & She Eat Clean – Scott and Whitney


Just like the title of the blog suggests, Scott and Whitney primarily blog about clean eating recipes. From meal recipes to dessert recipes, protein shakes, and drinks and juice recipes, their ingredients consist of organic items that build up your body in a positive way. They also blog regularly about their hikes and camping, inspiring people to step outside and live an outdoor life. They believe that by eating clean, people can lead a healthy life.

Love Sweat Fitness by Katie Dunlop

14. Love Sweat Fitness – Katie Dunlop


Katie started Love Sweat Fitness in 2014 to provide fitness tips for other women like her. She hopes that she can build a strong community of women through her blog to support you in every walk of their lives. Katie is a certified personal trainer and creates her unique methods of exercise on her blogs. Her blogs are full of motivational tips and advice that helps women positively love their body.

Laly Mom by Laura

15. Laly Mom – Laura


Laura, a mother of two from Chicago, loves fitness as much as she loves doing activities with her kids. She has past experiences working at health clubs and gives her readers tips on leading a healthy and happy life. She also blogs about traveling to lovely places like Italy and California. Laura also blogs on healthy and fun-based parenting.

Hitch Fit by Micah and Diana Lacerte

16. Hitch Fit – Micah and Diana Lacerte


Micah and Diana help people with online fitness training that you can customize according to your personal needs. The blog helps every individual adopt a healthy lifestyle and provides programs that cater to people’s needs. Hitch fit offers varied programs to all people of any age and all shapes and sizes. Their success stories from above the age range of over 40 are very inspiring to read.

The Runner Beans by Charlie

17. The Runner Beans – Charlie


Charlie is a dietetics student who believes that anyone can run a marathon if they want the right motivation and hard work. Charlie blogs mostly about marathon running and training for a marathon. She also reviews running shoes fit for wearing during marathons. She advocates that healthy eating is not a myth but is realistic, and anyone can follow a healthy and nutritious diet. She also travels and tries out new places to eat and blogs about it.

Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra by Gemma Seager

18. Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra – Gemma Seager


Gemma from Norfolk, UK, is an avid Roller Derby player who believes that every person should love their body and change their perspective on attaining a perfect body. She blogs about things that she finds inspiring and tries to connect with the readers on her blog. Along with fitness, she curates a unique array of vintage fashion closets. She advocates running as an ideal option to keep the body fit and healthy.

19. A Foodie Stays Fit – Teri Hutcheon


Teri has been blogging for more than 15 years. She loves trying new recipes and shares them with her readers online. She tries to share tips on wellness and positive living from the things she learned herself. She advises her readers to ‘build healthy habits’ that positively reflect on their lifestyles. She loves running and blogs a lot about it too. She also has motivational posts for beginner runners who are hesitant to take the first step.

20. Maybe I will – Andie Thueson


Andie provides a safe space on her blog to let the readers feel comfortable when they ask questions regarding anything. Instead of feeling ashamed and embarrassed, she wants her readers to get bold and loved when reading her posts. For most people, losing weight is challenging with a mountain of hardships, but Andie tries to comfort her readers that it can be just a simple step-by-step method with easy tricks and healthy tips.

Ali on the Run fitness blog

21. Ali on the Run


Ali is a mom and a freelance writer who loves to run and participate in marathons. She tries to bring positivity in all her posts and supports women who want to take running as a venture. Through her blog, she supports a marathon-based community for women in Manhattan and connects with fellow runners worldwide.

Jessi Kneeland fitness blog

22. Jessi Kneeland


Jessi is a motivational speaker and a fitness coach who helps people love their bodies as designedly as they were. She reflects the negativity of body image issues and normalizes body positivity instead. She believes only fitness is not enough, but having a healthy outlook is also essential. She thinks it can only come through self-love and freedom in loving your body with its flaws.

Comeback Momma by Jenn Mitchell

23. Comeback Momma – Jenn Mitchell


Jenn started her blog after overcoming the difficulties she faced in her life. The new path she treads on is the ‘comeback’ she gave to life and now shares her life in her blog. Having experience as a personal trainer, she motivates people to have their own ‘comebacks.’ She teaches fitness in her blog and wellness of the mind. She also advises her readers to have self-love and to live their best life now.

Carmy fitness blog

24. Carmy


Carmy is a fitness enthusiast who loves running marathons. Even though she is an athletic person, she loves food and trying out new recipes all the time. She tries to share all her healthy and delicious food, which is influenced by her love for traveling to new places. She also posts about the places she’s traveled and believes that life is all about creating memories.

25. Knocked-up Fitness – Erica Ziel


Erica’s blog is a unique one that helps women get fit at any stage of their life. She believes that every woman has a fantastic body with different movements and physicality. She helps each individual know their uniqueness to discover their true potential of losing weight and getting fit. Her posts contain about how to be fit before, during, and after pregnancy. She also posts about the proper nutrition and tips on motherhood.

Blonde Ponytail Fitness by Jess Allen

26. Blonde Ponytail Fitness – Jess Allen


Jess is a mother of two from Chicago who is a personal trainer and a former athlete. She posts training programs for her readers and personal content about her family’s daily activities. She is a firm believer in keeping nutrition simple for a healthy and fit body. She also helps individuals train to be an athlete like her and plans out programs to lose weight.

27. PlyoJam – Jason Layden and Stacey Beaman


Jason and Stacey run PlyoJam because of their passion for dance and fitness. Plyometric movements are the blog’s main content since they try to incorporate every fitness routine with it. It doesn’t matter if the individual is a dancer or beginner because they ensure to make their routines as easy as possible. According to Jason & Stacey, plyojam helps to manage your anxiety, keeping you fit and also letting you groove to music in any situation.

28. Masala Body – Nagina Abdullah


Nagina is a mother of two who had weight issues after becoming a mother. With no time on her hands for exercise, she decided to research and lose diet independently without any professional help. She gives her readers fat-burning tips and shares healthy recipes that can make you lose fat without exercising.

Megan Seelinger fitness blog

29. Megan Seelinger


Megan is blatantly honest, telling the truth that almost every one of us cannot help comparing our bodies to others. She loves eating nutritional food and goes to the gym for exercise, but she says it’s not easy to do it every day. She is a certified personal trainer who works individually with each of her clients. She regularly posts about maintaining a diet and sticking to it by mentally preparing yourself. She motivates other women to reach their body goals by positively influencing them.

Powercakes by Kasey Brown

30. Powercakes – Kasey Brown


Kasey is a certified personal trainer. She is a fitness enthusiast who loves to cook and share her recipes on her blogs. She believes that life is all about finding your balance in everything and writes that you can do it by staying true to yourself.

31. Best Workout Supplement – Peter


Best Workout Supplement is quite a mouthful name for a blog but not an unpopular one. It is one of the best websites for referring to all types of supplements in the market. Peter helps his readers to select brands not from profits but from the quality that they sell. Along with other professional athletes, he monitors the supplements available in the market and gives their honest opinions to the readers on their blog.

Elly McGuiness fitness blog

32. Elly McGuiness


Elly is a holistic health and fitness coach who strives to help her readers take the first and most challenging physical fitness step. She challenges others to find the root problems that hinder their health and wellbeing. She posts that by changing some aspects of your lifestyle, one can approach a holistic path to mental and physical wellbeing. By improving your mental and physical wellbeing, you can positively view your life and everything.

Art of healthy living fitness blog

33. Art of healthy living – Becky


Art of healthy living helps the readers to have a healthy outlook on everything, from food to physical fitness and beautifying oneself. The tips they give to readers help them challenge themselves in all areas to ‘correct’ their way of living. Their contents are varied and do not contain a specific pattern. It can be about addiction recovery to golfing and personal thoughts to public figures. Workouts,
exercise routines and healthy recipes are the top priority, but you can get a guide on almost anything.

That Squat Bot by Sarah

34. That Squat Bot – Sarah


Sarah is a fitness professional who helps many individuals online and offline to empower them to make the right choices for a fit and healthy life. She encourages her readers to step outside and enjoy the outdoor life as she does. This helps you to notice and appreciate nature and also enjoy your exercise regimes.

The Workout Mama by Tamara

35. The Workout Mama – Tamara


Tamara is a Christian, a mother to four children, and a certified fitness nutrition specialist. She got back on track with fitness after recovering from a neurological disorder that left her paralyzed at the young age of 23; she now motivates women to lose weight and achieve body goals. She loves to participate in marathons and believes that running can help people stay fit and healthy. She also posts healthy recipes along with workout posts.

36. Salads for lunch – Janice


Janice is a Kinesiologist who is passionate about food and cooking delicious and nutritious meals. She strives to perfect recipes that you can eat when you work out and share with the family too. She believes that her recipes are healthy and family-friendly which are easy to prepare. She also posts workout sessions that are quick and easy to do but healthily burn your calories and fats.

Kayla in the city fitness blog

37. Kayla in the city


Kayla lives in New York City and blogs about the experiences she gets living in the city. She loves fitness and is passionate about sharing her tips and workouts with her readers. She tries to bring realness and honesty to all her posts. She also teaches yoga and Bar methods to people in various gyms and fitness studios. She believes wellness is about staying fit and being positive in everything by surrounding yourself with good people, changing your negative mindset, and finding happiness in anything you do.

Lucile Hr fitness blog

38. Lucile Hr


Lucile is a fully certified yoga teacher who has taught internationally and holds a master’s degree in Management. In her blog, she posts advice on traveling and staying fit through yoga. She believes that yoga is necessary to lead to spiritual wellbeing and positive sustainability to live a dream life that everybody aspires to do.

Noob Gains by Kyle Hoffman

39. Noob Gains – Kyle Hoffman


Kyle has more than fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry. Fitness enthusiasts who want to build up muscle in a short time can rely on Noob Gains to get the expected results. The blog contents mainly deal with muscle building, exercise, and fitness, and readers stay there to get the best results quickly. Any beginner who cannot take the first step in building up muscle can get motivation from the blog’s posts and contents.

Kubex fitness

40. Kubex fitness


Kubex Fitness at Logan, Utah, is determined to help people plan their workout regardless of their life stage. You may be a student, a working mom, or a retired person, but they will show you exercises that you can complete in a minimum time of only half an hour. The contents of their blog show you how you can even work out with kids and keep doing exercises inside the comforts of your home.

Poppy Cross fitness blog

41. Poppy Cross


Poppy is a performance coach who helps people free themselves from their limitations. She believes in a life filled with positivity and the ability to engage 100% in anything you commit yourself to. She helps people who find it hard to find their individuality that makes them stick out from the crowd and who do not have a positive outlook in life. She blogs about fitness that can ease your stress and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Badass Lady Gang by Kelly Roberts

42. Badass Lady Gang – Kelly Roberts


Kelly identifies herself as the wizard behind this fantastic movement for a community of women who empower each other. She is a life coach and a motivational leader who challenges women to take up running marathons to inspire themselves to do things better in any way they can. She blogs about real-life challenges women face and connects them to each woman, making them believe that they are not alone in their daily life struggles.

Achieve with Athena Fitness blog

43. Achieve with Athena


Athena Concannon is a life coach who helps women strike off the idea of perfectionism from their minds. She speaks at fitness summits for women and motivates them to build a fitness routine to keep them fit and have a positive outlook in life. She wants women to have fun along with the fitness plans they do and be amazed at the results they achieve.

Inspired Health by Rachel Grumwell

44. Inspired Health – Rachel Grumwell


Rachel is a fitness coach and a yoga instructor, and a wellness expert. She helps her clients manage weight and trains them to live a happier life by having a positive outlook on everything. She also helps disabled athletes reach their goals. She usually blogs about healthy and nutritious recipes along with fitness tips and guides for her readers.

Fit Frek by Nader

45. Fit Frek – Nader


Fit Frek is a muscle and bodybuilder blog from beginners to professionals. Nader was once a 100-pound scrawny guy who wanted to achieve his dream body. Realizing that all muscle programs are suited for different body types, he achieved his muscular build after researching his own body’s goals. He now blogs and helps other people achieve their dream body by posting tips and body-building tricks.

Pahla B Fitness by Pahla Bowers

46. Pahla B Fitness – Pahla Bowers


Pahla is a fitness coach who helps women get fit, especially after menopausal age. She believes that women can manage their weight and get fit at any stage of their lives only if they have the right mindset to achieve it. Along with her blogs, she hosts a podcast every week to chat with her followers and provide tips and advice on their body requirements.

47. Wildish Jess – Jess Wildish


Jess is a mother from Arizona who connects with other millennial mothers that need help tackling their daily life struggles. She blogs about motherhood, lifestyle, and healthy recipes that are tasty and nutritious. She loves to run and encourages other women to run to stay fit and healthy. She also loves to travel and posts about her traveling destinations regularly on her blog.

48. Eat Pray Workout – Amy Darcy


Amy is a mother, a Christian, and a lawyer by profession. She believes everyone can lead a healthy life when you care for your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. She posts her recipes and gives out beauty tips for looking after your skin organically. She also posts about workouts that you can incorporate into your daily life without hindering your lifestyle.

Pilates Andrea by Andrea Maida

49. Pilates Andrea – Andrea Maida


Andrea runs her Pilates Studio in Solana Beach, California. She tries to teach her clients the exact and original Pilates method as it was designed to be. She mainly blogs about Pilates and considers herself a Pilates expert for more than twenty years. She shares her experience with Pilates in her posts and advocates Pilates as an excellent method to stay energetic at any walk of your life.

12 Minute Athlete by Krista

50. 12 Minute Athlete – Krista


Krista plans out 12-minute exercise routines for her clients that they can implement in their busy schedules. She is a precision nutrition certified coach and advocates micro workouts for everyone who cannot make significant changes in their bustling lifestyles. She also challenges her readers to be motivated and always have an optimistic approach to staying mentally fit.

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