Schwinn A40 vs Bowflex – Which Is Better For You?

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Max Trainer and Elliptical are two fitness machines that help to shape the body. It enables you to lose excess weight by burning fats. It also provides cardio toning and helps the body to achieve a nice posture.

Both the machines improve stability and stamina. They are low impact machines that help to increase strength over time and help to stay fit and healthy.

Here is a quick comparison between the Max Trainer and Elliptical.

Max Trainer:

  • The Max Trainer is a hybrid of the elliptical and stair-stepper, that has been designed to provide a full-body workout.
  • Max Trainer can burn off more calories in a shorter amount of time
  • It requires much lesser space and is a lot more affordable than most elliptical.
  • It is a superior workout machine
  • Max Trainer is a stair-climber/elliptical hybrid, making it a very good fitness machine. It helps in getting a better workout in a shorter amount of time.
  • Max Trainers are affordable and budget-friendly. The cost-effectiveness is one of the key features of the max trainer.


  • It offers the benefit of a low-impact workout while exercising both the upper and lower body.
  • It takes time to burn off calories and gradually helps to do so.
  • It is a standard, low-impact cardio workout to meet people’s fitness needs. If cardio is the desired workout, then the elliptical may be the better fit when compared to the Max Trainer.
  • Elliptical can be more expensive and may not be many people’s cup of tea.
  • It requires adequate space for placing, and there can be an inconvenience in
    storing it.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine focuses more on achieving a full-body workout. It offers the advantage of a low-impact exercise while working out both the lower and upper body. It tries to mimic a natural running motion and creates less impact on the joints.

Key Features:

Most elliptical machines have programs that mimic natural activities like interval training or hill climbing through resistance alternation.
Many elliptical also have heart rate control wireless devices that improve workout sessions by letting the heart rate constrict its resistance level.
This fitness equipment helps to stretch various muscle groups by alternating the resistance. It works out the quadriceps, glutes, chest, hamstrings, back, biceps, and triceps.
What are the advantages of the Elliptical?
The advantages of the Elliptical are:

  • Dual-action
  • Low Impact
  • Low maintenance
  1. Dual-Action: An elliptical machine has a dual-action system. It works out both the lower and upper body by splitting the resistance between the two. This helps in burning calories for weight loss.
  2. Low Impact: The good thing about vertical climber is the fact that it is a very low-impact workout. This benefit allows elderly people to work out without putting pressure on a certain joint or hurting a bone. Low- impact workout is very beneficial for people who want to improve their cardiovascular health without going through a high impact workout. This is also great for people who find it difficult to run due to joint issues. During the climbing motions, the feet never hit the ground, and so there are no impact on the hips, knees, or feet.
  3. Low maintenance: An elliptical machine utilizes elliptical motions with low impact, and since the impact is low, there are fewer chances for the machine to be repaired or need servicing.


Staying fit does many good things for the body. With working out regularly, the heart is healthy, and the mind is in good space. With good mental health, a person is able to make good decisions and stay healthy. An elliptical trainer helps to improve both the upper and lower body with low impact yet great results. It is a little expensive, and the results are not instant. However, with spacious homes, this machine is a great match. It looks and feels luxurious and helps to stay fit and healthy.

Bowflex Max Trainer

Max Trainer works out the entire body and helps in creating a toned body. When a max trainer is used for training, there is a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises; it is one of the healthiest ways to exercise. All conventional machines are either only anaerobic or aerobic.

When both forms of exercise are utilized, i.e., aerobic and anaerobic, burning off the calories is at the highest number possible in the shortest period of time.

What are the advantages of Max trainers?

There are plenty of advantages of using a max trainer. They are

  • Sleek Design
  • Low chance of injury
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight and Quiet
  • Zero Commitments
  • App-based

1. The sleek design, comfort, and durable frame:

Max trainer is a solid and durable machine. It is manufactured with good quality materials and parts for a reliable, stable workout. It also has a futuristic design which may be appealing to some user .the machine is relatively compact than an elliptical. It is very comfortable and has smooth motion.P

2. There is less chance of injury:

Chances of injuries are minimal with the usage of a Max trainer. In comparison to running or jogging, this workout will not injure the knees or shin, and there will no pulling of the wrong muscle. The machine underwent testing for quite sometimes with various movements in order to make sure that the machine feels natural. Some exercise machines can be harmful for the body as it slowly wears down the joints with constant use or if used for very long. Since the Max Trainer underwent tests vigorously, it does not give this kind of problem.

3. Extremely customizable

Max Trainer is an extremely customizable machine when compared to other Bowflex machines. A great thing about this machine is that it gives the option to select a preset design or program. With the M7, there are four user profiles, and each one is customizable so that it does not mess up other profile settings.

4. It is very lightweight and quiet

Max Trainer series is a tranquil machine; it is almost non-audible. There will be no disturbance in listening to music or watching TV while working out on the max trainer. It is so quiet that people can train on it, without disturbing people even if they are sleeping in the adjacent room. It weighs only 143 pounds, so it is easily moveable.

5. No commitments

There are no commitments involved when buying Bowflex fitness. Bowflex offers a return policy called the” no-questions-asked” return policy. It provides the machine to be set up, tested, can be kept for about six weeks, and if the customer does not desire it, it can be sent back without any reason.

6. App-based

They recently launched a new Max Trainer app where it tracks workout results in as little as 4 minutes per day. This kind of added feature is beneficial for users who want to keep track of records of the timing.


There are three series of the Max Trainer.

  • The Max M3 (most basic): The Max M3 has resistance up to eight levels. It also has other features like the barebones. With this unit, the configuration is mostly manual.
  • The Max M5 (now replaced by the Max M6): It is the upgraded and improved version of the Max 3. The features that it has and the Max M3 do not are- a warranty extension, a good sound system, and a dock for the phone/tablet.
  • The Max M7 (now replaced by the Max M8): The M7 is the latest and the most upgraded among the three series, which have all of the M3 and M5 features, and additional functionality is- the backlit display, resistance up to 20 levels, a personal coach for workout training, preset options and the ability to program the goals to have a smoother workout.

Why is a Max Trainer better than an elliptical?

  • A max trainer helps to achieve quicker results in comparison to the elliptical.
  • With a max trainer, muscle building is effective.
  • Max trainer is cheaper than most elliptical
  • Max trainer requires less space as compared to standard elliptical

Wrapping Up

A Max Trainer is compact and practical. It helps the body to get into shape quickly by burning 2.5 times as many calories than a typical elliptical up to 600 calories and above in half an hour.
It is more active on the joints and provides a complete workout in less time. The machine offers so many benefits and helps workout all most every part of the muscles present in the body.

It combines the strength of a stair stepper with the movement of an elliptical. With this combination, calories burning rate is high.

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