Gold’s Gym XRS 50 vs. XR 55 – Which Offers the Best Features?

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Looking for the best Gold’s Gym home gym? In my opinion, the XRS 50 and XR 55 are two of the top options to consider.

Both offer a great range of strength training exercises and good build quality. However, they have some key differences that may make one model better suited for your home workout needs.

Keep reading for the key differences to help find your perfect home gym match.

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 vs. XR 55: Overview

Casual Workouts

Gold’s Gym XRS 50

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A friend of mine had bought the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 home gym back when it was in stock, and I recently had the opportunity to test it out myself. I must say, it delivers a comprehensive workout experience.

The combination of chest press/butterfly arm stations and the high and low pulley with a lat bar allowed me to target multiple muscle groups effectively.

One downside I found while using the XRS 50 was the assembly process. It took quite a bit of time and patience to put everything together, and the instructions could have been clearer.

However, once the gym was assembled, I was able to dive into a full-body workout right at home.


  • An entry-level home gym that’s affordable and carries all basic features
  • The XRS 50 is compact, and its small footprint is ideal for apartments with limited space
  • Easy to maintain and operates quietly
  • Comprehensive upper and lower body workouts
  • Allows about 35 different exercises and workouts


  • The stock weight stack is low (112lbs), and you cannot upgrade further
  • Fewer number of exercise variations compared to more advanced models
  • Even the seat is not adjustable

Who is the XRS 50 Best For?

The XRS 50 remains best suited for casual fitness enthusiasts who want an entry-level home gym that’s easy to operate and does not cost a fortune.

Versatile Exercises

Gold’s Gym XR 55

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The Gold’s Gym XR 55 Home Exercise Gym offers a wide variety of workout options, enabling you to target different muscle groups with ease.

The sturdy construction gives you the confidence to lift and exercise without worrying about any wobbling or instability. When considering the price point, it’s safe to say that this home gym offers good value for money.

On the other hand, assembling the Gold’s Gym XR 55 can be quite an undertaking. It may take up to 5 hours for a single person to put it together, so setting aside a generous amount of time for assembly might be necessary.

There are also a few minor design elements that could be better, such as the curling pad, which some users find a bit lacking.


  • The XR 55 provides more weight and resistance (compared to the XRS 50)
  • Additional features like the pull-down bar offer more variety in exercises
  • The XR 55 is also a relatively compact machine (although slightly larger than the XRS 50)
  • The seat and backrest are adjustable for different body sizes
  • The unit offers six workout stations that allow versatile exercises
  • The XR 50 also supports weight resistance of about 330 lbs


  • The weight stack is not upgradable
  • The marginal additional features do not justify the increase in price (compared to the XRS 50)

Who is the XR 55 Best For?

The XR 55 will serve as an adequate home gym for mid-level exercise buffs who want more versatility in their home gyms. It’s also more accommodating if multiple people of different body sizes use the machine.

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 vs XR 55: In-Depth Comparison

Features and Specifications

Gold’s Gym XRS 50

Specification/Feature Details
Material Vinyl
Dimensions64 x 39.7 x 78.7 inches
Maximum Weight Supported280lbs
High and Low PulleyYes
Butterfly Arms StationYes
Pull-down barNo
Roll leg developerYes
Weight Stack 112lbs
Item Weight 396 lbs
Home Gym PurposeBasic and entry-level 

Gold’s Gym XR 50

Specification/Feature Details
Dimensions65 x 39 x 79 inches
Maximum Weight Supported330lbs
High and Low PulleyYes
Butterfly Arms StationYes
Pull-down barYes
Weight Stack Yes
Roll leg developerYes
Item Weight 290lbs
Home Gym PurposeMid-level/Moderately experienced


When comparing features, the XR 55 outshines the more basic XRS 50. With a lighter build and extra exercise capabilities, the XR 55 emerges as the clear winner, based solely on specs.

Quality and Durability

Gold’s Gym XRS 50

The XRS 50 is a sturdy home gym that’s built to last. However, the way you operate the machine and your maintenance efforts will determine its longevity.

Gold’s Gym XR 55

The XR 55 consists of similar materials and finishing as the XRS 50. So, the durability of the parts remains equally dependable.


When it comes to durability, there is no definitive winner between the XRS 50 and XR 55 models. The overall build quality is comparable for both machines. However, the XR 55 includes additional features that may lead to faster wear and tear over time.

Size and Dimensions

Gold’s Gym XRS 50

When it comes to size and dimensions, the XRS 50 has a slight advantage over the XR 55.

The XRS 50 leaves a small footprint, with compact dimensions of 64 x 39.7 x 78 inches. This unit has a space-saving design that minimizes the floor area needed.

Gold’s Gym XR 55

In comparison, the XR 55 is marginally wider and taller at 65 x 39 x 79 inches. Though the difference is minimal, the XR 55 does take up more floor space.


When comparing size and dimensions, the XRS 50 comes out ahead of the XR 55. Its more compact and the space-saving design allows it to leave a smaller footprint.

Weight Capacity

Gold’s Gym XRS 50

The XRS 50 has a more limited weight capacity, supporting only up to 280 lbs. This may not be suitable for larger users who exceed 300 lbs.

Gold’s Gym XR 55

On the other hand, the XR 55 boasts an improved weight capacity of approximately 330 lbs. The enhanced weight resistance allows it to accommodate heavier users with ease.


When comparing the weight capacities, the XR 55 is the clear winner over the XRS 50.


Gold’s Gym XRS 50

Assembling the XRS 50 took quite a bit of time and patience. The instructions could have been clearer to make the process easier. However, once completed, it provided a great workout.

Gold’s Gym XR 55

Putting together the XR 55 can be an undertaking, potentially taking up to 5 hours for one person. Setting aside plenty of assembly time is recommended. But the end result is a sturdy, quality machine.


The XRS 50 takes the cake as the machine that’s easier to assemble between the two.


Gold’s Gym XRS 50

The XRS 50 comes with a 90-day warranty on specific parts and labor.

Gold’s Gym XR 55

The XR 55 also offers a 90-day warranty on components and repairs. However, local laws will apply on how long the warranty may last.


Neither unit comes out on top in this category since both machines enjoy the same warranty by the manufacturer.


Gold’s Gym XRS 50

The XRS 50 is very affordably priced at $249.99. This makes it a budget-friendly option.

Gold’s Gym XR 55

The XR 55 costs around $300 more than the XRS 50 at $557.10. This significantly increases the price tag.


The much lower price point of just $249.99 makes the XRS 50 the clear winner when it comes to affordability.

What do People Say About It?

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Reviews

Most reviewers agree that the XRS 50 is a good buy, thanks to its affordable price tag and ability to support basic exercises. However, there were some complaints about the limited exercise options and discomfort from the padding.

Read what others say Gold’s Gym XRS 50 reviews

Gold’s Gym XR 55 Reviews

The general feedback on the XR 55 is that the assembly takes more time than expected. However, reviewers say the machine makes up for this by providing additional exercises compared to the XRS 50.

Read what others say Gold’s Gym XR 55 reviews

Alternatives to the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 and XR 55

Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym

The MWM-990 offers more exercises, better build quality and a 150lb weight stack. It’s a close competitor to the XRS 50 at a similar affordable price point.

Marcy MWM-81010 Home Gym

The MWM-81010 has a lighter 700lb design but provides resistance up to 200 lbs. It offers multi-functional exercises comparable to the XR 55. However, it is far more expensive than the high-priced XR 55.

Conclusion: Which One is the Winner?

The XRS 50 and XR 55 both have benefits as entry-level and mid-range home gym options.

However, when considering the huge price difference, the XRS 50 is clearly the better purchase. Its budget-friendly cost and smaller footprint make it ideal for beginners.

The XRS 50 allows room to upgrade later once you become a more dedicated gym-goer.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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